Burke Kyriell MacDonald

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Burke Kyriell MacDonald, Photo by Diarmait ua Dhuinn
Registered Name: Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Resides: Wiesenfeuer / In Memory
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA: November 1978
Order of Precedence
Burke Kyriell MacDonald
Burke Kyriel MacDonald Achievement.png
Per bend argent and azure, a galley with sails furled, oars in action sable, pennanted gules, and a sun Or eclipsed azure.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, KSCA, OP

Previously Known as:

Additional Registered Heraldry:

  • The following badge associated with this name was registered in August of 1981 (via Ansteorra): Counter-ermine, a sun eclipsed Or surmounted by a compass star elongated in pale argent.
  • The following badge associated with this name was registered in August of 1981 (via Ansteorra) and changed/released in February of 1991 (via Ansteorra): Sable, a cross pattée Or, voided gules, overall a lion rampant guardant Or. for House Wokiah
  • The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 1991 (via Ansteorra): (Fieldless) On a cross formy gules fimbriated, a lion rampant guardant Or. for House Wokiah


Mantling 1: Azure / Mantling 2: Ermine
Helm: 15th-century barrel argent, faces Dexter
Crest: Sun eclipsed Or Coronet Supporter, Dexter Supporter, Sinister Motto Res non Verba Translation Deeds not words (Latin) Date 12/14/1997


  • Local Offices Held
    • Minister of Science, Shire of Mooneschadowe
    • Knight Marshal, Shire of Mooneschadowe
    • Herald, Shire of Mooneschadowe
    • Herald, Barony of Wiesenfeuer (x2)
  • Regional Offices held
    • Seneschal, Northern Region
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
    • Kingdom Seneschal
    • Deputy Kingdom Seneschal
    • Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Special Projects
    • Emergency Replacement, Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (x2)

Persona History:

Scottish, 1200s
Chivalry Page


  • Chivalric Combat
  • Administration
  • Candlemaking
  • History/Research
  • Heraldry (All)

Timeline of Activity:

  • First Kingdom Event: Formation of Ansteorra

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Angelina Francesca de Nardi

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald was working on the set of a local movie called the Moonshire Chalice. I happen to be one of the extras. He was funny, charming, and flirtatious. As anyone knows, running into Sir Burke at an event and it's bound to be story time.

Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar

(Written 10/27/2021. Originally posted to the Hail Mog! Facebook Group, reposted here with the permission of the author.)

Hail Mooneschadowe! I wish to tell you about one of your founders, a man who helped set the tone for what this Province has become, a place of service, honor, and chivalry. I speak, of course, of Sir Burke William Mccrory, my mentor, my squire brother, and the man who fought and won many tournaments in my honor.

For those who didn't know him well, Sir Burke was a man of service and honor, first and foremost. He fancied himself a paladin, and he held himself to a high standard of honor and chivalry. It was a code he passed on to me and other early members of Mooneschadowe, the fighters in particular, for he helped to train us. His example bled into a group that now has many Peers.

For those who didn't know him well, you missed a magical moment at one of Ansteorra's wars with the Outlands. Burke, then a squire, was the last Ansteorran left alive. He challenged the Outlands fighters to single combat and their king agreed. First one Outlander fell, then another, and another, and another. Eventually the King of the Outlands grew tired of watching this squire from Ansteorra defeat his knights, and with much exasperation he offered Burke safe, free passage in his lands if he would but yield. Burke accepted the king's offer, and it was on that field of battle that he was finally knighted, witnessed by the knights of two kingdoms.

For those who didn't know him well, I'll never forget attending a feast down south being held in honor of the tourney's winner, who happened to be Burke, fighting for me. I was early, and several knights were already seated. Their conversation turned to Burke, and they belittled him for giving up an advantage in the fight. Whether he tossed away a weapon when his opponent lost an arm, or whether he fell to his knees after taking his opponent's leg, I do not remember. But I will never forget the lesson these knights taught me that day: that Burke's concept of chivalry was far more rare -and dear to me - than the "win at all cost" mentality that they lived by. It was a split between attitudes, that, while perhaps of little relevance today, was very much in evidence that night.

For those of you who didn't know him well, it was Sir Burke that first suggested to me that Mooneschadowe was better suited to become a Province than a Barony. This was before our first (failed) attempt to become a Barony, but in my heart of hearts I always agreed with him. Mooneschadowe was always better suited to be a Province. It is the Mooneschadowe way, the way that Burke taught us: humility, honor, service, chivalry. The Round Table, rather than the Head table.

Sir Burke's funeral is Friday. I implore you to raise a glass and toast his name. Whether you liked the man or not, he was instrumental in making this Province what it is. The debt is real, and heavy. Rest in Peace, Paladin.

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Founding member of Mooneschadowe (Mona Sceadowe)
  • Pursuivant Extraordinaire
  • Spent nearly nine consecutive years in the Seneschallate
  • Chivalric Champion - Wiesenfeuer (X3)
  • Chivalric Champion - Mooneschadowe (x2)
  • Chivalric Champion - Eldern Hills
  • Chivalric Champion - Namron (x2)
  • Chivalric Champion - Steppes
  • Chivalric Champion - Elfsea
  • Chivalric Champion - Eldern Hills
  • Chivalric Champion - Bonwyke
  • Chivalric Champion - Emerald Keep
  • Drighton of Northkeep
  • 1st Rapier Champion of the Shire of Mooneshadowe
  • Co-Event Steward - Dream Tourney
  • Project Team - Ansteorran 20th Anniversary

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


Mundane Information:

Born: September 1957
Enjoyed being an extra in movies.
(Passed away October 2021.)

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: