82nd Crown

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82nd Crown

Sovereign: Sven Randullsson III - OP
Consort: Cristyana Lambrecht - OP
Crown Tournament: July 13, 2019 at Steppes
Coronation: October 12, 2019 at Glaslyn.
Autocrats: Astrid Flokadottir & (Name Needed)
Stepped Down: May 9th, 2020 at TBD
Predecessors: Vladislav Strelec & Margaret ny Connor
Heirs: Jason Drysdale & Margherita de Mantua

Reign Overview

Royal Whims or Declarations

Staff Members




Peers Elevated

Name Date Peerage
Catalina Ana de Salamanca October 19, 2019 Pelican (OP)
Sarra Asshton of York April 25, 2020 Pelican (OP)
Zahira de la Sara April 25, 2020 Pelican (OP)
Livia da Nicolosi April 25, 2020 Laurel (OP)
Elena Wyth May 2, 2020 Laurel (OP)
Floki Gierrekkson May 2, 2020 Knight (OP)
Osanna van der Linden May 9, 2020 Laurel (OP)
Stephen Crowley May 9, 2020 Master of Defense (OP)

Special Recognitions


Caelan MacRob, named at Crown Tournament, January 11, 2020.

Gauntlets & Gloves

King's Gauntlet

Queen's Gloves

Progress While Prince & Princess

Progress While Crown

  • October 12: Coronation. (OP) -- Processional of Sven III and Cristyana I
  • October 18: Bjornsborg Valkyrfelt II - Queen : (OP)
  • October 25: Seawinds Defender - Queen : (OP)
  • November 1: Axeman XV - Queen : (OP)
  • November 8: Fall Queen's Champion - Crown : (OP)
  • November 15: Bonwicke Fall Champion - Queen : (OP)
  • November 21: War of the Rams, Bordermarch - Crown : (OP)
  • December 7: Stargate Yule - Queen : (OP)
  • January 10: Winter Crown Tournament - Crown
  • January 18: Winter Round Table - Crown
  • January 25: Northkeep wInterKingdom - Queen (Pelican Circle)
  • February 01: Bryn Gwlad Candlemas - Queen
  • February 08: Kingdom Arts & Sciences - Crown
  • February 14: War College, Raven's Fort - Queen
  • February 16: Aedult Swim (Out of Kingdom) - King
  • February 21: Bjornsborg Feuding Families - Queen
  • March: Gulf Wars - Cancelled
  • April 3: Elfsea Defender - Cancelled
  • April 10: Spring Coronation - Postponed
  • April 18: a brief Virtual Court is held, to test the process for holding a longer court
  • April 25: A Virtual Court is held: OP 04/25 / Video
  • May 2: A Virtual Court is held: OP 05/02 / Video


King's Champion Format

Per His Highness Sven's announcement on September 26, 2019, the format of his King's Champion is as follows: "Bear Pits consisting of 30 minutes of single sword, then 30 minutes of two weapon, and then 30 minutes of sword and shield. A point will be awarded for each win, you may win up to 5 times in a row before relinquishing the field. Double kills are not re-fought. At the end of the three bear pits, the top eight competitors will enter a standard best two out of three single elimination tourney. The winner of this tourney will be my Kings Champion. If you do not wish to be Kings Champion, you can bow out of the top eight selection process. I would encourage all to test the mettle of those who would vie for it. I would like my champion to be able to attend at least two events a month and Gulf Wars."

Queen's Champion Requirements

Her Majesty requests that competitors submit a letter of intent to compete. These letters are due 2 days before the event (Wednesday, November 6) if submitting by email, and prior to processional if you are submitting in person.

November 2019 Black Star

Greetings Ansteorra: The past month has been full of epic fighting, beautiful displays of Ansteorran history as we thanked the new Count VladIslav Strelec and Duchess Margaret ny Connor for their wonderful and peaceful reign of the Kingdom and begin our term as King and Queen. We hope to see everyone at Queen’s Champion Tourney in the Shire of Shadowlands. That day we will be conducting tourneys for Queen’s Champion and Guardians of the Queen’s Hope. Fighters are encouraged to bring their best in prowess and flare. Finally, we thank all who have assisted us over the past three months and will be with us over the next six months. You guys rock! In Service, King Sven III and Queen Cristyana.

December 2019 Black Star

Greetings Great Ansteorra: The last month has been full of tourneys showcasing excellent fighting and archery, art, service, and horsemanship. Our Royal Lancer tournament at War of the Rams was full of skilled riders and horses. Many Thanks for all those who competed and assisted with the tournament. In December, we are happy to hold our Middle Eastern Dance Championship at Stargate Yule on December 7th. We welcome all who wish to compete for this title. | New changes to Kingdom Law are now official. We thank Countess Nicolete for all her work. If you are planning to host a Kingdom event, please note that minor's site fee is free (see Kingdom Law online for more information). This is to encourage more family attendance. The Kingdom Minister of Children or their designee(s) will also be holding/coordinating children's activities at these select Kingdom events. We hope these changes will increase the fun and learning of our youthful populace. They are our SCA future. | We hope to see you at events in the new year as they are more enjoyable with you, our populace and friends! Happy Holidays and Safe Travels, King Sven and Queen Cristyana

January 2020 Black Star

Greetings Ansteorra: A chill is in the air and the celebrations of yuletide and Candlemas are upon us. We wish all of Ansteorra seasons greetings and a Happy New Years! In January, We will hold our Crown Tourney event in the Barony of Loch Soilleir where we will welcome our Heirs. For those entering the Crown list, we ask that letters of intent be sent to us. The Kingdom’s Round Table will be held January 18, 2020 and we welcome all to attend to know the business of the Kingdom. Thank you to all Kingdom and local officers for all your hard work over the past year. We also thank, Countess Nicollet Deaville for stepping into the role of acting Kingdom Seneschal and providing excellent service and professionalism. It has been an amazing three months travelling through Ansteorra and meeting the populace. Thank you to all who have welcomed us and allowed us to be a part of your Dream. In Service, King Sven III and Queen Cristyana, Kingdom of Ansteorra

February 2020 Black Star

Greetings Ansteorra: Much has happened during the first month of a new decade. Ansteorra has new Heirs and new Kingdom officers to serve her. But we should not grow complacent. The soft sound of war drums can be heard in the eastern winds, Gulf Wars is coming Ansteorra. Are you preparing? In February, We will hold our Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition where We will select the new Kingdom Artisan and our Gulf Wars A&S competitors. Ansteorra is encouraged to attend this event and bring your best arts and science displays. We also encourage our great Laurels to attend and assist us to this effort. Some administrative business, We are working with our Kingdom Chamberlain and financial committee on the effort to replace the “Early Period” Crowns and Coronets of Ansteorra. These historic pieces are in poor condition. The Kingdom is seeking bids for Crowns that are: 1) are approximately 2.5 to 4 inches at highest point; 2) Golden in color; 3) have at least one, preference for more, Ansteorran Black Stars as prominent elements on the Crowns; 4) the Queen’s Crown should have at least two black Roses; and 5) due to their high use, should be durable. The P&P Coronets should be similar, but smaller versions of the King and Queen Crowns. The overall look of these pieces should be consistent with an “earlier period” style for the Royal and Noble House of Ansteorra. Bids should provide proposed description of pieces, drawings, pricing, and warranty and servicing information at a minimum. Please contact us or the Kingdom Chamberlain for more information. Bids will be due by February 17, 2020. In Service, King Sven III and Queen Cristyana, Kingdom of Ansteorra

March 2020 Black Star

Greetings to the Great Ansteorrra Populace: As winter turns to Spring, the drums of war can be heard to the east. Gulf Wars is here. We encourage all to join us in attending this epic event. We have gathered many great champions, generals, fighters, artists and scholars to assist us in meeting any aggression by the Kingdom of Trimaris before the other Kingdoms of the Known World. If this is your first time or you’re a War expert, We hope you have an amazing time, live The Dream! From epic battles and tournaments to learning from the best artisans from across the Known World, the opportunities are limited only but your time and possibly sore feet. Have fun and try new things. If you have some time, please volunteer in any number of the positions open at Volunteer Point. Like in events in Our own Kingdom, please know that this event cannot happen without the many hours provided by the Gulf Wars staff and the many volunteers. We thank you all for your service. As our time as King and Queen draws to an end, We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful experience in serving the Best Kingdom of the Known World. You cannot know the joy you have brought to Our hearts in meeting and working with you. In Service to you, Great Populace of Ansteorra! Sven III and Cristyana, King and Queen of Ansteorra

April 16, 2020

Greetings Ansteorra, His Majesty and I will be holding virtual courts on April 25th and May 2nd. We were greatly sadden by the cancelling of Gulf Wars, Hellsgate, and Elfsea events and have many members of the populace that were going to be honored with awards and elevations to Peerages that we are organizing these virtual events plus our step down and Coronation of TRH on May 9th. Stay tune for more information from Kinddom Seneschal with help from Kingdom Webminister and Social Media Deputy. Thank you, you three and your team for your help.

EXTRA/SPOILER ALERT We will also be OFFICIALLY announcing HE Sarra Asshton of York for elevation to the Pelican, which was supposed to happen at Gulf Wars and has been added to the Gazette.

We very much hope that you and yours are safe during these sad and frustrating times. I see many posts that show you are a caring and wonderful Kingdom. I encourage everyone to reach out to each other with a kind word or funny pic. The ones I have received have got me through some difficult hours. Thank you.

Your in Service,
Cristyana and Sven III
Queen and King of Ansteorra
The BEST of Kingdoms!

The Words of the Populace

Áshildr inn Hárfagri

On this day, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Cristyana, took up the blade at Sable Legionnaire with the proud combined forces of the Northern, Southern, and Central regions. We were graced with her wisdom, her style and her fierce spirit across classes and battles over the course of the day and never did she falter. A delight on the field and off, she was witty and kind in conversation, striving to meet every member of the populace present. And truly she met them, not just exchanging pleasantries but remembering the names of even the humblest of students and fresh faces there.

I was humbled to study at her side and humbled once more to fight at her side. Her Stellar Majesty may have professed to be a new student of the blade, she fought with all the ferocity and vigor of any young Don sworn to her. Radiant and steadfast, she faltered not for cadet nor provost, neither Don nor Maestro. Shield in one hand and rapier in the other, she bore the emblem of the Sable Star into the thick of battle, surely inspiring every fighter on that field.

One particularly thorough attack shattered our line, and when I dashed back to aid our Queen in whatever way I might, I saw her standing there, maintaining our position with no ally in sight but her own fierce determination. In that moment, I was overwhelmed with pride for our Kingdom and Crown, and knew even when the Sable Star stands alone, it stands firm, and it stands true.

While His Royal Majesty may keep his weapons of war and Chivalry, belts and chains and spurs, and may he wear them grandly and well, Her Royal Majesty Cristyana Lambrecht bears within herself and upon her countenance the scholarship, ferocity, determination, and grace that I see in every White Scarf and Master of Defense in this kingdom, and I hope for the honor of once more fighting at her side.

Reign Notes



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