Processional of Sven III and Cristyana I

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(As provided by Master Brian O hUilliam, Golden Staff Herald.)

DUKE ULSTED: An Emperor must be chosen: the army cannot go on any longer without a princeps, and the necessity is urgent. For the Trimarins are said to have begun assembling their forces, threatening our peace. Therefore we must nominate a princeps: the army will either accept this choice or, if it is refused, they will make another.

KINGDOM SENESCHAL: Judgement in the selection of the Emperor must be uncorrupt, so we have consulted with the law and customs of the Realm, and with the concurrence of the magistrates and assent of the Nobility, in the presence of the most august populace, the selection was made in such a manner that no one have regard either to friendship or to enmity or to ulterior motive or to kindred or to any other private interest, but with his conscience pure and wholly submissive to the laws of customs of the noble Land.


HERALD: Sven, son of Randull, has been chosen by right of arms to be made princeps. To him we commit the care of the Kingdom and the world! Take up the Kingdom by authority of the law and tradition, this honor befits your rank, your life, your character! A princeps by law and custom is rightly created Augustus! And who makes a better Emperor than a man of grave character? And who makes a better Emperor than a lettered man? Be the event good and auspicious and salutatory! Too long he has been in private station! You know how you ought to rule, who have endured other princepes! You know how you ought to to rule, who have formed your judgement of other principes!

Here assembled are the most glorious soldiers and honorable citizens and now Sven has served the Kingdom with his might will now help it with commands and decrees.


HERALD: Comes now, Christyana, to take the care of this Kingdom into her hands.

She has served Ansteorra in war and been recognized with the Golden Bridle and Sable Talon for Siege Weaponry!

She has served her Barony and been recognized with the Sodality of the Sentinels of the Stargate. She ruled the Sentinel Lands in peace and in war and from devastation back to prosperity!

She has served her Kingdom and been recognized with the right and dignity of arms, the Sable Crane, Star of Merit, and was created a Baroness of the Court of Ansteorra!

She has served countless Crowns of this Kingdom and been recognized with the Golden Star seven times, a King’s Gauntlet from Ulsted III, and Queens’ Gloves from Ebergardis I and Toryn.

Her arts have inspired countless citizens of our realm and beyond. For this she has been recognized with the Sable Flur, Sable Thistles in Illumination and Costuming, the Iris of Merit, and elevated to the ancient and honorable Order of the Laurel.

Her tenacity and strength of character has been tempest-tested and she emerged as a champion for her people. For this, she was granted Augmentation of Arms.

Christyana comes for now to take up the Kingdom by authority of the law and tradition. This honor befits her rank, her life, her character! She shall stand beside our Emperor, to rule as his equal, and to serve this Kingdom and its people.