46th Crown

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45th_Crown Aaron McGregor and Britta MacGregor 47th_Crown

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Crown Info:

*King: Aaron I (Aaron McGregor)(OP)

*Queen: Britta I (Britta MacGregor)(OP)

*Crown Tourney: October 6, 2001 at Tempio

*Coronation: January 12, 2002 at Crossrode Keep

*Stepped down: July 13, 2002 at Middleford

*Predecessors: Duncan Arthur Ross the Black and Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode

*Heirs: Patrick Michael Gordonne V and Julia de Montoya V

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Coronation Invitation

Created the Order of the Arc d'Or of Ansteorra

Lion: Lucais du Belier (OP)

Queen's Champion: Thorland O'Shea (OP)

King's Champion: Virgil von Augsburg (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Puck Oneshoe of Sauvage (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Erasmus Graber (OP)

Royal Huntsman: Lughaidh Mac Sheoinin (OP)

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Patrick Crosby (OP)

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Whitney Guthridge (OP)

King's Gauntlets

Queen's Gloves


Mari Elspeth nic Bryan (OP) 2002-03-16 Pelican
Randall der Krieger (OP) 2002-06-08 KSCA
John Peregrine of Restormel (OP) 2002-06-15 KSCA
Erasmus Totengraber (OP) 2002-07-13 KSCA
Simonn of Amber Isle (OP) 2002-07-13 Pelican