32nd Crown

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31st_Crown Mikael of Monmouthshire III and Mikaela of Monmouthshire I 33rd_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Mikael III (Mikael of Monmouthshire) (OP)

*Queen: Mikaela I (Mikaela of Monmouthshire) (OP)

*Crown Tourney: Hosted by the Barony of Elfsea and its Cantons. The Site, Country Junction, opens at 3 PM on Friday and closes at 3PM on Sunday. Fees are $6.00 for members. Site is wet, permits ground fires in pits, and has cold water showers, shaded camping, and nearby hostels, should the weather prove adverse to camping. It also has several RV spots with water and electrical hookups for a cost of $10.00 per night, which include access to indoor restroom facilities and hot showers. A period games tourney, children's activities, and a largess circle sponsored by the Premier Bard of Ansteorra are among the activities planned, as are peerage circles and a Great Officers of State meeting. A hearty feast for 200 including beef stew, baked ham, barley, broccoli, green beans and cherry tarts will be provided for a paltry $5.00, $3.00 for children by the WONDERFUL Dragonsfire Tor cooks. Autocrats: Their Excellencies Duke Seamus of the Cats and HL Margery de Bray, Vicar and Vicaress of Elfsea. Feast Steward: Lord Seumas MacAonghuis MacDubhshith.

*Coronation: January 28, 1995 - Invitation: File:Coronation Invite - Mikael and Mikaela.pdf. At the event, there is an Arts & Sciences and a Subtlety competition, using Mikael & Mikayla's colors of azure, gules and Or, starting at 11:00 am on Saturday morning. There will also be a bardic competition held on Sunday, starting at 11:00 am. The theme is, "Ansteorra: moments when it was the best it could be."

*Stepped down: July 22, 1995

*Predecessors: Jean Richard Malcomson I and Anora of Winward

*Heirs: Patrick Michael Gordonne IV and Julia de Montoya IV

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

  • Royal Business: During their Reign, a level 1 banishment was given to Rebecca Poralta, as published in the March Black Star.
  • Changes to Law: Add: ARticle II, Section 2:Item J - All official warrants of the Kingdom of Ansteorra for local, regional and deupty officers shall be in the form of a Roster to be signed by the Crown and the Greater?lesser officer of State at each Crown and Coronation.

Lion: Pendaran Glamorgan (OP)

Queen's Champion: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto (OP)
The Barony of the Stargate hosts the Queen's Champion event, at the Double Eagle Ranch, in Houston, TX. At the request of Her Majesty, the Champion will be determined by single elimination, best 2 out of 3 bouts. Her Majesty wishes all combatants to practice all fighting styles, which will be chosen at her Majesty's pleasure. A Bardic competition will be held, and the Arts & Sciences competition will be divided into two categories: one for Combatants and one for NOn-Combatants. Prizes will be awarded to the winner in each category, and her Majesty greatly encourages all combatants to display their talent and expertise in the Arts & Sciences. A feast will be prepared Saturday by Mistress Meadhbh, and will include breads and butters, a vegetable lentil soup, Basque chicken served with saffron rice, Renaissance salad, fine cakes, and hot cider and tea. Service will be limited to 175 people. Sunday morning, a Don's breakfast will be served to all who attend the White Scarves Circle. The breakfast is being prepared and sponsored by local Cadets. Merchants are welcome. Autocrat: Sindra Gunhild Sigmundsdottir.

Kingdom Warlord: Dietrich Kempenich von Eltz (OP)

King's Gauntlet

  • Artorius ap Caradoc (OP)
  • Penelope Stoddard (OP)
  • William Joseph Gunther Robert (OP)

Queen's Glove

  • Adriana Lorelle (OP)
  • Elizabeth of Castleton (OP)
  • Gitana de Castile (OP)
  • Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn (OP)
  • Reginlief Ragnarsdottir (OP)
  • Siobhan ni Breoghan Fitzlloyd (OP)


Conor Mac Cinneide (OP) 1995-03-04 KSCA
Gunnora Hallakarva (OP) 1995-03-04 Laurel
Conrad of Castleton (OP) 1995-03-18 KSCA
Serena Lascelles (OP) 1995-05-27 Laurel
Lance de Courcy (OP) 1995-05-28 KSCA
Maire Dromond (OP) 1995-05-28 Pelican
Ariella Christine d'Ailles (OP) 1995-07-22 Laurel

Reign Notes:


The Words of the Coronet

January 1995:


We hope everyone had a safe and festive Yule season as we have. We have enjoyed the Yule Revel, and both Baronial investitures! Vivat HL Subodai and HL Arafel, and Vivat Duke Seamus and HL Maggie.

At this time we would like to thank the Crown for their support and warm hospitality. It has been genuinely entertaining being heirs to them.

We would like to extend our personal invitation to the populace of Ansteorra to attend coronation, as this promises (hopefully) to be a truly theatrical, wondrous production. Thank you to all, for your assistance in helping us “pull this off.” Although coronation is just a few weeks away, we are, and have been preparing for the war. Let us remind you that we are Ansteorra, and much word fame has been given to the fierceness of the warriors. So let us take those of you that feel fierce and feel like warriors to Meridies and show Trimaris what it is like to raise our banner high, and let the Ansteorran Black Star raise up once again in victory and wave in the breeze! Please let there be breeze! We encourage all artisans and those in the rapier community to attend as there will be an A & S competition, and Rapier champion battle. Rapier community, we are trying to find a time where you can have an additional battle in the castle, and once again raise the Ansteorran banner to wave in the breeze! Please let there be breeze!! We would also like to encourage the populace of Ansteorra to be there to support and witness our victory.

Queen’s champion is also on the horizon, this year we would like to do something different..... Swiss Three! ! !! Alternate Weapons -sword and shield, spear, and mace - JUST KIDDING! ! ! ! ! We are deciding now how the list will be fought. (Don’t worry, it won’t be heavy weapons). Stargate, Baroness Sindra, thank you for all of the hard work you are placing into this event, it is much appreciated. I hope everyone will be camping as we will. We are looking forward to traveling to Stargate and meeting the new Queen’s Champion. This too, promises to be an exciting event.

Finally we would like to thank the populace of Ansteorra, Great Officers of State, entourage, for all the wonderful support you have given us. You are, and have been here for us, and now we are, and will be here for you.

Be excellent to each other.

Mikael, Crown Prince
Mikaela, Crown Princess

The Words of the Crown

February, 1995

Unto the Populace of the sovereign Kingdom of Ansteorra do Mikael & Mikaela, King and Queen of Ansteorra send salutations and Best Wishes.

First and foremost, thank you to His Excellency, Duke Seamus, Her Excellency, Margery de Bray, and the Barony of Elfsea and its cantons of Dun Loch Ruad and Dragonsfire Tor, for hosting our coronation. We appreciate all of the effort and time placed into this production.

Additional thanks to Lady Dana Mac an Ghabhan (autocrat), Lord William and Lady Cassandra Palfrey (feastocrats), Duchess Willow, Mistress Custance, the scribes and illuminators guild, and all who participated. (Yes, Baroness Mari, you and Sir Galen are definitely included with your wonderful ideas!!!) The thank you’s could go on and on and on;....

There are a few matters that may not be pleasing to the ear (or should we say ‘eye’, since we are reading this) but they are this....Unfortunately the game we play, and the dream that we are in service to, is not as perfect as it may appear.

There are just a few laws that we must address and try to rectify. They are:

1)The SCA Inc. and We will not tolerate any illegal activity whatever it may be, and we will cooperate with mundane law enforcement in every way possible should the need arise.

2) The SCA Inc. and We will under no circumstances tolerate minors indulging in alcohol. (This falls under illegal activity).

3) Waivers for minors - if you are traveling with a minor and they do not “belong" to you there MUST be an accompanied notarized statement or power of attorney signed by the child’s parents. A simple note or letter will not do. It must be notarized and signed by the parent, or the child will not be admitted on site.

4) Know where your children are, please.

Number 2, 3, and 4 above deal with children mostly. It is because we cherish them, and they are our future. We want to keep living the dream, and we need your help so that these four requirements will be carried out. Enough said. Thank you.

As you read this letter in the warmth of your keep, there are distant sounds from the East of an imminent war brewing. The Trimarian army is preparing to wage war against our army, our lands - Ansteorra. Surely the Trimarians jest facing Ansteorra and its mighty warriors, but we are taking them seriously and once again plan to meet them at Meridies for Gulf War IV. We need shieldmen, spearrnen, archers, rapier fighters, and artisans. We need you, the populace of Ansteorra to travel with us in mass quantities, and show Trimaris what it is like to have a Kingdom arrive, and be prepared for war.

Let us be able to raise the Ansteorran banner, and allow the Black Star to be seen by all in victory!!! Make travel plans! Come to the War! Meet people! See exciting things! Go shopping! See our victory! Get your reservations in! We need you Ansteorra!!

Closer on the horizon, we will have the honor of meeting our new Queen’s Champion, we are looking forward to whomever she/he may be in filling this position.

On award recommendations: we would like to receive them at least 10 days to 2 weeks prior to an event. This will give it time to read them and send those to our Sable Scroll to give her adequate time. Please let us know what event you would like the award granted. It looks like for now, our tentative plans for travel for our first month is: Candlemas, Wolfstar, Queen’s, Collegium & Northern War College, and so far, in March: Tournee de Lyonesse and, naturally, Gulf Wars! Again, if you have award recommendations, please send them as far in advance as possible, this will help out a great deal.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the populace of Ansteorra for your support - you are wonderful!! Our entourage - our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your hard work, Remember the best protection we have for ourselves is ourselves. Keep open your eyes and ears, and don’t be afraid to report things amiss.

We are NOT saying run around and police or misconstrue. We are saying if you see something definitely wrong, please let your seneschal/autocrat or us know. We want Ansteorra to be the safest we can be, so we can continue to learn and grow. If there are bad apples out there, they will eventually spoil, and emit an odor-at which point we will deal with them accordingly. People of Ansteorra, know we are here for you! Let’s have fun!!!

Be excellent to each other,
Mikael, King
Micaela, Queen

<b3>March 1994</b3>
Unto the Populace of Ansteorra, may these words reach you in good health and fine spirits.

First we speak of the War with our friendly foes to the east. Spearmen - hone your craft of point work to a fine edge. Shield men - your presence and strength in arms are our backbone. Archers - your ability to communicate at long distance is, without said word, our advantage. Rapiers - bring your art and skill with the sword. Populace - without your support to keep our warriors at strength we can only be half best. Artisans - Bring your best piece. A&S is for a war point now. Ansteorrans! Come and support your “Glorious Kingdom" in the hour and we will have the day!!

To address the fire which has swept through our lands - the problems of G&PD6 and the said assaults on two of our children. First: The most important! People. “WE” must be Responsible for our children. We cannot run off and leave a child alone with the excuse that “They're an SCA child - they’ll be OK." If we ever see that....the parents will receive a visit from their Majesties, right there. And they will learn how they will increase their own responsibility factors at SCA events. If you bring your family - COME AS A FAMILY! If you do not think you can handle that, then leave the little ones with Grandma and Grandpa. But do not pretend they don't exist just so you can have some fun....at their expense. We won’t have it! And to those who would seek an opportunity with foul intentions....BEWARE, the Lion may have been relaxed, but the actions that have happened have awakened the Lion, and he prowls. . . .Tread on those who would not have you - and the Lion will grasp you with his jaws.

Hear these words and know:

As for G&PD6 - We have reviewed this with the BOD. and there really is NO other way to interpret it but as it’s stated. There can be no personalization in the interpretation of a written rule or law. If you don’t understand the statements in G&PD6, get a Websters and sit down with it. That should help you. Here’s a rule of thumb to help exercise courtesy on this matter If you want to perform some … performance.. first ask yourself if there is a Christian. Moslem. Wickon or Jewish person present. Would it offend any one of these people? If so: don’t do it. Common sense people. It’s all it takes. There cannot be a place for said ceremony in what we do. We ask you: please DO NOT TAMPER with our word or this game we play!

Now Acknowledge: That Rebecca Poralta is effectively given a level one banishment for the duration of this reign.

Lastly, thank you to our populace for your support and the Shire of Tempio (especially Thomas and Ruth) for helping us during the time our dragon was dying. Gunther Bob. Nudd Namara and Daman, thank you for helping us take the beast back to our keep so we may broze it! May the beast have a peaceful rest elsewhere!

Be excellent to Each Other
Mikael, King
Mikaela Queen

May 1995


As the season has changed the daystar shines brightly, casting off its heat. We welcome that heat… for now.

At the time of this missive we know not who our heirs will be, but would like to take this time to congratulate them. We are sure utmost honor and chivalry along with skill was displayed upon the field that day, not to mention the inspiration of a beautiful lady.

We would like to thank all those who courageously traveled to the war with us. All of you who judged, marshalled, water beared, assisted with their chiurgeons, heralded - thank you, thank you! The feats performed upon field, the bridge and the castle were amazing, Tor, your tac-tic though, was quite surprising! I’m sure it amazed the other fighters as much as it amazed you! The entries into the A&S competition were exquisite. Seven out of eleven categories! Vivat!! I would like to thank the Queens Guards for being so effective upon the field. Your skill shone bright as the sun and needless to say, with great pride, you achieved the war point we needed!


Baroness Gwyneth, thank you for the tabards for the guards, they looked absolutely striking. Friday night Ansteorra hosted a dinner... H.L. Mairin you out did yourself... as usual, thank you.

Needless to say there were many good times had by all, why, we were even entertained in the corner of the tennis courts by one of our Donas and some good friends....perfect timing. Thank you to all, to our entourage, to Gunther Bob and Harley. The thank yous are endless. .. back to business... A war treaty is being drawn up between the three Kingdoms concerning combat regulations, Art & Sciences displays/competition and the judging, Rapier and the length of time courts may last. At the war it was decided by the Society Earl Marshall, His Majesty and Sir Barn Silveraxe to place stipulations on introducing the schlager into our kingdom. For the next month, the rules of the schlager will be available through the stock clerk and marshalate for review and commentary. At the war we decided two months: one month has already passed. Deadline on changes and commentary will be May 20th, 1995. At which point, it will be signed in and authorizations will commence. Though there are many people out there who have, on their own, exercised this discipline, the Crown recognizes Don Houron, Don Eadric, Don Juan and Don Sentre as those who will assist us with venturing this weapon into new horizons as they have the most experience. This is not to slight anyone else who also has experience with this weapon, but we recognize these individuals as those who have a sound, skilled, and working knowledge for this and we perceive them as pioneers for this. Seek these individuals out and work with them, if you have a hunger to learn. This weapon still is as close to recreation in rapier combat as we can get. Try it with an open mind....even though you may have fought rapier combat for years... this may not be ideal for you....but you cannot discover new oceans unless you have lost sight of the shore...

Coming up....Kingdom Warlord in Treloc, Academy of the Rapier and Bow, to be held together along with the Conclave of crowns in Wiesenfeuer. Please check the Kingdom Calendar as Kingdom Warlord has been moved to July.

Pennsic is still a few months away and although we will not be Crown at Pennsic, preparations have begun. Lord Jean Fernald Savigny is in charge of the Ansteorran Land run. Groups, please contact him and let him know how many will be going and how much space you will need. Thanks Jean for doing this!!

Upon writing this missive we are seated on the back of a winged dragon, with what appears to be torches on his wings. His roar is ferocious...we are currently looking down at the Outlands....you can tell. Our final destination....An Tir, to meet with the Board of Directors, once again. We look forward to seeing them again. We will keep you abreast of all goings on......

Award recommendations - please have them to us at least 2 weeks in advance. Our Sable scroll grows weary. Thank you Baroness Kat! You have great spirit....the spirit to win and the will to excel is always measured one stroke at a time. For those groups who have not received awards yet, we plan to have some of them - just at a later date....be patient. Thank you!!!

Speaking of patience, remind our children that life is a journey, to seize the day, to believe in themselves and to dream... as dreams are free.

In closing we would like to encourage all those who play to keep playing. Sometimes it feels that obstacles get in the way. Remember obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your mind off your goals. Accept the challenges, so you may feel the exhilaration of victory. Keep your dreams alive....cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blue print of your ultimate achievements. Ansteorra, know that we, as well as you, are both in service to the dream. Let us not lose sight... We love this game we play or we wouldn’t be here... Let's keep having fun!

Be Excellent to Each Other!

Mikael, King / Mikaela, Queen

P.S.: As a reminder, if you have any problems or difficulties within our Kingdom and would like it to get to us expediently, the best avenue is to contact our Steward as he handles all matters as such. He welcomes all calls until 10:30pm at which time he will be focusing on other activities... cleaning his keep, tending his cattle etc. His name and number is: Baron Artorius ap Caradoc. (Address and phone number edited.) He, with vigor, great wisdom and the gift of communicating for hours, eagerly awaits your call. Thanks!!!

June 1995

June 1995

Spring is here!!! Thor began his dance at Crown Tourney, then the rains came and came and came that day, but.....we have heirs!!!!! Congratulations to Duke Patrick- Michael and Duchess Julia. For all those who fought the list at Crown, we would like to say thank you for the warrior in each of you that overrode the weather as we all plunged through to see that Ansteorra will soon have a new King and Queen on our thrones. Vivat, Huzzah. We would like to ask one thing however, unless you are calling our heirs to congratulate or make ready for their coronation, please do not bombard them with problems (hopefully there are none) and questions. Believe us when we say that in July will begin their trek of being extremely busy for 6 months. Let them rest and gear up for their most magnificent reign. We will definitely keep them abreast of all goings on. Thank you.

Northern Ansteorra in the last 2 months has been plagued with some tragic times. It is very unfortunate that we have lost lives to such. However the support that has come from all over the Kingdom is one that is greatly appreciated. Families have been destroyed, lives lost, the big circling wind that has no mind of its own except to destroy, has also placed its mark up here. Odd accidents that take lives of innocent children... We ask ourselves, “Why?” but no answer seems good enough and never will be -- so when your child tends to “ride on your nerves,” or gets in the mud and tracks it in your keep, remember it could be far worse as we have all seen.

We would take this time to make known that there was a mix up on the portion written on our May Black Star letter about the Schlager. True, at the war we did have a meeting and came up with an operational set of rules for all to view and comment on. However, for obvious reasons the opportunity to acquire the rules from the Stock Clerk for review and commentary start as of May. Of course now that you’re reading “this” letter this month you may be saying “But I’ve still lost a month”. Hopefully most of the rapier community has already been informed of this fact and all interested parties now have a copy. But for others, you may get yours now from the Stock Clerk. From May 1st, we have two (2) months for this review. Sorry for the mix up.

For the last part of this subject, in our previous letter let me address this. It seems that there are some folks that just can’t read what has been written as for just what was written. They instead interject their own meanings and manage to misconstrue the original, obvious point that was made. This irritates me to end. However, I guess when dealing with large amounts of people, there will be a few that just won’t get it. This can be a problem, because we insist on giving people the benefit of the doubt and won’t go on with two more paragraphs explaining “exactly” what the last “sentence” was about. What is this leading to …? This! We said nothing about any- one who would be warranting, qualifying, registering or anything else about fighting with the Schlager. That is only the Marshals’ job. We only said that the people we named were people who We know and without doubt would be good individuals to put out front for people to ask questions of and work with while we get this style off the ground. We even restated the fact that there are others out there with experience in this discipline and asked for them to be sought out and worked with. This does not have to be a “nit picky” involved operation, and it should not be. If you don’t like it, fine. Don’t involve yourself with it. But don’t cause self-indulged problems for those who wish to help our kingdom activate a fine new (to our kingdom) style of combat. Point made…. Now to other matters.

Finally, one last note on award recommendations (again). We must know where the individuals will be attending so the award may be bestowed on them if so decided. We have so many awards
without dates as to which event they will be at. Thank you.

We have had many magic moments that will remain with us forever. Thank you people of Ansteorra for making it so. Sometimes as we play this game we get so caught up in the political aspects and the seriousness. Let’s take time to see the other productions that go on. The moon, the stars, the dawn and the sunset. We rarely hear anyone speak of them. One would think these perpetual wonders had passed from sight. There is peace and rest in these miracles that paint the canvas of the sky. They play nightly to empty seats...

Be excellent to each other
Mikael, King / Mikaela, Queen