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General Information

wInterKingdom Collegium & Peace is an annual Collegium event, held in the Northern Region of Ansteorra. It has, generally, been hosted by the Barony of Northkeep, however, from time to time, other groups have assisted or co-sponsored the event. In its humble beginnings, it was an effort to gather in our near-cousins from Calontir in a non-combat-focused event.


  • 1990: The first wInterKingdom is held.
  • 1993: wInterKingdom IV Collegium & Festival.
  • January 1994: wInterKingdom V Collegium & Festival
  • January 1995: wInterKingdom VII
  • January 1997: wInterKingdom VIII Collegium & festival is held.
  • January 1998: wInterkingdom IX Collegium at Sand Springs Community Center; Mistress Jaella of Armida (Mundanely: Marion Zimmer Bradley), LQA, comes and teaches a class.
  • January 1999: wInterkingdom 10 is held. From the Baroness (Sigen Northkeep), "We would like to thank everyone who attended our event. The classes were well attended, and very informative. We hope that you all had a good time. Congratulations to the award recipients: Cornerstones were, Don Malcolm, Ld. Wilhelm da Kaalavo, Ly Tamara, and Katsutoshi San. Caterina Cavieri is now LADY Caterina, and Ly. Brigit received a Crane. Again, thanks to everyone who worked on the event. HL Robert and Ld. Kostantin did an excellent job. To those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you, and hope to see you at Northern Regional Salute!"
  • January 2000: wInterKingdom XI is held at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp outside of Cleveland, OK, and is organized by Rowen, Anawyn and Elizabeth. Classes/Activities include: Skirt in a Day - 2 hour class, Rapier Tactics , Inkle Weaving , Drop Spindle - 2 hour class, Persona Development for Children, Children's Rapier , Beginning Rapier , Intro to Winemaking, Acid Etching, Cross Stitch for Children, Medieval Culture, Melee Roundtable, New Rules for Heavy Fighters Roundtable, The Manly Art of Brewing I , Basic Sewing for Children, Basic Hand-sewing, Sheath That Weapon (Rapier), Elizabethan Ruffs, Great Sword Techniques, The Manly Art of Brewing II, Dancing for Children, Soap-making Techniques, Rapier Roundtable, Children's Metal Working, Basic Documentation, Women's Fighting Class, Dance - 3 hour class, Perfumes and Oils, Rapier Fighting, Medieval Shoes, Seneschal and Reeve Class - 2 hour class, Basic Dishing - 2 hour class, Child's Bardic, Advanced Rapier, Brewing Roundtable.
  • January 2001: wInterKingdom XII Collegium & Festival is held.
  • January 2002: wInterKingdom XIII Collegium is held.
  • January 2003: At Northkeep Winterkingdom 2003 this year, Lord William receives a Cornerstone of Northkeep. Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah is made a Master Waterbearer and the Northern Regional Waterbearer during court.
  • January 2004: wInterKingdom: A wide variety of classes is held. A small court is held at the event's end, during which Lady Amanda Blackwolf receives a Crimson Star of Northkeep, as does Lady Nadine des Jardins. Lady Faolan McFarland received the Lions Paw of Kenmare. The event is autocratted by Lord Masamune, and the Feastocrat is Lady Amanda Blackwolf.
  • December 2005: wInterKingdom is held late this year.
  • December 2006: wInterKingdom is held.
  • December 2007: wInterKingdom is held.
  • December 2008: wInterKingdom is held.
  • February 2010: wInterKingdom is held.
  • January 2011: wInterKingdom is held.
  • January 2012: wInterKingdom is held.
  • January 2013: wInterKingdom is held in conjunction with King's Round Table.
  • January 2014: wInterKingdom is again held in conjunction with King's Round Table.
  • January 2017: wInterKingdom is held.
  • January 2018: The Canton of Chemin Noir holds a successful fundraising bakesale at wInterKingdom.
  • January 2019: wInterkingdom, Jan. 26. Classes include: 3 Tales from “Current” Norse Mythology, Ansteorran Award Recommendations and How to Submit Them, Armored Fighting Basics, Armored Fighting Intermediate, Arrow Fletching, Artisans & Advocates Agora, Ask a Costumer, Awards in Ansteorra, Basic Tablet Weaving, Beating Performance Anxiety–A Bard’s Tale, Beginning Combat Archery, Beginning Leatherworking, Beginning Stone Carving, Being a Useful Baronial Herald, Church History for Persona Building Part 1, Church History for Persona Building Part 2, Courtly dancing in the SCA, Cut And Thrusts Basics, Demonstration and history of Chainmaile, Demystifying the Laurelate, Dutch Oven & Cast Iron Camp Cooking, Equestrian Activities in the SCA, Farmer’s Cheese, Feast Coordination Roundtable, Forging Demonstration, Garb 102: Now Make It Better!, Gutenberg and His Wonderful Press, Hearing the Language of Plants, Herbalism & Apothecary Guild Meeting, History of Chainmail & Demo, Honey Guild meeting, How do I Get Involved in Equestrian Activities, How to Design Amazing Event Ads!, How to Run a Heraldic Consultation Table, Intro to Ansteorra (revised), Intro to Drop Spindle, Introduction to Medieval Shoemaking, Islamic Folded Beads, Leatherworking, Legal Considerations for Herbalists, List Master/Mistress 101, Living with Success in the SCA, Making Homemade Butter & Compound Butter, Medieval Games, Norse Wire Weave, Painting in Egg Tempera, Period Larp: Masks & Masking in Medieval England, Poisons and Antidotes, Polishing Amber, Prick & Pounce: Embroidery Design Transfer, Rapier Marshaling 101, Romani Persona Building, Several Hours, Shadow Judging/Kingdom A&S Prep, Shadow Judging/Kingdom A&S Prep, Teen Roundtable, The Ansteorran Wiki, The Art of Being Judged, The Chronology of the Northern Region, The game of Love for Fun and Profit, The History of Herbals, Things you want to know about the SCA but have been too afraid to ask!, Thinking Creatively in Designing Arms, Treasure Chest, Trebuchets, Catapults and Ballistae! Oh My!, Tudor Headwear, Turning Spindles and Bowls on a Wood Lathe, Understanding the German Master Blows, Uroscopy and the Humors, Wine and Mead Making End to End, Wire Ring History and Design, Youth Armored Combat Drill Work 101, Youth Armored war drills, Youth Rapier Combat Drill Work.