Event Review - Winterkingdom 2006 - by Ian Dun Gillan

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(Originally posted to the Northkeep list, reposted with permission)

Ciamar a tha sibh,

I hope this missive finds you healthy, happy, and well rested. I write aboutwInterkingdom. The likes of such a college has not been witnessed in many years. The efforts of Northkeep, its friends, family, all of the teachers, and all of those who attended lent to the grandeur of the event.

Grand was the day and wondrous the event. Nearly one hundred hours of classes, almost two hundred and fifty people thru the gate, glorious trials of marshal skill, and a tavern with soups so savory my mouth still waters, a feast so proper for the table of a ships captain that I can still smell the sea air and hear the shanties. Many a thing was learned, many a hero honored, and many a kinship bonded before the last hour of the day. The honor, glory, and overall sharing amongst the company of so many good folk...My heart wells over with pride in what was accomplished.

For me wInterkingdom was a day and an event that those who founded and developed this society should be proud of. The dream lived on in Northkeep at wInterkingdom. For each and every person who had something to do with wInterkingdom, from the mightiest of efforts to the least, from near and far, all of us together worked together making something memorable. Each and every one of you has my most sincere thanks.

For any who missed this event my most sincere condolences go out to you. Perhaps next year we will be so lucky as to have an equal or better wInterkingdom, and per chance the fates will smile on you so that you may take part.

So many good things about people's experiences during wInterkingdom were shared with me as we prepared to end the event I would very much like to see written renditions of those remembrances shared here.

With great pride, much thankfulness, and kind regards I remain,

Ian Dun Gillan
Baron of Northkeep
Lord of Chemin Noir