Northkeep Winterkingdom 2003

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General Information for Northkeep Winterkingdom 2003

Date Held: January 25th, 2003
Location: Stillwater Community Center in Stillwater, OK
Event Steward(s): Amanda Blackwolf & Angeline de Cormier
Feast Steward(s): Zahava bat Hannah


All-Day Collegium event with the following classes offered:

  • Spoon & Ladle Fabrication
  • Seneschal Class
  • List Mistressing 101
  • Assisi Embroidery
  • Beginning Embroidery <kid friendly>
  • Drop Spindle
  • Cotton Spinning
  • Historical Firearms for Beginners
  • Archeology and the SCA
  • The Medieval Mindset
  • Advanced Archery Techniques Roundtable
  • Care and Feeding of Sewing Machines
  • The Back Wall at Hancock's: Sewing Notions
  • Lucet Braiding
  • Bread of the 15th and 16th Centuries
  • Beginning Recipe Redaction
  • Batatas and Papas: Potatoes and the SCA Feast
  • Basic Documentation: Help in Getting You Started
  • Mehndi: Historical Body Art Without Pain
  • Rounds
  • Book Binding

For Children:

  • Children's Weaving--Make a small pouch
  • Heraldry for Children
  • Beginning Book Heraldry
  • Rounds
  • Middle Eastern Dance for Children
  • Raising Kids in the SCA


(Not Applicable)

Awards Presented:

Reviews and Thanks:


Feast Menu

1st Remove: Olives/cheeses/pita w/hummus
2nd Remove: Greek Salad/Bourekas (cheese puff pastry)
3rd Remove: Dolmas (Stuffed grape leaves)/ Roasted Eggplant & Feta
4th Remove: Greek stew/New Years' Day, Vasilopitta Bread
5th Remove: Baklava/ Stuffed dates