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General Information

The Free Company is a mercenary fighting unit and the collection of individuals that contribute to and support that unit and their shared culture. Puns, Shenanigans, and a rejection of what is "Shiny" are cornerstones of their community.


  • Badge: Per pale gules and Or, two raccoons rampant guardant, addorsed counterchanged between a chief embattled and in saltire a hoe and a stalk of wheat sable.

The Free Company is also easily identified by tunics of black with a burgundy, black and gold trim with wheat stalks. Each fighter's garb is tailored to their personality and persona, encouraging individuality but unity.


The Free Company was informally organized in 2020, and structured in 2021.

The founding members include Alondra Martel, Wulfgard Martel, Oswald Martel, D'mitrii Zinonovich, Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha, Ulfr, Penelope Martel, Runa Bjarnardottir, Micauley Morison, and Arthur Martel.


To be Shanghai'd is a manner of joining the Free Company. These members are considered by the Free Comppany to be a full member of the Free Company but the individual may or may not function as a member or claim to be a part of the group themselves.

Within the charter of the Free Company there were two individuals who had been involuntarily shanghai'd into the group: Set Sette and Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe.


At a 2022 AllThing, it was established that the way to join the Free Company will be as follows:

  • Fight with the Free Company in a Melee
  • Ask to join the Free Company
  • After you ask, any member of the Free Company has the chance to anonymously Veto
  • If Veto'd, repeat these steps


The Free Company is built around a Mercenary fighting unit, This unit can be purchased to fight on behalf of any individual or group, so long as that individual successfully negotiates with the current Commandant and makes some sort of payment to the Free Company.
This currently has 2 stipulations:

  • The Free Company always fights on behalf of the Kingdom of Ansteorra
  • The Free Company provides the current royalty of Vindheim the first rights to make a bid

Current Leadership

Commandant is the Free Company field commander, this position unofficially includes responsibilities like armoring new members of the free company, keeping members from making decisions that would make them unable to take the field, and assisting members in attending wars.

Commandant is chosen each year at War of the Rams

Previous Commandants:



At twice a year, they come together to host an AllThing, at which All The Things happen. They vote on Commandant, new rules, and any other business that needs doing. Anyone may attend the AllThing, and if you show up, your opinion will matter.

Valhotdog is another form of Free Company gathering, focused around a day of fighting, food, and telling stories. Valhotdog's often serve as an unofficial regional practice. Like with the AllThing, anyone may attend a Valhotdog.

"In Valhalla, mighty warriors fight all day and have a grand feast afterwards. We, being somewhat financially challenged, can afford hot dogs." - Wulfgard Martel.

The Free Company hosts a regular shop night, normally weekly, in which anyone may come and use tools and receive armoring advice. In exchange, those who attend are expected to listen to the stories and ramblings of other attendees.

Merit Badges

  • "Light, Light, Excessive!!" - given to those fighters who receive questionable feedback for combat. The first recipient was Oswald Martel.
  • The Golden Sharpie - Doing the right thing in a Window Sharpie way. (High practicality, low class) The first recipient was Oswald Martel (for ambushing the crown and asking them to sign Wulfgard Martel's Peerage scroll with a sharpie)
  • The DAP - This is solely given to Zubeydah (who isn't a member and wasn't shanghaied, she's just bemusedly helping out.)

Holy Relics

- A Secret Relic that Shall Not Be Discussed
- The First Sword Basket made by Jack Mongo
- A Secret Thing that was Broken

Code of Conduct

The Rules

Rules of the Free Company may not be written down in more than one place (currently the shop, on a door). The rules, which are added or modified by unanimous consent at an AllThing gathering, emphasize the group's sense of chaos and morality and expression personal choice.

The most well known of these Rules is Rule #14: No Quitter Talk, which has been used commonly as a battle cry.

Set's Guidelines of Shenanigans

  • No Trespassing
  • No harming people or property
  • Scavenging, not theft
  • If you can't get in trouble for it, it isn't actually a shenanigan

Additional guidelines

  • No Nazis, no Pedophiles.
  • Shiny doesn't work after dark.
  • We follow Duke Jason's mantra that "All people are people."
  • We follow the wisdom of Jean-Paul de Sens: "Courtly Graces means that your nipples are covered."



Vindheim Coronet Tourney: This was the 'official' launch of the Free Company.
They set up a pavilion, with a safe propane heater. Because it was so cold, their tent was swarmed by small people.


Winter War Maneuvers 2022: Traveled to Vatavia to accompany [[1st Vindheim Coronet}Prince Romanius.]]
Gulf Wars 2022: Hired by the Barony of Northkeep to fight for Ansteorra, with their pay being fighter biscuits and massages. This was the year we met the man who knows Jack Mongo
Valor Tourney 2022: Traveled to Vatavia to accompany Prince Romanius.
Coronet Tourney II: We learn Micauley can't count.
Feast of Eagles 2022: Fought a bunch. Represented the entirety of Ansteorra's vanguard, with the exception of John of Severn.
Pennsic 2022: The Free Company was the entirety of the shield wall for Ansteorra at every single battle, including the Rose Tourneys for heavy and rapier. Per the treaty, as heralded by Viscount Geoffrey Scott, they were the equivalent of 20
Diamond Wars 2022: Where neither side won, but the mosquitos did. We didn't realize they were an opposing army, but they were strong...
War of the Rams IX: Where Set Sette and Elise Green caught the fort on fire, and everyone was grateful.
Coronet Tourney III: Where Micauley won a thing.


wInterkingdom & Sable Soldier: Oz earned a LLE Merit badge. Runa did not capture a Prince.
Winter War Maneuvers 2023: Traveled to Vatavia to accompany Prince Micauley.
Gulf Wars 2023: Hired by Prince Micauley to fight for Vindheim, with their pay being quesadillas delivered during Ansteorran great court.
Wiesenfeuer Baronial: Runa won a tourchlight tournament by following the shenanigan rules.



  • Both Mooneschadowe as a whole and the Liondragon Guard are allies.
  • Lord Jack Mongo of Ealdormere
  • "That Guy Who Knows Jack Mongo"
  • Barony of Vatavia of Calontir
  • Mr. Aggi Memnon