Animals of Ansteorra A - D

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It is not simply the People of Ansteorra that make it great, but the presence of companion and working animals adds greatly to the ambiance and experience. Herein are some Very Good Girls and Bois.





Cronos, a chi-weenie cross breed with bright blue eyes sits on the lap of Claduia
Cronus and Claudia
Caretaker: Angelica Catolina Veronica de Granada. Cronus is the only one of the Cronus brothers not a German Shepherd, so when he was rescued he was given the name of the brothers. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and is normally what gets him the attention. Cronus likes to make noise but honestly just wants the attention the bigger boys are getting. Once while making noise, a King walked up and bravely grabbed him up off the ground, giving him all the love. If you see his mommy, watch her skirts for a little nose to pop out.


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