Ivarr and the Delinquent Knights

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Ivarr and the Delinquent Knights

by Ivarr runamagi

Many years ago, in the Shire of Seawinds, at their Defenders Tournament, Baron Caelan MacRob, then Baron of Loch Soillier, was holding Court for Their Majesties Ansteorra in Their absence. The hall was rather small and not arranged in the best manner for a Court. There was a large couch behind the throne and it was the most comfortable seating in the hall.

As Baron Cael was conducting his Court, I, standing at the back of the hall, noticed two individuals sitting on the couch, Sir Henri le Hibou du Bois and Sir John of Severn. As the Court went on, these fine examples of behavior began to harass the good Baron by piling the couch cushions on his throne every time he would rise out of it, throwing the couch cushions around behind him as if they were juggling them and so forth.

Baroness Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud, Baroness of Bjornsborg, was standing next to me at the rear of the hall and became rather upset with the actions of these two Knights! She exclaimed “If I could I would go up there and drag them out by their ears!” At which I, as a Lion of Ansteorra, said “I can!” I then entered into the Court without any announcement or prior arrangement and marched purposefully forward toward the Baron. I must say, the look on Baron Cael’s face was almost pure terror as he had never had a Lion enter his Court without being called in the past. I walked up top the throne and then stepped to the side and continued to the couch where the two Knights looked at me with a befuddled look on their faces.

When I got to them, I grabbed them by the ears and escorted them out of the Court, much to the enjoyment of the populace. There was much laughter, cheering and applause as we left the Court as seen in the photograph. Sir Henri and Sir John had claimed for years that it never happened, then the photograph taken by Rosa de Armanno appeared. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or two ears.