Event Review - 2022 Two Artisans Two Bards by Etienne De Saint Amaranth

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The following summary is intended to communicate from the perspective of Their Highnesses Vindheim, for those who were not present, events that happened around courts. It strives to not replace summaries and announcements from the hosting groups (such as who won group championships or if any local non-armigerous awards were presented) or from the Event Stewards (thanks given, lost and found, etc.).

On the 25th of June, Gilyan, Princess of Vindheim, traveled to the Two Artisans, Two Bards event co-hosted by the Barony of the Eldern Hills and the Barony of Bonwicke. While it was 104 degrees outside, between the fans and coolers of the building and a fairly persistent breeze outside if you stood in the shade, the event was companionable, well attended, and enjoyable.

Morning court was short, welcoming, and gave the event stewards time to get out announcements. Everyone was reminded to drink often and stay hydrated. One item that come up in morning court, worth noting, has to do with forms of address. As Vindheim grows from its infancy, as with any child, we can all look forward to seeing just what type of "person/personality" Vindheim becomes. Part of that will be based on the firm foundation that our first Prince and Princess, Romanius and Deanna, have laid. Part of it will develop as we experiment with things and try new things, over time. Her Highness, Gilyan, asked that as part of this event and for several going forward, we experiment with forms of address. To date, and most common throughout the SCA, principality Princes and Princesses, use the form of address "Your/Their Serene Highness(es)". Her Highness desires to experiment with some alternate forms to see if any resonate with the populace or seem a good fit for Vindheim and its developing culture. So, through the day, different forms were tried out in the various courts to expose this idea. Some things tried included "Your Magnanimous Highness", "Your Illustrious Highness" (which seemed to fit well with a day of arts and performances), "Your Redoubted Highness" (and if any of these encourage you to look up meanings in a dictionary then part of the purpose of being a 501C3 educational group is also getting addressed), and "Your Clement Highness" (which was an attempted reference to weather). In conversations through the day, "Your Benevolent Highness" came up a couple of times.

This experimentation is intended to allow and encourage the populace to give some thought and consideration and to think outside the box. But, it in no way should be taken that "Your Serene Highness" is inappropriate or unwelcomed. It absolutely should not make anyone nervous about approaching Their Highness and create uncertainty about talking with or addressing them. If you have an idea for a form of address that might be Vindheim specific and make sense (and be respectful), please share it with Their "Hospitable" Highnesses and their herald. But never let concern on what form of address to use hold you back from interacting with your Prince and Princess. Use Serene if it works for you, use another that Their Highness try in courts if it resonates with you. This experiment may not last beyond Their Highnesses' six months of service to the principality; but for now, some experimentation is welcomed.

The one form of address to avoid is "Your Royal Highness(es)". That is reserved for the Crown Prince and Princess of a kingdom and should never be used for Vindheim's Coronets.

Court was placed in recess and the day moved forward where classes and A&S displays were in full force. Fighter practice and classes also started and stayed in the shade with frequent water breaks and rest breaks.

At 11:30, Her Magnanimous Highness reopened her court and invited forward Her Excellency, Countess Deanna, 1st Viscountess of Vindheim. There were a few items of business from her time as Princess that either were not complete or at least the paperwork had not been handed off for items previously awarded. Into court were called: Ælfwyn Webbestre, who was given her promissory note for an Award of the Clavis of Vindheim (dated from 2022-06-18), and William Cameron de Blakstan, Marguerite Dinard and Marcus von Furth who received their promissory notes for the Award of the Clavis Clavium of Vindheim (dated from 2022-06-18). Her Excellency, Deanna, was able to share personal words with the recipients.

As a reminder, promissory notes are being given for principality awards that are in process for registration. Once the awards and orders are fully registered, actual charter designs and wording will enable scribal works to move forward with new charters for the recipients (with any changes in the awards' or orders' names required for registration).

Following this, Her Excellency was retained in court and Zubeydah and Halldora Hrafnsdottir were asked to come forward. A gift was presented to Her Excellency Deanna that involved much bead and wire work and we will all look for the artists to post specifics if not posted already. While Zubeydah explained the gift to Her Excellency, Halldora shared with those assembled about the work and the names of all of the artists involved in its creation.

Court was then recessed again. Classes and A&S resumed and Bardic started at 2:00.

At 5:00 (on time), the final court was opened. Her Clement Highness and Their Excellencies Eldern Hills and Their Excellencies Bonwicke processed into court to song ("Stand Brother, Stand" led by Lady Áshildr inn Hárfagri) and took their places. Her Benevolent Highness gave words of the day and then asked for any newcomers to come forward. Four adults and three youth were given gifts and welcomed into the Society and our extended family.

Her Illustrious Highness recalled Countess Deanna, 1st Vicountess of Vindheim, as there were two more attendees present to receive awards and promissory notes made official the week prior. Halldora Hrafnsdottir and Ashildr in Harfagra were called forward and presented Awards of the Clavis of Vindheim (dated 2022-06-18). Her Excellency shared private words and the recipients received a hearty Vivat!

Their Excellencies Eldern Hills then opened court, followed by Their Excellencies Bonwicke. Eldern thanked their prior artisan and bard and installed their new champions. Bonwicke thanked their prior artisan and bard and installed their new champions (look for notices from them on the winners). Each barony had a small number of business items quickly handled. One armigerous item of note, Their Excellencies Eldern Hills inducted a new member of their baronial service order, the Order des Cotes Anciennes, and we all look forward to the public sharing of that name by Their Excellencies.

Bonwicke and Eldern Hills then closed their respective courts.

As part of closing Her Illustrious Highness' court, two additional items of experimentation were explained and introduced. First, rather than "Vivat" or "Long Live..." FOR Their Highnesses, we turned and offered the Gaelic "Slainte Maith" (pronounced ‘slawn-che va') TO Their Highnesses. Look for additional closing cheers at future courts as we explore options and what works or resonates for Vindheim.

The normal form of closing in Ansteorra is to vivat or long live the baron/baroness or prince/princess (or king/queen for that matter), and then the same wording for the group itself. We did something different to cheer Vindheim on the way out and that will be returning for additional use at future principality courts. If you know (you were there), don't spoil the surprise for too many. If you were not there, come to court in the future and stay until the end; don't worry, we will teach you before we do it.

As a last note, the herald for the coronets who was overly focused on the new thing (and surprised right at the end when the voice began to break) made an error at the closing and had to step back and finish the closing. The full closing was always intended and that error is wholly the part of the herald who is sincerely remorseful, glad he got to correct the slip, and promises to finish it correctly going forward (as it was always intended).