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Vyolante, Queen of Grace and Honor, Warlord 35
Registered Name: Cosma Drago/Mongo Checheg
Resides: Principality of Vindheim,
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2005
Order of Precedence
Mongo Checheg

Purpure chaussé, a sea dragon erect and a chief triangular argent.


Previously Known As:Vyolante Drago do Porto

Additional Registered Heraldry:

Two Personal badges in reserve: (Fieldless) A domestic cat sejant erect contourny ermine.
(Fieldless) A domestic cat sejant erect counter-ermine.


  • Regional Offices Held
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Assistant Kingdom Rapier Marshal
    • Sable Crane

Persona History:

Cosma is 13th century Andalusian, and Mongo is 13th century Yuan dynasty Mongolian.


  • Combat
  • Costuming
  • Maps
  • Weaving
  • Mead Making
  • Cat Herding
  • Partying

Timeline of Activity:


Practices in Dragonspine for rapier and courtly dance.


August 26th - attends first Steppes Event - Steppes Artisan, weaves first inkle woven belt
November 3rd - attends first Ansteorran event as a fighter, the Battle of Three Kings in the Barony of Rosenfeld.


September - became the Assistant Kingdom Rapier Marshal under Don Dore.


March - Became Steppes Hospitaler
May 24th - Receives an AoA from their Majesties Aaron and Vanessa
May 25th - Donya Ingrid fights for me in Steppes Championship and wins, making me Queen of Grace and Honor.


July - Stepped down from AKRM under Don Tristan (Quit, and was quickly fired for doing so!)
August - Stepped down from Steppes Hospitaler.


May 25th - Donya Ingve fights with me as her consort in honor of of her father and wins, making me Queen of Grace and Honor again.
July - Was released from her Cadet/Don relationship with his Grace Don Miguel.


Registered Badge

January - Successfully Stewarded Steppes 12th Night
April - Moved to Bryn Gwlad, Registered Name finally Successful (first attempts in 2008) Vyolante Drago do Porto, and device.
May - Became Sable Crane
June - Registered Alternative Name - Mongo Checheg - for Mongol persona work
July - Became Halberd Herald
October - Registered Badge - (Fieldless) A domestic cat sejant erect contourny ermine.
December - Registered Badge - (Fieldless) A domestic cat sejant erect counter-ermine.


February - Received Sable Crane of Ansteorra.


October - Moved to the Kingdom of the West, Changed name to Cosma Drago.

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Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

Steppes’ Acorn


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Please invite in advance, as getting to events can be interrupted by disabilty.