Artifacts and Relics of Ansteorra

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The Hat of Destiny

AKA, "Precious"
This hat, made of wool and with fur trim, was originally worn by Garth Tremain of Bonwick. (How he acquired it, is not known). He wore it for a time, and was then made a Court Baron. Garth passed it to Chiang Ti Lung (OP), who, it was said, rather closely resembled Mickey Rooney when wearing it. In in 2002, Chiang Ti Lung was made a Court Baron. Toshiro Koi made the observation that everyone who had worn it had been made a Court Baron, and asked if he might wear it. In 2008, Toshira was made a Court Baron! (OP) - that very day, he passed it to Kormak Ivanson, who was made a Baron that day at Court, as well! The hat was passed back into the hands of Li Xiao Wuya, until she ahd Chiang stepped down from the Baronial thrones of Bonwicke. Then, in passed to Gerold von Drachenhohle, and then his wife, Gianetta Malatesta de Montefiore (OP), decided she wanted it to make sure she became a Court Baroness when she stepped down - and she did, on 2012-02-25. The hat was then passed to Colleen O'Kelly (OP), who became a Court Baroness on April 13th, 2019.

The Tapestries of Mistress Branwyn O'Brallaghan

The artistry of Branwyn O'Brallaghan (OP) has had long term influence on the adornment of our Kingdom, most especially through her many hand-painted tapestries. Her first famous works were two painted unicorn banners. These were the first such tapestries seen on display in the kingdom. They were utilized at Scarborough Fair in 1979, the Field of Cloth of Gold event, numerous investitures and Coronations. She also enjoyed working on group projects, and created some for a Lindenwood event with Mistress Kalida Aristana and Saqra Al-Kudsi, directing the two to "paint this section blue, that section brown, and another section green then would come in behind us and work her magic!". Another famous tapestry depicted Ansteorrans as the "Journey of the Magi" (also known as the Pilgrimage tapestries), and was a co-produced work with Mistress Muriel FitzLloyd. (One of that set resides with Mistress Muriel out of kingdom, and the other is with Duncan Hepburn and Genevieve de Courtanvaux). Other works included the "Russian Red Square" backdrop, which Branwyn herself destroyed after it became heavily deteriorated. It is likely her painted tapestry of St. Mark's Square met the same fate. She made another set of painted banners for the Barony of the Steppes, resembling stained glass. "The Nine Worthies" banner is in the possession of Sir Pendaran Glamorgan and Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon, but have deteriorated over time. Branwyn was exceedingly generous with her work, and gifted many banners and tapestries as gifts or prizes. Still others were lost when her home burned, or after her passing.

Timotheos Kalmanos (Jarl Timo) wearing the first Steppes Warlord Painted Tunic

The Steppes Warlord Painted Tunic

Inspired in part by the tapestries of Mistress Branwyn, this tunic was made as a pass-down prize for the Steppes Warlord. It was crafted by HL Cairenn of Dun Curadh, some time during the Baronial reign of Robin of Gilwell (1988-1991). It was worn by many of the warlords, until 1999, when it was replaced by an embroidered version.


This weapon was wielded in the first Ansteorran Crown Tournament, by Bryan Dragonsword. It is some 30" long, and is a now-disallowed construction of rattan slats on a rattan core. Some 18 years ago, a basket hilt was added to the weapon. It is currently in the possession of Burke Kyriel MacDonald.

The Gilwell Centurion Cloak

Originally gifted to Robin of Gilwell, this cloak has been placed over the shoulder of well over a dozen of Ansteorran's worthies, including a number of future Kings. The cloak was made by Treschen von Asselen.

The Wolfstar Centurion Cloak

Originally gifted to Daniel Blackaxe, this cloak has been handed down among the members of House Wolfstar since 1994. As of 2019, it has been worn by a total of 9 Wolfstar Centurions.

The Cup of Sir Ysfael

As the story goes, Sir Ysfael Bryndu was in a chivalric bout with a fellow Centurion, trading stout blow for stout blow, when he was struck a potent buffet to the groin. While Ysfael withstood the impact, his protection did not. He continued fighting, despite the broken edges of the cup being clamped firmly around his more delicate nether regions.

"It is not in me to concede. I had people I told I would fight and teach. I had determined that once it was off I would be either headed to the hospital or headed home so..." Thus spoke Ysfael, when asked as to why he would continue in such dire and perilous condition.

At some point after it's (very careful) removal, it - and it's tale, summarized masterfully and humorously by Robin of Gilwell - was presented at Court, to the amazement of the Crown and assembled crowd.

Later, it was gilded with 24 carat gold and adorned with pearls. It was then placed on a bed of velvet, in a glass display case. This was shown to Their Royal Majesties at the War of the Rams, in November of 2018, and His Majesty, Miguel, proclaimed it to be a sacred and inspiring relic. He indicated it should be put on display, between the royal thrones, and this was done.

The Great Oak Tablecloth of the Steppes

The brainchild of Mistress Branwyn, this artifact of the Steppes has been added to over the years. It was designed so that future generations could add to the complex embroidery of leaves all over the cloth, bit by bit.

The Herald's Pelican Medallion

This medallion is the work of Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson, and is ornamented with green stones around the outer edge. It was purchased approximately 2000, by Hillary Rose Greenslade. It was presented to Francois la Flamme, upon his elevation to Master of the Pelican, with the specific intention of becoming a pass-down medalion. At some point, the original medallion was lost, and a second was obtained for that purpose.

The Herald's Star of Merit Ribbon

Lady (later Mistress) Aureliane Rioghail made the first Star of Merit garter, which she wore as Principal Herald. Other heralds made with it include Adelicia Tagliaferro, Luigi di Donate, Robin of Gilwell, Serena Lascelles, Vashti of the Flaming Tresses, Desiree de Cambrian, and several others before it disappeared in the 1990s.

Northkeep Castellan Medallion.jpg

The Northkeep Castellan Medallion

First worn by Daniel Blackaxe, the Castellan Medallion has been granted to the winners of the overall Castellan Title for more than 30 years in the Barony of Northkeep. It was crafted by HL Eveline Leighton of Mayhall.

Other Items of Significance