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It is not simply the People of Ansteorra that make it great, but the presence of companion and working animals adds greatly to the ambiance and experience. Herein are some Very Good Girls and Bois.








Zeus, a black and tan German Shepherd sits by his caretaker, Elvin
Zeus and Elvin
Caretaker: Elvin O'Fox. Zeus is a 7 year old black and tan German Shepherd. He is a (retired) service dog and spends his days at events greeting people and “protecting” his boy. He has surprised many who enter camp, when they put their fist on their hip and he comes over to give them a “hug”. One of Zeus’s signals for help is putting your fist on your hip, to make a loop, he then puts his head in the loop, to put pressure on your side. We call this his hug. Zeus was originally trained for a man who had disabling PTSD. He doesn’t work full time anymore but should you see him in camp and you are in need of a hug, Zeus is your man. Zeus has been with Elvin for 4 years.

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