Animals of Ansteorra E - H

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It is not simply the People of Ansteorra that make it great, but the presence of companion and working animals adds greatly to the ambiance and experience. Herein are some Very Good Girls and Bois.







Poseidon (a white German Shephard) and Hades (a black German Shephard) flank their caretaker, Claudia
Poseidon and Hades with Claudia
Caretaker: Miklos de Nigrip. Hades is a 4 year old black German Shepherd and is the “Pretty Boy” of the family. He loves people and loves when visitors come to camp. His favorite time at events is walking from camp to camp to get all the love, and snacks. He likes to camp near the horses or when they ride by. He is so curious about the “big dogs”. Hades and his brothers were the “Goodest boys” at court, laying at the feet of their humans helping keep them warm at the cold BAM night. He once stole the heart of one of our kings and coaxed the King to get lost in our camp. If you ever see him chilling in camp and looking mean, I promise he just wants all the love.

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