43rd Crown

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42nd_Crown Timotheos Kalamanos and Allyson Tymmes 44th_Crown

Timotheos Kalamanos and Allyson Tymmess.jpg

Crown Info:

*King: Timotheos (Timotheos Kalamanos)(OP)

*Queen: Allyson (Allyson Tymmes)(OP)

*Crown Tourney: April 15, 2000 at Loch Soilleir

*Coronation: July 22, 2000 at Raven's Fort - Photos by Armand Dragonetti

*Stepped down: January 13, 2001 at Western Region at Sokol Hall, Ennis, TX

*Predecessors: Alaric Drake and Kay Leigh Drake

*Heirs: Jason MacPherson I and Saereid Sigmunddottier I

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Emrys Shaunnon (OP)

Queen's Champion: Edward Mercer (OP)

Bard: Eleanor Fairchild (OP)

King's Champion: Duncan Arthur Ross the Black (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Duncan Hepburn (OP)

King's Lancer: Lorraine Fraser (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Gustav Hastings(OP)

Royal Huntsman: Sebastian Eton Frobishire (OP)

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Ian MacConacher (OP)

King's Gauntlets

Queen's Gloves


Agripina Argyra (OP) 2000-08-05 Laurel
Francois la Flamme (OP) 2000-12-02 Pelican
Genevieve de Courtanvaux (OP) 2001-01-06 Laurel
Jovianus Skleros (OP) 2001-01-13 Laurel