40th Crown

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39th_Crown Gunthar Jonsson I and Sara Penrose 41st_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Gunthar I (Gunthar Jonsson) (OP)

*Queen: Sara (Sara Penrose)(OP)

*Crown Tourney: October 24, 1998 at Graywood

*Coronation: January 16, 1999 at the Steppes and Rosenfeld - Photos by Armand Dragonetti

*Stepped down: July 10, 1999 Ansteorra 20th Year and Coronation (Canton, TX)

*Predecessors: Barn Silveraxe and Katrionna McLochlainn

*Heirs: Daffydd Whitaker and Octavia de Verdun

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Kein MacEwan (OP)

Queen's Champion: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto (OP)

Kingdom Warlord: Asoph Hearts (OP)

King's Champion: Alaric Drake (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Kayleigh Drake (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Godwin of Edington (OP)

King's Gauntlets

Queen's Gloves


Neassa the Obstreperous (OP) 1999-01-30 Pelican
Alaric Drake (OP) 1999-03-06 KSCA
Raisya Khorivovna (OP) 1999-04-10 Laurel
Leofric Ealdricson (OP) 1999-04-17 Pelican
Timotheos Kalamanos (OP) 1999-05-29 KSCA
Faoileann Ruadh (OP) 1999-06-19 Laurel
Clarissa di Firenze (OP) 1999-07-10 Laurel
Richard Fairbourne (OP) 1999-07-10 Pelican