34th Crown

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33rd_Crown Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer and Rebekah Kleinspielerin 35th_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Galen (Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer) (OP)

*Queen: Rebekah (Rebekah Kleinspielerin) (OP)

*Crown Tourney:

*Coronation: January 20, 1996

*Stepped down: July 20, 1996

*Predecessors: Patrick Michael Gordonne IV and Julia de Montoya IV

*Heirs: Mikael of Monmouthshire IV and Mikaela of Monmouthshire II

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: none Click HERE for a message from Galen to the Ansteorra Email list discussing why they did not give out a Lion.

Queen's Champion: Modius von Mergentheim (OP)

King's Champion: Alfredo Gabriel Halcon (OP)

King's Gauntlets

  • Godwin of Edington (OP)
  • Michael Silverhands (OP)

Queen's Gloves


Anna Mitrofanova (OP) 1996-01-27 Pelican
Hakon de Decker (OP) 1996-01-27 Pelican
Jeremy James Scurlock (OP) 1996-03-23 Pelican
Cedric Fithelere (OP) 1996-05-25 Laurel
Regina Masquer (OP) 1996-06-08 Pelican
Alix Tiberga of Aachen (OP) 1996-07-20 Laurel