14th Crown

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13th_Crown Dinaris the Wanderer and Marguerite de la Croix 15th_Crown

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Crown Info:

*King: Dinaris (Dinaris the Wanderer) (OP)

*Queen: Marguerite (Marguerite de la Croix) (OP)

*Crown Tourney: The final round was announced as a Round Robin between Sir Denar, Duke Lloyd, and Duke Inman. Both Dukes then withdrew, citing their Ducal Privilege. Duke Inman then made a noble speech saying how he had tested Sir Denar on and off the field, and seeing of what stuff he was made, that Anteorra would be well served with Denar as King.

*Coronation: February 15, 1986

*Stepped down: July 19, 1986

*Predecessors: Seamus of the Cats and Karlanna of Applecross Woods

*Heirs: Inman MacMoore and Drusilla of Northumbria

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

The Twentieth Year Celebration was held in April, in Burnet, Texas. It was marked by a deluge the night before the Knowne Worlde Court that left the floor of the Grande Pavillion a sea of mud. The heralds made cry, and hundreds of volunteers (including three Kings) dug a huge drainage ditch around the giant tent, then spread dozens of hay bales.

Lion: Sieglinde Syr (OP)

Queen's Champion: Dominic Sentre (OP)

Queen's Champion: Donald Armstrong (OP)

King's Gauntlet

  • Giovanni Lorenzo da Montefiori (OP)
  • Miguel Francisco de la Vega (OP)

Queen's Glove

  • Catrina Cassanelli di Mantova (OP)
  • Cassandra Louise Marchand (OP)


Ragnar Ulfgarsson (OP) 1986-02-16 Laurel
Talwyn Devana (OP) 1986-02-16 Laurel
Zinaida Likhitovna Umanskaya (OP) 1986-03-15 Laurel
Jan w Orzeldom (OP) 1986-04-12 Pelican
Sigmund the Wingfooted (OP) 1986-04-12 Pelican
Hector Philip Martel (OP) 1986-05-01 KSCA
Iolo FitzOwen (OP) 1986-05-02 Laurel
Ariella Idarius (OP) 1986-05-25 Pelican