Tales of Ragnar Ulfgarsson

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My Introduction to Uncle Ragnar

by Hallgeirr Olafsson, February 2018

At the first Siege of the Abbey, Seawinds had an idea to make Shire coinage and give each person in attendance a bag of varying denominations. Attendees were encouraged to acquire more through various endeavors like service work, wagers, bardic performances, etc. The winning side in the melees would receive a chest full to be distributed by the winning commander, and the coinage was to be used during a live auction held Sunday. Friday night, I was near the bridge waiting for late arrivals needing help to get unloaded when an older man came by and asked if my compatriots and I would like to hear a story... for a nominal fee. As we were charging the same nominal fee to help folk unload, we thought "Why not?". I had been in the SCA a year or so, and had no idea who this man was, or how AWESOME his stories were! We may, or may not have been, fully in our cups when he came by, but by the time he finished, we definitely were. After the first few stories, whenever he would finish one, we would plaintively cry, like a group of hungry children, "Tell us another one, Uncle Ragnar!" After an hour or so, and however many stories he told, we were tapped out. He had gotten from us every single coin we had earned that night.

As he stood to go, a young lady came by and asked us the same question Ragnar had asked: "Would you like hear a story? I'm just learning this and will need to read parts of it, but I need to try in front of an audience."

"Certainly!" we replied.

She told a tale about a selkie that I am not ashamed to say reduced me to tears. When she finished, Ragnar took the pouch from his belt that held his coin and emptied it onto the table. I had never seen an act such as this in my life. His generosity touched my young soul and helped shape the man I have become, both in the SCA, and in the Mundane world.

Birthday Remembrances of Ragnar (03/07/2019)

Garvin Wyther of Bryn Gwlad

So many fine moments I had because of Ragnar. One morning after Candlemas, Ragnar, Moonbear, and I were the only ones who showed up at a fighter practice scheduled early for the convenience of our visitors. We spent a couple of hours trading stories, songs, libations, and solutions to all the problems of the Knowne Worlde. Hail Ragnar, bard and hero!

Ivar Runamagi

Ragnar sits in valhalla entertaining the gods. Those of us who knew him were blessed. Those who have only heard of him will never understand. I raised my horn to him on this the day of his birth. All I ask is that we never stop telling stories of a true hero of Ansteorra!

Mellilah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah

Ragnar doesn't dance, so says Ragnar. But, Ragnar danced with Maleah, because she grabbed his cloak and gave him no choice! NSTIW!


This was written in memory of Ragnar Ulfgarsson, legend of Bjornsborg and Ansteorra, by Mistress Alisandre Oliphaunt.

Shadows fall.
Walking first
Bright the gold
Safe: his brothers
A loved place,
He passes.

A scop wanders.
to find his wealth,
in shining braids.
brave protect her.
but not his place.

Companions here,

These are warriors,
These are leaders
The watcher smiles,
The sweet mead
A strong place,
He passes.

a council meet.
weapon friends;
followed long.
salutes their strengths.
grows sweeter.
but not his place.

Fire bloom
Tales long crafted
Word-fame won
Speakers bold
Shapers all,
The listener smiles,
A struggling voice
A good place,
He passes.

and stories flow.
told anew,
by war and wit.
or speakers shy,
they share his craft.
lends his lore;
grows stronger.
but not his place.

The hall is tall,
Bright the laughter,
A bench waits,
A hall is hushed
Raised to speak
Sable stars
The wanderer smiles,
Horns are raised
A blessed place,
He enters.

the heroes many,
bright the mead.
a horn brims,
to hear his voice
of spirits bold,
and snowy bears.
welcomed in.
to hail him.
and now his place.