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William FitzBubba (nicknamed Bubba, mundanely known as Bill Herron) is currently a resident of the Barony of the Lonely Tower[1], Kingdom of Calontir[2] where he has lived since March of 2015 (A.S. XLIX). When in Ansteorra, he considers himself to be a resident of the Barony of Namron where he grew up and lived frequently. From September of 1997 (A.S. XXXII) to May of 2008 (A.S. XLIII), he was a resident of the Kingdom of the East[3].

His arms are "Sable, a chess rook within a bordure argent." His motto is Ministerium proceri supererit, Latin for "the bureaucracy outlasts the monarchy".


graphic courtesy Steve Pursley, used with permission

  • Awards:
    • Torsad of Namron, granted by Pepin & Caitlin
    • Award of Arms[4], granted by William & Catherine
    • Order of the Heart_of_the_Sable_Storm_of_Namron, granted by Pepin & Caitlin, Inman VI & Athena II
    • Sable_Crane_of_Ansteorra, granted by Galen & Rebekah
    • Order of the Star_of_Merit of Ansteorra, granted by Mikael III & Mikaela I
    • Queen's Cypher[5], granted by Luna III (Kingdom of the East)
    • Order of the Silver Cresent[6], granted by Hanse III & Olivia (Kingdom of the East)
    • Order of the Pelican[7], granted by Lucan VI & Yana III (Kingdom of the East)

Peerage Announcement

When William FitzBubba was made a Pelican, there was a discussion / celebration of it on the Namron Email List which is still available as of April 2019. The initial announcement can be found here.