Thorvald Egilsson

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Thorvald, Mooneschadowe Guardian 2012
Photo by Diarmait ua Dhuinn
Registered Name: Thorvald Egilsson
Resides: In Memorium
Status: Fallen Stars
Joined SCA: 1991
Order of Precedence
Thorvald Egilsson

Sable, in pale two spears in saltire and a ram's head contourny bendwise sinister erased Or.

Thorvald Egilsson

Previously Known As:

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Regional Offices Held
    • Knight Marshal, Northern Region

General Information:

Resided in Northkeep.

Persona History:

Thorvald is an Icelandic Norseman who was born in the spring of 975. He came late to his father’s house. His mother was a woman who worked the kitchen of Egil’s steading. She caught his eye and Thorvald was the result. Egil already had sons so Thorvald would never really inherit anything. The best he could hope for would do be a hand of the steading.

In his seventeenth year he decided he would follow in his father’s footsteps and go a-Viking. This pleased his father and was gifted with gear that he would need. Egil helped him find a good ship to join. For the next several years he raided and traded with that ship along the coast of the Saxons, Irish and Franks. Thorvald had heard tales of a golden city called Miklagard and decided he must see this for himself. He joined a company of the Rus and traveled the rivers to this fabled city. He returned to the Danish lands by way of the Mediterranean Sea. Once there he used the wealth he had acquired to build a ship of his own. He called it the Hrafn and with his personal fame attracted a fine company of warriors. Thorvald led this ships company in raids and wars. Even though they were not always on the winning side they would always do well for themselves. He even joined Jarl Sigard against Brian Boru. With his warriors Thorvald claimed one of the islands of the Hebrides as his steading.


  • Chivalric Combat
  • Fort Building
  • Woodworking
  • Leatherworking
  • Eastern Dance
  • Drumming
  • Tavern-keeping
  • Bardic

Timeline of Activity:

My actual first event was in the spring of 1979. I have heard it called Willow’s War. It was held at a lake north of Tulsa. I played on the edges for a while, but drifted away. In the spring of ’91 I decide to get reacquainted with the SCA and started attending the local fighter practice. It took me about nine months to get my gear together and in the spring of ’92 I entered my first list.

Since then I have been recognized at the AoA level for Brewing & Vintning and the Bardic Arts. I have been recognized at the AoA level for service to Shire and then the Barony of Northkeep and also the Kingdom of Ansteorra. And lastly at the AoA and GoA levels for Armored Combat. I have also done work in leather and wood. My biggest current project is the construction of a fort on the site that many of our local groups use for events.

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


Mundane Information:

Bearer of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra

Thorvald worked for the City of Tulsa, and in his spare time, enjoyed riding his motorcycle.

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: