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Or, on a pale sable a mullet of five greater and five lesser points Or and overall a laurel wreath vert.

The Canton of Chemin Noir, under the Barony of Northkeep is located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It is a Canton of Northkeep. It is in the Northern Region.

One previous SCA group tried to form there -- Bison's Run.


The name was registered in February of 2004. Their device was registered in October of 2005: Or, on a pale sable a mullet of five greater and five lesser points Or and overall a laurel wreath vert.

Fair Of the Harvest

The annual event of the Canton is the Fair of the Harvest.

Champion's Baskets


"The Warden - Heavy. We wish to invite all fighters to join us for what should be a very exciting tourney. Because of the format of the competition it can not be stressed more that we need as many people in armor as possible. At signup, you can declare your intent to claim the Warden title. If you do not wish to compete for the title then your name will go in to the Brigands column. This is a perfect way for new fighters and people with time constraints to get some practice. After the List closes, the Warden hopefuls will come before the crowd and introduce themselves (personal heralds are accepted). Each Warden hopeful will square off against 3 Brigands in a 1 vs.3 match. The Warden Hopeful will be awarded 0-4 points for the match. 1 point for each Brigand defeated and a Bonus point for surviving. After 2 matches for each Warden Hopeful, we will select the top 2 for the final round. The Field Battle will place the last Two Warden hopefuls in the role of War Band Leader. Anyone in armor that wishs to be part of the Field Battle may join in. The bands will be selected by the War leaders, one fighter at a time. [Editor's Note: it was picked randomly from a hat, at the event.] We hope that we can have combat Archery in this round. [Editor's note: As it turned out, there wasn't any.] During this battle, the two War leaders are just that, leaders. They cannot attack or be attacked. Only after a War leader has lost all of his men is he free to engage himself. The survivor will be our new Warden."

  • Premier Sergeant: Ottokar Luthor von Holstein
  • Premier Warden: Damon Hroarsson
  • Premier Troubador: Aderyn Gunnarsdottir
  • Premier Inspector: Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac
  • Premier Ranger: Tadg macAedain uiConchobahair
  • Premier Huntsman: Karl Thorgeirsson
  • Dragon Hunt: 8 and under: Elizabeth
  • Dragon Hunt: 9 and older: Damon of House Halfiras
  • Gentle Hunt: 8 and under: Elizabeth
  • Gentle Hunt: 9 and older: Nehemiah
  • Sheep Stealing: 8 and under: Nehemiah
  • Sheep Stealing: 9 and older: Drake
  • Tossing Game: 8 and under: Morgan
  • Tossing Game: 9 and older: Drake
  • Children's Archer: Drake
  • Children's Archery Special Mention: Chyryne

Arthur Blackmoon provided this about the Children’s Archery: "No one had planned a children's shoot, but I was asked by a couple of parents if there would be one. I got with Lord (Geoffrey) Makepeace, and we set up a foam jack-o-lantern, suspended from a string, off of a set of hay bales at approximately 10 yards. (Due to the age difference of two of the competitors, (if I remember right, 5 years and 6 years) we moved them up to approximately 5 yards. We had 4 competitors, up to 13 yrs of age. Each shot 3 arrows at the target, with only 13 yr old Drake and 5 yr old Chyryne hitting the target, once each. They then shot 3 more arrows each, with arrows coming close, but no hits. Then on the second shoot off, Drake hit with one arrow, and Chyryne missed all 3. Drake was impressive not only in the way he won, but also in the chivalrous way he acted afterward. Drake won a plastic jack o lantern that had been used as an adult target, so it was full of arrow holes, and full of candy. (Ulrich von Budigen paid for the candy, while Karl Thorgeirsson ran to town and picked it up.) Chyryne was impressive in that she had only touched a bow once before in her life. (She had previously shot 2 arrows, ever.) At her very first event, she got first place against someone over twice her age. I had left the house with out any children's prizes, but did have a couple of mirrors. I was impressed enough to want to reward Chyryne for doing such a good job."

Event Review - Chemin Noir Fair of the Harvest 2005 - by Zubeydah


Special Event: Heraldic Display competition

  • Sergeant: Igor
  • Warden: Angus MacKnochard
  • Troubador: Damon Hroarson
  • Inspector: Catan Igen Cairthe
  • Ranger: Therese Maria Giovanni
  • Youth Bardic: Elizabeth
  • Youth A&S: Kenley

Awards granted in court: Ottokar - Sable Comet. Aoife - Sable Thistle, Costuming. Fintan - Sable Comet, Zubeydah - Sable Comet, Mehpare - Award of Arms.


  • Huntsman: Karl Thorgiersson
  • Sergeant: Lee Godfrey
  • Warden: Randall Lee Smith
  • Troubador: Aderyn Gunnarsdottir
  • Inspector: Tadg macAedain uiConchobahair
  • Ranger: Timothy Le Corbusier

Awards Granted: Renault - Caisteal Cridhe


Event Review - Fair of the Harvest 2008 - by Ian Dun Gillan

  • Sergeant: Arthur Blackmoon
  • Warden:
  • Troubador:
  • Inspector:
  • Ranger:
  • Youth Bardic:
  • Youth A&S: