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The Incipient College of Gnome Vale \ Gnomen Vale was located in and around McAlester, Oklahoma.

Contact Information

Gnome Vale \ Gnomen Vale is a defunct group.

Founding \ History





  • Seneshal: Grimhn Hroth
  • Herald: Lord Donecan MacDubhgal of Lochaldh
  • Treasurer/Deputy Seneshal: Boadicea of Catcleugh
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences: Adolwolf Tattercloak
  • Hospitaler: Dagmar Keldeletch
  • Deputy Herald: O'efend Suleyman Kiayyam
  • Historian: Taya de an Tuatha De Danann
  • Chronicler: Brighid the Red
  • Chirurgeon: Congal MacDiarmada
  • Minister of Children: Aine Cred
  • Chirurgeon: Congal Mac-Tire


  • The newsletter of the group was the Gnome Gnews

Group Awards and Honors

Timeline and History


  • January - March 1995: Members of the group are a huge help in the kitchen during the Northern Regional Collegium and War College. Lord Donecan (Herald) reports that the College's name and device have been submitted! Members of the populace who have submissions to the College of Heralds include Brighid the Red (Name and Device), Dagmar Keldeleth (Name and Device), and Boadicea of Catcleugh (Name and Device). He notes that special thanks are due to Delphina, Ragnar, Orianna and Frederick for bringing a Consultation Table and Persona Workshop to the group. Additionally, Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar traveled from Mooneschadowe to present a discussion on the art of illumination. Boadicea (Deputy Seneshal) reports that their first Demo/Revel went off quite well! Group member Lord Seoras receives a Sable Comet in Music.
  • April - June 1995: Members of the group participate in a local Walk-A-Thon. They also attend Namron's Beltane Games. As of May 1st, the group's "vault statement" stands at $124.00. In May, an Arts & Sciences seminar is held, with several gentles sharing their knowledge. In May, the Musicians Guild is formed.
  • July 1995: Members of the group caravan to the Heavener Runestone to meet up with members of Smythkeep. Megge Pyper of Gnomen Vale wins the bardic competition at Interkingdom Peace! A special Arts & Sciences seminar is held, with instruction provided by Tatiana de Calais, Rhiannon Redwulf, Captain Tristan, and Puck One Shoe.
  • August 1995: The group hosts a fundraising yard sale. They receive sad word that the group name ("Gnome Vale") has been rejected by the Ansteorran College of Heralds, and is resubmitted with documentation as "Gnomen Vale."
  • September 1995: Clan Mac-Tire's "The Grinning Wolf Tavern " makes its inaugural appearance at Wiesenfeuer Baronial.
  • October 1995: Grimhun Hroth resigns as Seneshal. The group travels to Namron Protectorate, and there get to witness the artistic talents of Master Blackfox, who plays bagpipes during evening Court. A fourth member of the populace receives their Award of Arms: Grimhun Hroth, who was unable to attend court. Baron Pepin of Namron takes the award and sends out the challenge for Grimhun to "come and get it from me... or try to.." This becomes the subject of a song written by Megge Pyper. Gnomen Vale continues to prepare for their first official, calendared event.
  • November 1995: The group's first event, hosted by the Shire of Mooneschadowe, is held. Mairi Jeannette nee Howard, Seoras Macabhaird, Ragnar Larrson, and Gunhilda Amberstar receive Sable Comets for assistance with the group. Boadicea of Catcleugh and Dagmar Keldeleth receive their Award of Arms. The Feast Steward is Aine Cred, and the Autocrat is Brighid the Red.
  • December 1995: The Incipient College travels to Wiesenfeuer Yule, where their new Chivalric champion, the Margrave Baron Pipin shows off the axe that he won custody of. They also begin planning a demo at the McAlester Library for the following month, and the hosting of the Company of Wolves event for February, and hosting a tavern at Northern Regional Tribute to Ansteorra. The Shire of Smythkeep from across the border invites them to Cracked Anvil. The Reeve happily reports that the group has $672.40 in income.



Champions - 1995: Margrave: Pepin de Moronis
Vormund: Connell MacKenna
Bard : Rhiannon Redwulf (Individual competitions: Instrumental: Rhiannon Redwulf. Song: Moira ne Bryan and Seamus MacDabhid, Poetry: Athelstan Aethelmearson, Story: Tressan von Asselen)
Arts & Sciences: Timothy Le Corbusier (for a swept hilt guard)
Knife & Spear: Pepin de Moronis
Axe Throw: Aaron of Wolfstar
Archery: Valdemar Haraldson
Plague Frog: Survivor - Jaclyn Hrothbartsdottir, Last Carrier - Ambher Grimhunsdottir, Best Death - Gunhilda Amberstar.
Autocrat's Make My Day Lottery: Gitana de Castile and Mairi Jeannette nee Howard.

The Margrave’s Song

From the Ly Rhiannon Redwulf of Mooneschadowe, lately come from the tournament at Gnomen Vale:

When the heralds announced the last fight of the tourney, I felt a wind pass over me, and I knew that I would sing a song about the fight that very night.
I dropped my basket and my goods and quickly gathered pen and book. When Sir Frederick spoke, I took down his words, when Master Pepin moved, I recorded his steps.
At Frederick's noble words, the wind passed over all of us, and every soul among us yelled praise for two such worthy gentles.
That night I sang this song for the two barons in front of the populace gathered at Gnomen Vale.
May it give them joy and word fame.
By my hand, Ly Rhiannon

Dedicated to their Excellencies Baron Pepin of Namron & Sir Frederick - Baron Wiesenfeuer

Hey down down, Hey down down
Hey down da down day down
Hey down down, Hey down down
Hey down da down day down

Pepin took the field ’gainst his foe.
Sir Frederick stood him toe to toe.
Pepin knelt & kissed a banner white
And rose again to face the knight.

Yelled the marshals, ”Now lay on!"
Pepin's sword moved like a song.
Frederick’s leg went first of all.
All of this at Gnomen Vale.


Sir Frederick said, from the ground,
“If you’d be Margrave then fight on.”
Pepin circled round, tapped him once,
flew into his foe’s embrace.

He took Sir Frederick’s good shield arm,
Quickly stepped away from harm.
As the crow watched all around,
Pepin’s shield dropped to the ground.


Sir Frederick said, for all to hear,
“The Margrave must hold honor dear;
His chivalry must guide always
His heart the truest, all his days."

Then Frederick laid his good sword down,
(said), “When you dropped your own shield down,
You proved that you oved honor true,
And I must yield the field to you."


(When sung in the presence of the current Margrave, the last refrain is followed by, whoever started the song, raising the cry, “For the Margrave, Vivat!”)
Song by Ly Rhiannon Redwulf of Mooneschadowe. Tune is a variation on a traditional Breton melody, performed by Cornagh as Sherif's Moor.