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''This accounting was provided by Master Korwyn himself on November 5, 2018.''

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This is the true story of Korwyn Marius Velid Ariannaid’s elevation to the chivalry.

Once, long ago, Korwyn served the Crown of Ansteorra as their voice in court and upon the field. While organizing the court for the coronation of Inman III and Arrowyn III, he was told, in what he thought was a joking form, he would be the next Knight made by the Crown. He replied, should such be offered I would say no, Your Majesty.

Thinking no more about it he and a number of friends traveled south to the Crown list to choose the heirs, at which Seamus & Karlanna first came to the Crown. It was a long trip south, and everyone was in high spirits. Some of the folks in the intrepid band, not however Korwyn, felt that Korwyn would be elevated to the chivalry at this event.

In the first round of the lists, Korwyn, competing that day for Brigitta Olavsdatter, was eliminated after three fine fights with Hrothgar of Farley which drew acknowledgement on the spear of honor[1] that day. After which he removed his armor, and started to arrange the court of their majesties. He noticed that the chivalry present were gathering regalia, but had no such item on his court order for the day. At the end of the formal business of their Majesties he informed Innman III that no business remained but that he thought their Majesties had business with his chivalry. With that the chivalry of Ansteorra was summoned to court. His majesty commanded them to go forth and bring a worthy to his presence for elevation.

Sir Hrothgar strode to the front of court and pulled his Majesties herald before the Crown. At that time the question was asked “Will you accept knighthood from our hand”. Korwyn responded that he could not do so, and His Majesty released him from the Royal presence and he took up his role as herald to conclude court.

About a month later, at Steppes Warlord, His Majesty sent emissaries, Duke Lloyd and Hrabia Jan, to Korwyn telling him to present himself at the field of honor with his armor. When he arrived at the field His Majesty awaited him with armor girded on and summoned the people and chivalry of Ansteorra to witness. Again he offered Korwn the belt and chain of a knight, and once again it was refused. His majesty then stated that they would fight for it, following the traditions of previous Masters. Korwyn begged his Majesty that champions be selected for the fights, because his love of the Crown was so great that raising arms against his king would be painful. His Majesty said that no champion could act for him in this.

Three passes each with different forms we made. In the first, Sword and Shield, Korwyn took His Majesties leg, and then offered that since this was a display of Prowess that such had been shown. His Majesty declared himself satisfied. The second pass was with long sword, a form Korwyn had some small skill with. Again, when both struck the same blow and were on the ground, His Majesty declared himself satisfied. The third pass was with spear, a form His majesty had perfected. This pass was quick, and the only record of it is a picture of Korwyn lying defeated. Again His Majesty declared himself satisfied.

His Majesty raised Korwyn from the ground, and removed his helm. Staring at him His Majesty offered the baldric of a Master. When his majesty called for a baldric, Master Lloyd presented a linen belt embroidered with crosses of St. Andrew with the motto “Deus Vult” over the shoulder, which had been embroidered by Her Grace Jocelyn the evening before.

[1] Duchess Willow, when she was queen, started a custom of making a spear and sending it around the kingdom with spools of ribbon. She asked that when someone saw a deed worthy of mention that the person cut some ribbon and tie it to the spear as a memorial. At the end of the reign she could show manifest the deeds of the kingdom. She made one for this reign and it was there. The acknowledgement was Sir Tarl Mapt tying his knights chain to the spear.

This accounting was provided by Master Korwyn himself on November 5, 2018.