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SCA History & Outlook:

My first SCA event was at the age of 16/17-ish, in the brand-new Kingdom of the Outlands: their first Crown Tournament in which Gunwalt was crowned king. I was only active in the SCA in the Outlands for about 6 months, but have clear memories of serving feast at an event and having a lovely time doing so, for the most part...

I didn't resurface in the SCA until after moving to Oklahoma in 2000. In 2001, I contacted the local SCA, and met Amanda Blackwolf and her family, becoming part of the Barony of Northkeep.

As the majority of my family still lives in the Outlands, I have travelled there from time to time - most recently Battlemoor III, where I had the honor and pleasure of presenting a gift basket on behalf of the Ansteorran Crown to the Outlands Royals.

I am an active member of the Armour Archive, where I was given the odd title of 'Dark Overlord Chick of the Universe,' a description shared with Audax (Martel d'Antioch).

I love to dabble in various A&S types of things including scribal arts and beadwork, and enjoy coordinating and contributing gift baskets. I see myself more of a service type than an A&S type, though, usually expressed through my love of Waterbearing (I am sometimes referred to as "Don Zubeydah of the Waterbearing Mafia," as something of a very silly Mooneschadowe joke (not intended to imply that I fight rapier, much less hold a White Scarf!!)) and Making Stuff. I'm also known in the Northern Region as the Patron Saint of All Things Chocolatey.


I am a complete and utter nerd. I'm also approaching Crazy Cat Lady status. :) I am happily and joyfully married to Abe Vivitar Von Gebric. He is the firm foundation upon which all that I build or do or contribute is built. Without his support, I would not be who I am. (As a side note: If you are thinking about submitting an award recommendation for Abe, please do not. He feels very strongly about this; please respect this.

Wiki Work Log:

Ansteorran Questionnaire

This questionnaire circulated on the Ansteorra list, back in July of 2004. Here's my answers.

>1. What attracted you to the SCA?
- It was a natural progression to move from what I'd been exposed to as a child (Mom = medieval art history major. I remember singing a rhyme about the wives of King Henry the Eighth at age 12, and being able to differentiate between a Pre-Raphaelite and a Dutch Master around the same time.)

> 2. What is your perspective of what the SCA is to you?'
- The SCA is an outlet for the two major driving forces of my personality: Creativity and service. I am most fully myself when 'doing' for others, or when up to my neck in six artsy-crafty projects. The SCA gives me a wide "palette" of art forms to play with. It's a classroom, a social club, a giant craft faire, and an outlet for who and what I am. It's also filled with some of the coolest folks I've found anywhere.

> 3. Where do you invest the most time and energy in the SCA (household, local group, kingdom, specific activity)
- My focus has shifted from my local group to the Northern Region as a whole, since taking on Waterbearer responsibilities. However, I am still very heavily focused on events and activities in my local group as a waterbearer, doing web site work, etc. I am also enjoying the fun of helping on the kingdom level with small bits of tribute/largess here and there, scrolls, and such. Greedily enjoying the best of all possible worlds, I guess.

> 4. How long before you started to take initiative in the SCA (applying for an office, organizing an activity, etc.?)
- After rejoining with the SCA (after a long departure) in late summer of 2002, got involved teaching a class for children at that year's wInterKingdom. So, about 2 months after meeting Susan the Curious, and Amanda & Thormund Blackwolf at a Northkeep Fighter Practice.

> 5. Were there instances that could have "run you out of the SCA". Why did they not...or why did you come back?
- Left after my third event, back in 1987 - I was 17 and starry-eyed. ("Nice try, dear, but.." *sniff* "Those sleeves...") Left until 2002. When I moved to Tulsa, I was feeling very out of sorts and missing my 'own kind of weirdoes'... so I took a chance and sought out the SCA again. I'm glad I did.

> 6. How long before you burned out? Why did you burn out? Is there anything anyone could have done to help keep you from "burning out"?
- Haven't burned out since returning. Am pacing myself with activities, so I don't, and when my judgement falters on how much I can do, my husband wisely suggests gentle curbs to my enthusiasm. We go to what events we can, financially and time wise, and don't stress about those I can't make. (Theoretically. *grin*)

> 7. What do you get out of the SCA?
- Fulfillment, freedom of expression, opportunities for service, friendship.

> 8. If you have your long did you get it after starting to participate in the SCA?
- Once back in, it was less than a year, but I'd kind of gone overboard with initial participation and volunteering. Received AoA from the hands of Miguel & Conal at the 2003 Crown Tournament held in the Northern Region. Feet didn't touch the ground for hours.

> and last but not least...why do you think that people should join the SCA and stay in it?
- I don't think it's for everyone, but I think for many people of diverse backgrounds and interests, it provides a haven of like-minded individuals. There's generally a 'live and let live' or attitude of outright acceptance to diversity in belief, personality, interests, etc., in the SCA, and that's a wonderful thing. I usually tell people, 'No matter what your hobby is, someone is doing it, learning it, teaching it in the SCA, in a way you've probably never thought of, along with a dozen other things you've never heard of, but will totally excite you to learn. Check it out. It's oodles of fun.'