The Laureling Ceremony of Magdalena da Cadamosto

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Audio Recording

Namron Protectorate, 2006: File:Maggielaurel.mp3


Transcript of Ceremony

Speaker Words
Master Lucais, as Herald Their Majesties do call to their presence the miscreant, Magdalena.

(Mooneschadowe sings Maggie into Court)

HRM Aaron Very nice. That was very nice… A little while ago, we asked if you would accept from our hands, entrance into the Order of the Laurel. Do you still wish this?

Magdalena Yes, Your Majesty, I do.

HRM Aaron Then we have a certain number of people who have asked to speak on this matter. Is there an Order… is there a Lady of the Order of the Rose, who will speak for this lady?

Contessa Vanessa I, Countess Vanessa, wish to speak for this lady. (Vanessa walks into the Royal Presence) I have known her for several years. My first thought was, how sweet, how kind, and how gracious she was. As I have known her further, I have watched her go throughout more than one kingdom, teaching others. She has great skill and knowledge, and not for one moment, holds it back. She is willing to share with all. This is very important to me. Also, she has an inner strength. As a woman, you look at deeds and graciousness. But also, a strength of character is something that a Rose truly sees as a wonderful virtue. For me, this woman is my peer, and I am (coughing from the audience blots out the remainder of Vanessa’s words.)

HRM Aaron Is there a Lion who will speak for this woman?

Master Tarl (Stepping into the royal presence) I, your Majesty. I will speak for this lady. I have known Magdalena for many years. And I have found that she has the courage and heart of a lion. She will be a (coughing from the audience blots out his words) for this kingdom. You could not do better, than to elevate her.

HRM Aaron Is there a knight, who will speak for this lady?

(Syr Owen and Sir Aesoph Hearts stride into court.)
Syr Owen Yes, Your Majesty. First, I bring words from across the ocean. It was not possible for Sieur Jean-Paul de Sens to be here. He sent me his words to share with you all.

To be asked to speak when someone is made a peer is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a friend. It is like being made a godfather, or asked to escort someone at a wedding. Jean Paul takes this very seriously. He knows in his heart that as a knight, when you are asked to speak for someone. Do they have honor? Do they have the ability to step up to the challenge? Magdelena has the ability to fight a relentless foe that others would crawl on their knees and beg God for forgiveness from. Yet, she fights it every day with the ability of a Peer. And a knight. As Sieur Jean-Paul says, "Your Majesties – there is no one you could make more of a Peer, than Magdelena. And he is glad that you have recognized her as such. (Loudly) Those are Jean-Paul’s words! (laughter from the audience)From across the ocean! "

Sir Asoph Your Majesties, this woman wields needles as we wield swords. Her garments are of the ravine at Gulf War, strewn with Trimaran dead. (Laughter from the audience) And as beautiful to me as such. She is my peer.
Syr Owen (Voice husky with tears) The love that I have for this lady, is only rivaled by that which I have for my wife. When it was announced that I was going to become a Knight, the first thing that I did, was I called Magdelena, and I said, ‘OH MY GOD, I HAVE NO CLOTHES!!!’ (Laughter from the audience) The best part was, is that I wasn’t there to be fitted. I had to travel across the known world, for the three weeks that she made my clothes for me, for my Knighting ceremony. SO not only did she kill my garment with skill, but she did it with her eyes closed!! (Laughter from the audience) The nicest garb I own – what I’m wearin’ right now, by the way, for those of you who don’t know (turns and models for the audience, arms outstretched) – was made by this lady. That’s just a testament to her incredible skill. The depth of her soul, the power of this woman… SHE is my peer. And thank you for recognizing her as such.

HRM Aaron Uh, gonna be a little hard to follow that, but… Is there a Pelican… (covered by laughter from the audience).

Mistress Anastacia There are three. (Something said quietly, covered by laughter from the audience) Your Majesty, it has been my honor and my task to serve this Kingdom from your yesterdays forward. Here, is a leader for tomorrow. To guide all your tomorrows. That if I fade away, I will not fear that you, and your heirs, and their heirs are not served. It has been my great honor, also, to be this woman’s foster-laurel, and second laurel. You can do no worse, than to not elevate this woman. And if you did not, it would be shame upon you and upon this Kingdom. This woman is my peer.

Mistress Gunhilda Amberstar Some people are followed by storm clouds and by strife. This is not Magdelena. For not only is her smile like sunshine, but she’s followed by groups of people… who sew and cook. And I think this speaks testament to .. and provides testimony of… the fact that she is a leader. People want to be around her, people recognize her natural charisma, people respect her, and trust her. They follow her. She is a teacher. Because she teaches them HOW to sew, and cook, and all of these mysterious things which I do not know, myself. (Laughter from the audience) She is a hard worker. Ever since she moved into our Province, she has held offices; whenever we hold events, I never see her. She is always in the kitchen – and of course, I will not be there. (Laughter from the audience) She is a leader. She is a teacher. She is a very hard worker. And Your Majesties, she is my peer.

Mistress Michelle (choked with tears) Magdelena has been inspiring. She has inspired me to be a better person. She has inspired many to be better people. It has been her grace, her giving, and her service to the north and to the kingdom, is enriched and blessed. And she is my peer.

HRM Aaron The Laurels have already spoken, as well as all of the other orders. Is there a wreath for this woman?

Master Beorthlic Aye, your Majesty, there is. The wreath of the Laurels. Throughout antiquity, this has been a symbol of puissance and superior skill and of recognition of ability. This wreath is modeled on one from antiquity. Hanging from it is a ribbon of red to remind us of the blood and the strife that as peers we face, and we deal with.. and the love of our hearts for our Kingdom.

(The wreath is placed on Magdelena’s head)

HRM Aaron Is there a cloak for this lady?

Master Oxlade Aye, Your Majesty.

Master Cassius Aye, Your Majesty.

Master Oxlade This cloak… this cloak was presented to me upon my Laurelling. It was made and worn by Mistress Talana.

Master Cassius It was also presented to me, at my Laurelling. Presented by Master Oxlade. Which I could not keep… (laughter)… In my heart, I knew his love for this cloak.

Master Oxlade And we would like nothing better, Your Majesties, than to have Magdelena wear this cloak.

Mistress Talana Your Majesty, I must make a correction. It has one more generation of legacy for.. It was made for me by Mistress Catrin (something said softly, covered by crowd noises.)
(The clock is placed around Magdelena's shoulders.)

Mistress Anastasia Old and venerable (?? – crowd noise made it hard to understand what was said)

HRM Aaron Is there a medallion for this lady?

Master Oxlade Aye, your Majesty, there is.

Mistress Anastasia This is the medallion, which Magdalena’s first Laurel, Mistress Stasia, was made with. And I, who was her second Laurel.
(The medallion is placed around Magdalena’s neck)
Somewhere in the past… Stasia’s lineage is … disappeared from us… or, I would say, from this medallion.

HRM Aaron At this time, we ask that you take the oath.

Magdalena Your Majesty (addressing Aaron)… Your Majesty (addressing Britta)... Today, I offer my oath to both the service and in fealty to both you and the Kingdom. As a laurel, as a peer, I will do my best and my greatest work to help the people of this Kingdom to become as great as they can possibly be, and to make the Kingdom a more beautiful place.

HRM Aaron Thank you for your oath. Know that as a peer, it is your job and your duty to also counsel us when we need counsel. We expect that and we want that. We will also protect you. (The rest of his words are covered by crowd noises).

Magdelena Thank you.
(The new laurel is then greeted by her brother and sister Laurels.)

Master Lucais, Herald Know ye that we, Aaron and Britta, King and Queen of Ansteorra, in consideration of singular noble virtues and accomplishments alike, in courtesy and honor, as in knowledge and artifice, do by these, our letters patent, advance Magdalena to the rank, estate, style, title, and degree of Mistress of the Laurel. To be in all places accounted a peer of our realm, with all responsibilities and privileges thereto appertaining. In testimony thereof, we have caused to be made these, our letters patent. This is so done and given in our Barony of Namron, on the October 15th day being anno Societatis 41, being Anno Domini 2006. Aaron, King, Britta, Queen.

(everyone) (Wild applause from the audience)

A True History of Magdalena's Delay from Court on Sunday

as told by Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf, OL.

Many of you have wondered why Magdalena and Mylisant were not at the hall when court began on Sunday morning. Indeed, we sent out multiple runners to try to find what cabin they were in, and to find them. Many were the brave souls that we thrust out into the rain with the instructions to find Maggie. Knowing how stories grow in Mooneschadowe, I thought it best just to say plainly what happened. (Although, I've had to get the story second hand.)

Sabine and I had asked Adena if she would find out where Maggie was and to go get her. Adena, showing a natural matriarchal tendency, found out what cabin it was, and then made Asric go out in the rain to go bring our missing laurel candidate into the hall.

Thankfully, baronial investitures are not quick things, so Asric flew in his swift green boots across the fields, and was in time. However, when he came to the cabin, (so he told me) he found the ladies in their chemises, not dressed yet, standing outside under the shelter of a large oak tree. Before he could open his mouth to speak, he heard a tremendous roar from the cabin, and saw through the open door, a black bear with its head stuffed into a bread bag. Through the open windows, he saw Charles with only a towel wrapped around him, jumping from bed to bed trying to get to the door.

At that moment, Asric yelled, "Hey man, are you naked?" The women peered hard at Charles and the towel and started discussing the possibilities. Elsa remained quiet, but smiled. Ollj came out from around the side of the cabin and started trying to rhyme the word "naked" and humming "Hotel California." Charles manfully yelled out of a window, "Stop it! We've got to get Maggie to court, never mind about my clothes!" And he picked up a pile of clothing and heaved them out the front door over the bear's head.

The bear shook the bag off his head, looked at Charles and said, "mooaaaaw." Taking this as a bad sign, Charles backed away, then in desperation tore the screen off a corner of the window and stuffed veils, barbets and head thingies out the window to Ollj. (Allowances must be made for Asric's lack of feminine garb vocabulary, and I, of course, am merely repeating the story as I heard it.)

Well, in the end they all came running up, just as Baroness Maleah and Baron Ulf (John) were stepping down. Maggie had time to get her shoes on while the King and Queen made an Iris, and then the heralds called for the Laurels, who called for Magdalena in short order. The rest of the story you know. There were banners, there was singing, there was happiness and much much good will and cheering. Maggie looked splendid. Looking at her, you would never have believed that her morning had been interrupted by a bear.

Charles did not make it to court, but then towards the end the bear had gotten the towel they said. If you need more commentary on that, ask one of the ladies. Maggie was forced away by necessity, but I'm told some of the others lingered a bit.

Please don't ask Ollj to sing the song, as it contains a really bad pun on the word "bare."