The Collected Works of Roric Rainerson

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The following are original works of Lord Roric Rainerson. They are done in Skaldic verse, specifically a style called Dróttkvæt which translates to courtly meter. While these verses do not follow all of the rules, they follow a majority of the basic rules of the style. The basic rules of the style are as follows:

  • Stanzas are eight lines broken into half stanzas of four lines.
  • Every line has six syllables with seven syllables as a rare exception.
  • Every odd line must have two forms of matching alliteration.
  • All vowels alliterate with each other.
  • Every even line must begin with the alliteration used in the previous odd line.


The poem below is my first poem I ever wrote. The poem is about myself and it translates to "stanzas about Roric." It was published in Renaissance Magazine.

Crowfeeder, crownspliter.
Call to arm the young wolf.
Rise to fight young Roric!
Ride now to victory!

Battle seeker, blood lust.
Begin your dance of death!
Fear not death fighting wolf,
For death comes to foe-men!

Axe catcher, arm taker!
Onward into the fray!
Battle rivers bare birth,
Blood runs on battle boards.

Life taker, love maker!
Let Skalds tell your prowess!
Raid for loot young Roric!
Ride your seawolf to fate!

Crown Tournament Procession for Corwin and Regina

This poem was written and performed for the procession of the 80th crown tournament for Sir Corwin and his consort.

Come hear the thunder call!
Corwin stands before you!
Highborn, hero to all.
Hearken now his word fame!

Sparks form upon his fist!
Fear the man born of storm.
He bears a lightning blow
Battle hard, god of spear!

Kind and strong, his queen kin!
Kingdoms many she serves.
Seabird of sacrifice!
Soon glory will be yours!

Noble Bird and her knight!
Now rise to meet your fate!
Call forth a thunder cry!
Corwin and Regina!

Odin Sons

This poem I wrote and entered in the Skaldic Championship at a Bjornsborg event. When I wrote the poem, I imagined myself in a Viking camp the night before a raid and what a skald might say to inspire the troops before the morning's battle.

Hearken now the crows call
come join the pack of wolves.
Swords will sing, men will die,
Seek your word fame in steel.

In battle, men are born.
Beating hearts join as one.
Victory, Vallhalla,
Valkyries guide your fate.

Spare none to the spear dance!
speak loud your song of steel!
Fill this field with bloodshed!
Feed the crows flesh and bone!

Stand tall and strong my kin
steady you Odin sons
Shoulder now the shield wall
Show your foes no mercy!

Crown Tournament Procession for Magnus and Koia

This Poem I was asked to write for my friend Magnus and Koia as their crown processional, but due to unforeseen events they had to withdraw from the tournament and I never got the chance to perform it.

This silver tongue sings a
song for these two star-kin
to make known their names and
numerous worthy deeds.

Mighty is the man named
Magnus who kneels before
you star-king; whose steel swords
stand ready to face all.

Magnus has made known his
mighty skill with sword by
cleaving men and claiming
cloak of kings champion.

Kind and strong his queen-kin.
Koia's artistic skill
did reward her with a
worthy pair of thistles.

Koia's favor keeps our
kingdom's dream alive and
ring-giver gave Koia
gift of the service crane.

Let all men know the might
Magnus and Koia have.
Hear my woven words and
witness both their prowess!

Bears of Bjornsborg

This is a poem I was asked to write by the Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg when they named me the premier skald of Bjornsborg. They tasked me with writing a poem about the event in which they named me their Skald. At this event they had three Valkyries who each represented a different weapon style. They represented the sword, the spear, and the axe. Each Valkyrie chose a champion to represent them as the champion of their chosen weapon style which is reflected in the poem.

Hold tongue and hear this skald!
Heartfelt words must be told.
Down your memory drink so
dreams live again once more.

Many moons have passed since
mortals walked along side
Wodin and the Winged
warriors for the slain.

Munnin's magic fills my
minds eye with wondrous tales.
This Skald weaves words for these
worthy men of honor.

Nine Warriors of Worlds
went to midgaurd to boast
their skill with sword and to
seek favor with one eye.

White Bears land became the
battlegrounds for the nine.
Bjornsborg hosts the bloody
brawl for glory and fame.

One by One the men told
Odin their word fame with
hope's to hold their glory
high among the Aesir.

Oh how the steel song did
sound like thunder as the
Nine clashed to be crowned a
keeper of Odins blade!

Alfrikr aimed to please
Odin and Valkryie.
His ruthless blood-rage did
reward him Odin's Axe.

Deadly Dave fought all who
dared to face his axe blade.
He spilled blood and spared none,
spurring a gift of spear.

Rollo horn blower broke
both mens spirits and bones.
Allfather awarded
Ulfbert to horn blower.

Let these words woven for
warriors echo in
the hearts of heroes who
hope to join those honored!

Let this boast for bears of
Bjornsborg be heard by all!
Down your memory drink that
dreams may live forever!

Sable Star Saga

This poem is based on a story I was told by Jarl Timo about how a single knight and squire “won” Gulf Wars all by themselves. He told me this story and asked me to write a skaldic poem based on it. The story goes that one year at Gulf Wars everyone showed up to fight as they normally did, but it rained. And it kept raining. And soon the entire battlefield was soaked and several people left because they figured the war was canceled. Two people who stayed behind were Sir Quintas Drake, and Timo who was still a squire at that time. Drake had just been knighted a short time before the story took place. According to Timo, they both were partying and having a good time when they heard a rumor that the Trimarin Army was holding a sort of “fight club” in their large pavilion tent. Drake and Timo decided to put on their armor and sneak into the Trimarin camp and challenge them to a fight. They both entered the Trimarin tent and proclaimed themselves the champions of Ansterorra and told the Trimarin fighters to send forth two champions to fight them. After beating both of their “champions” Drake and Timo left to head back to their camps. On their way back they learned that The King of Ansteorra was holding a meeting with the other crowns to determine if they would continue the war with all the rain. When Drake and Timo learned of this, they made their way to the meeting and walked in and announced to the assembled royalty that they had defeated the Trimarin champions in single combat and had “won” the war for Ansteorra. This poem is the longest I have written to date at fifty-two verses. Writing this poem took over three years and I debuted it at the 85th crown tournament.

Video of Performance: Sable Star Saga

1. Hold tongue and hear now a
heroic saga of
sable star-born sons who
solely conquered Gulf Wars!

2. Many moons ago in
Midgaurd, long before this
skald wore his iron skin,
skilled men prepared for war!

3. Good king Gunther called for
gathering of his men.
“Ready your ships to raid!”
Ring-giver’s raven spoke.

4. Across Midgaurd the men
marched to Ring-Giver’s call.
These men marched to test the
metal of the swamp king!

5. Gunther's oath-sworn allies
under his war banner
came to war-king with kin
keen to defeat their foe!

6. The sea of swords met on
southern shores ready to
deal the death blow to those
doomed to stand against them!

7. But, Freyr felt no need for
fields to be filled with blood,
and sent rain to ruin
Ring-giver’s battle plan.

8. Freyr's rain fell for days and
forced the two armies to
abandon the bloody
battles they had trained for.

9. Gunther's army grew quite
grumpy as they knew the
raging rain would force their
raid to be forsaken.

10. To horns of honey-wine
his army did turn to
satisfy the sell-sword’s
seething lust for bloodshed.

11. But, whispered words came to
War-king’s men and told of
hólmgangs being held in
homestead of the Swamp King.

12. Two of Gunther’s greatest
gathered their swords and shields
in hopes these heroes might
have their blood lust fulfilled!

13. The newly knighted Drake,
known for his quickness with
a sword, seemed eager to
send his foes to their death!

14. Rumors also reached a
righteous squire named Timo.
He sought to add his sword’s
song to the death chorus.

15. The swordsmen silently
set out to the Swamp King’s
longhouse with hopes of them
having a dance of death!

16. These two Black Star blades-men
boldly led by moon’s light,
Found their foe-man’s long house
full of his champions.

17. Their foes were fighting, and
feasting, and boasting their
prowess not knowing the
night concealed two blades-men.

18. The Black Star sons burst in,
boasting themselves to be
Gunther's greatest, come to
gain glory for their King.

19. Drake and Timo dared the
deadliest men of Swamp
to stand against Black Star
steel swords in a hólmgang.

20. The Swamp born blades-men told
Black Star sons that they would
gladly give a way to
gain entrance to Valhöll.

21. The Black Star sons said to
send forth the Swamp King’s best
fighters to face them in
fatal clashes of steel.

22. Drake was first to face the
fiercest of the Swamp-born.
The two men met in the
middle of the longhouse.

23. With bated breath, the men
born of swamp bore witness
to the battle born from
both of the champions.

24. But, it was Drake who dealt
death to the Swamp King's man.
For Drake was a deadly
Drengr, known for his quick shots.

25. The Swamp-born was beaten
by a blow as fast as
lightning, that landed so
loud, his brethren did gasp.

26. Drake smiled after dealing
death to swamp-born man.
"Send another," said Drake,
"So that Timo can fight!"

27. Timo stared at the still
standing sons of Swamp King.
"Are there no men here who
have the skill to beat us?"

28. Timo's words wounded a
warrior of swamp, and
he stepped forth with steel sword
staring straight at Timo.

29. Once more the men met in
middle of the longhouse.
Both the Swamp and Star Born
battled ferociously.

30. But Timo could bend his
body with such skill that
many men would claim the
man was born without bones.

31. Back and forth they battled,
blocking blow after blow.
But Timo the boneless
brutally killed his foe.

32. He bent down and dodged a
death-blow, and then, like a
spring, he sprang back up and
split the Swamp Born in two.

33. Having beat both of the
best fighters of the Swamp,
the Black Star blades-men did
bow and thank the Swamp Born.

34. "Stay, and fight, and feast" the
foe-men told the Star Born.
"You have gained glory for
Gunther, stay and join us."

35. The Star-Sons said to the
Sons of Swamp, "thank you, but
our King must hear how we
have beaten the Swamp Men."

36. "So we must return to
tell our ring-giver that
the raging rain has not
ruined Gunther's war-play."

37. They left the longhouse and,
led once more by moon’s light,
the black star blades-men went
back to ringer-givers hall.

38. Gunther had called council
concerning the rain with
his Foe-King to find the
fate of the war plans made.

39. "This ruthless rain has now
rendered the killing field
from solid ground to sea,"
said Gunther to his foe.

40. "And so I ask all who
are gathered here to say
whether our war should be
waged, or it be called off."

41. The two Jarls yearned for their
yearly war-games, but the
gods had given them a
grim choice that must be made.

42. But, while the war-kings were
working to find out what
fate the falling rain would
force upon their war-games,

43. The two Black Star blades-men
burst into Gunther's hall,
boasting how they beat the
best swordsmen of the Swamp.

44. "We challenged their chosen
champions to fight us,"
said Drake. “And we slew their
swordsmen in their longhouse.

45. "We had heard whispers of
hólmgangs being held in
their homestead and hurried,
hoping the rumors true."

45. "There we did find our foes
fighting and feasting, and
there we Star-Sons struck with
steel sword their best swordsmen."

46. "We have fought their finest
fighters," Drake spoke, "and we
have won the war you have
waged against the Swamp King!"

47. "It is true," Timo told
to both of the War-Kings.
"We Black Star blades-men have
brought our King victory!"

48. Time passed, and soon Timo
took the belt of white and
he was named the newest
knight of Ansteorra.

49. Many more deeds have these
mighty men made their own.
Both have claimed a crown and
called themselves ‘ring-giver’.

50. This skald’s silver tongue sings
sagas to forever
make known the names of these
knights and their mighty deeds.

51. Let my woven-words for
war-king’s men echo in
the hearts of heroes and
halls throughout the nine worlds!

52. Raise horns of honey-wine
here to honor these two
sons of Sable Star who
solely conquered Gulf Wars!

The Pennsic Ten

This poem was written based on a story that happened at Pennsic 50. At the event, Ansteorra entered a tournament called Ten Man Unbelted Melee. Our kingdom formed a team with one extra person as a reserve. While we won the first fight, during the fight one of our fighters suffered a blow that unfortunately injured them and they were unable to fight and continue in the tournament. Her majesty, who was watching the tournament, came over and comforted the fallen fighter while the remaining fighters formed a “human shield wall” by standing shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the fallen fighter to protect her. After the injured fighter was taken away by the medical team the remaining ten fighters went back out on the field and proceeded to fight on without them. While they did not win the overall tournament, they ended up in second place. During court his majesty called in everyone who fought in the tournament including the injured fighter and gave each of them a Sable Falcon. While the fighters were still kneeling before their majesties, two knights, Sir Arma and Sir Martel came forward and were so impressed by the deeds done by those who fought in the tournament that they presented each of them with a small link that was part of a knight chain. The fighters who fought and received these gifts are: Orlando Giovanni, John Drake, Rúna Bjarki, Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir, Nikolai Valentin, Set Sette, Gunnarr Bjornulfson, Raulff Smeithberde, Roric Rainerson, Sven of Namron, and Torben Ulfbrok.
Hold your tongue to hear a
heroic saga of
the band of brothers ten,
born at Pennsic Fifty.

A call came forth from our
crown to meet upon the
field with our fighters to
form a team for melee.

Ten fighters took the field
together for their king.
This band of black star stood
boldly upon the field.

In their first fight, they did
find victory at cost.
One of their allies fell
under a vicious blow.
Their queen came and called for
comfort from the others.
"Stand shoulder to shoulder,"
she told the fighters ten.

Anger rose among the
Ansteorran team. But,
their captain stayed calm and
called for a gathering.

"Our fallen friend will be
fine," their captain did say.
"We Ten are now tasked to
take the field without them."

The ten fighters fought so
ferociously for their
fallen friend that they did
find themselves second place.

The deeds done upon that
day by those fighters ten
earned them each a worthy
award from ring-giver.

Called into his court, they
came and knelt before him.
Ring-giver gave the ten
gift of sable falcon.

While the ten knelt, two knights
took from their own chain a
link for each fighter that
fought to protect their friend.

The friendships formed by those
fighters ten are proof those
born of the black star share
bonds that can't be broken!

This word-weaver stands as
witness to this epic
tale; for this silver-tongue
took the field with the ten!

So hail to these heroes
held in highest honor!
And sing the song of the
sable star fighters ten!


This poem I wrote for my friend Centurion Magnus Creppison. The poem talks about some of his deeds accomplished so far. This poem is the only poem I have written that follows all of the rules of Dróttkvæt including the more advanced rules. Those rules are as follows.

Video of Performance: Magnusvísur

  • Stanzas are eight lines broken into half stanzas of four lines.
  • Every line has six syllables with seven syllables as a rare exception.
  • Every line must end in a Trochee.
  • Every odd line must have two forms of matching alliteration.
  • All vowels alliterate with each other and words that start with “J”.
  • ST, SK, and SP only alliterate with themselves.
  • The second matching alliteration in odd lines is often placed on the fifth syllable of the line.
  • Every even line must begin with the alliteration used in the previous odd line.
  • Every odd line must contain a half rhyme with one portion of the rhyme placed on the fifth syllable.
  • Every even line must contain a full rhyme with one portion of the rhyme placed on the fifth syllable.

Hold tongues bare for heroes
held to fill this silver
tongues minds-eye for mead-kin
Most worthy of boasting!

Whale-roads' breath sent raiding
rider on sea glider,
to meet with his mighty
master to learn faster.

Blood-soaked bird, the blinding
battle-crane, your training's
fame has brought the fighting
feather cloak as token.

War-bards love spoke weaving
words to raise his praising!
War-bard sings this swordsmen
Song to brag for Magnus!