Terric Bearsmountain

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Registered Name: Terric Bearsmountain
Resides: In Memoriam
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Terric Bearsmountain
Terric bearsmountain.gif
Or, ten bears statant to sinister in triangle sable.

Lord Terric Bearsmountain

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Adena Terricsdottir: 1/2/2012

With a triumphant sound, a great woman rode her winged steed from the sky. She lifted the fallen warrior, now broken of this world, into her arms and flew to Valhalla. Tonight, he meets his warrior friends and foe that have gone before him. He lifts his mug high, drinking deep the last drop, thankful to be with those he has missed, and thankful to no longer be in pain. Here, on Earth, he is remembered as a caring friend, a wonderful father, and a loving husband. While we mourn the loss of this great man, we too are thankful that he is no longer hurting. We look forward to the day that we can join him in revelry and be together once again.

Kyna Terricsdottir

Terric Bearsmountain once tried to get two bears...mounting... as a heraldic device. It didn’t pass.

Terric Bearsmountian is said to have MANY children. So many children, in fact, there was once talk of having an event called “Terricsons and Dottirs.”

Owen ap Aeddan

The Saga of Terric Bearsmountain:

Very many have known the greatness of Terric Bearsmountain.

Mighty was this man he fought in the age of legends his skill known beyond the reaches of the Lands of the Sable Star. His mace landed solid on many a helm. Baroness Ayesha - wife, wise and beautiful. Together longer than not. They have attended more Pennsic Wars than they have missed. Great was their long house, always with friendly welcomes, Fires kindled food and drink offered without treachery. Through their efforts, Baronies did rise and prosper.

Bright and happy was the warm spring day that the fair Adena was born to this happy couple. Great was the treasure that Terric held in his hands and close to his mighty heart. Like the sun her smile warmed his face and joy did fill his hall. 18 moons had come and gone at the end of the harvest season did Terric and Ayesha bring into this world Kylie, forever was the world changed, and all for the better. Then did he hold is daughters close to his mighty heart, his hall filled with twice the amount of treasure and the warmth of love and joy kept them warm through the winter.

Many lands did Terric trade with and his stories filled many halls and his goods sold all over the known world. Many horns were raised in the halls he visited and always was there a horn filled and ready for guest in his hall.

Wise was Terric Bearsmountain, many words were given to those when they needed to be heard. Great was the day when Terric shared his words with me and his words gave me respite from my troubles and gave me hope in my heart.

Great the items that came from his forge weapons of war swords of kings and tools of all trades. Rich the King whose coins came from Terric’s forge.

In his 61st spring was he called to battle 2 terrible wyrms who would lay waste to the northern lands of the sable star.. He called no other warriors to aid him and did not share his struggles for the many moons that he battled these wyrms. They were mighty in flame and death. Horrible poisons dripped from their claws and death was what they brought whenever they arrived. Mighty war spear, sword, and war knife stabbed cut and sundered these wyrms. But in victory did Terric Bearsmountain felt in his breast baleful and deep in pain of poison.

Many gathered for the passing of this great man much sorrow for this great loss. He shared his treasures with us and we are grateful for it.

I am Iarll Owen ap Aeddan Marchog of Ansteorra I am here to testify that Terric Bearsmountain was here and that much good was wrought because of it.

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Bearer of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra

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