Tales of our 81st Crown

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Tales of our 81st Crown:

Rónán Fionn Ó Dubáin

The Quality of a King or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Vladislav Strelec
Ansteorra has been blessed with a number of fine kings over the past few years, each bringing something special to the kingdom during their reign. While I had met Vlad and knew his reputation among some of my northern friends, I really didn't know much about his character personally. So, during this, his first reign as King, I watched.
My work had kept me away from much of the SCA between Gulf Wars and Summer Crown Tournament. That tournament, I arrived and was gating in, when Vlad approached the front doors, garbed and ready for the day. I saw him spend at least 15 minutes greeting every single person that came through the door with a smile, a hug, a king word. I thought to myself, "that is all I need to see to know who he is."
Then comes the Bryn Gwlad 40th Anniversary event where I'm co-steward. Sunday morning rolls around, bags are packed and most everyone has headed home or at the very least to someplace with A/C. Vlad, was one of the last people to leave site, helping us all morning with tear down and clean up. He had a 9+ hour drive home looming and he's rolled up his sleeves and doing the dirty work all morning.
Any King may rule through right of arms, but the greatest of them make us believe through their words and deeds. Vladislav is such a man and through his strength of character and love of his Kingdom and its people he has been a model for what the rest of us should strive to be.
As his reign begins to wane, with only a couple of weeks remaining, I doubt I'm alone when I say, "thank you."

A Treatise on Compassion - The Legacy of Margaret ny Connor

There are times in our lives when we are not at our best and then there are times when we're lucky we have a life at all. Then the questions start to come, how will I move forward, so much has changed, what do I do now? My friend, Hextilda Corbett, had their own experience with this earlier this year. They went through a scenario that challenge anyone's spirit.

During that time of worry and doubt and confusion, a voice of compassion, one among many no doubt, but one bearing weight and significance, one that resonated with understanding, one that bore the great fruit of hope upon its branches. That voice belonged to Margaret. It wasn't a singular act of reaching out to offer sympathies, there was substance and longevity to her empathy.

We learn much about each other during times of great suffering and I doubt this was an isolated behavior for the Queen. You can see it in her smile, in her eyes, in her words, in the gentle press of her forehead against another's.

A legacy of kindness, is there anything greater she could leave us?

Elspeth Bhorúma inghean Bhrian

As a new Scadian, I have found the royal throne to be a bit intimidating, if for nothing else then I'm a very small fish in a very large sea.
My first interactions with his majesty was at gulf wars as his Highness. I watched him laugh and cry with a very new and "unimportant" member of populace. One who didn't even have his AOA...and he treated him like his own brother. It sparked my admiration then.
And then....I discovered that his majesty knew my name. At events he seemed to remember me and would address me! It was such a base human connection, but such an important one.
I think of their majesties as MY king and queen. Her majesty has always smiled and spoke to me genuinely. And I have admired her love of the children of Ansteorra.
I will miss their reign terribly, but because this is the first time in my brief time that I was someone that was known to the crown.
And I saw this with almost everyone they came in contact with.
They are my King and Queen.