Second Place Cheesecake

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...It all began with a man with a losing streak.

Back in 1998, Gunthar Jonsson was still a year away from winning his first Crown Tournament. He had placed second in Crown Tournament for the third time in a row, when a young squire of his acquaintance, one Timotheos Kalamanos, felt that some consolation prize was needed. At evening Court the night of Crown Tournament, Timo presented a cheesecake with a candle (a number 2), to Gunthar.

The following year, Gunthar won, becoming our 40th Crown, and Duke Jean Richard Malcomson was presented with a cheesecake. Gunthar then tried to make certain that a cheesecake was presented to the second place finisher, either at Crown Tournament itself, or soon thereafter.

After he moved out of Kingdom to Atenvelt, the tradition died out for a time. (He started the tradition while living there, as well.)

Years later, when Owen ap Aeddan became our 62nd Crown, he presented one to Louis le Blaireau at his Coronation, and two years later, Aaron MacGregor cheekily served one up to Hrafn Olafsson.

Source: Ansteorra Email List