Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad

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registered badge of the Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad

The Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad was the Barony of Bryn Gwlad's first armigerous Baronial Service Order.

The first members were inducted into the order in August of 1979. The badge was registered in March of the following year [1]. The name "The Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad" was probably among the items on the list of awards, titles, and orders "approved by grandfather clause" in the cover letter to the April, 1981 Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns [2]. (The online S.C.A. Ordinary and Armorial lists that month as the date of registration, but the name doesn't appear in the letter proper.)

The order was closed at Bryn Gwlad's Candlemas event in 1988. The following Candlemas, the Order of the Dreigiau Bryn opened as the barony's new service order. On October 30th, 2004, Thomas of Tenby (then Baron of Bryn Gwlad) closed the Order of the Dreigiau Bryn so that he could reopen the Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad. (Each barony can have only one armigerous service order at a time.) He inducted a single new member, then closed the Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad again. [3] It has remained closed since.

These are the members of the Order of the Halberd of Bryn Gwlad

Andeleon of Axegarth 1979-08-18
Aymbros Turlion de Laisard 1979-08-18
Bevin Fraser of Sterling 1979-08-18
Brenda y Grochenyddes 1979-08-18
Ciard d'Algeneaux 1979-08-18
Dail y Eiliwriad o Cwm Cwymp Dwr 1979-08-18
David Alkimestes 1979-08-18
Elsbeth of Morwen 1979-08-18 East
Giuseppe Casazza 1979-08-18 East
Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad 1979-08-18
Justinian Karl Friedrich von Reichschoeffen 1979-08-18
Noman Adolphus Buchard 1979-08-18
Seanna Catriona de Fraser 1979-08-18
Sharallele Anna MacEideard 1979-08-18
Simonn of Amber Isle 1979-08-18
Tessa of the Gardens 1979-08-18
Xene Theriane 1979-08-18
Edwina Dirks Sterne 1980-02-02
Iolo FitzOwen 1980-09-13
Aislinn di Tanaleone 1981-02-21
Christian Richard Dupre 1982-02-20
Robert Simon Fraser 1982-02-20
Asa Lee Durant 1982-07-10
Aethelyan Moondragon 1982-09-25
Goshen von Osterreich 1982-09-26
Clare RosMuire St. John 1983-03-12
Edwin FitzLloyd 1983-06-04
Martha Armorel McDonald de Alvorada 1983-07-30
Branwen Scholastica 1983-11-06
Linda of Flanders 1983-11-06
Luigi di Donate 1983-11-06
Zinaida Likhitovna Umanskaya 1983-11-06
Riccardo di Pisa 1984-02-04
Elynor of Deganwy 1985-02-02 Confirmed 02/06/88
Gwenllian Gwalch Gaeaf 1985-02-02
Eldric de Charbonneau 1985-05-18
Katrina Marie di Monteleone 1986-02-01
Tivar Moondragon 1986-02-01
Maelgwyn Dda 1986-05-31
Petar iz Beograda 1986-05-31
Rowen of Bryn Gwlad 1986-05-31
Blayne atte Wood the Juggler 1987-02-07
Conor Drummond 1987-02-07
Kaylitha Rhiannon of Southhaven 1987-11-07
Susan of Bryn Gwlad 1987-11-07
Alden Pharamond 1988-02-06
Liadaine of Cul Mor 1988-02-06
Thomas of Tenby 1988-02-06
Shamino Salle Dacil 2004-10-30

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