Lion's Paw of Kenmare of Northkeep

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Photo by Zubeydah

The Lion's Paw of Kenmare of Northkeep is the Baronial Service Order of Northkeep.
Information on who Kendra Kenmare was, can be found on the Northkeep Baronial History page for that topic.

These are the members of the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare

Name Date of Entry Notes
Catrin ferch Gwillym o Gonway 2001-11-24
Damon Hroarson 2001-11-24
Elisaveta af Isefjord 2001-11-24
Ian Dun Gillan 2001-11-24 Principal 06/03/2006
Timothy le Corbusier 2001-11-24
William Blackfox 2001-11-24 posthumously
Beorhlic Folcwineson 2002-01-19
Dunstana Talana the Violet 2002-01-19
Therese Maria Giovanni 2002-01-19
Angus MacNokard 2002-06-01
Anora de Bardolphe 2002-06-01
Brigid MacCana 2002-06-01 Resigned
Ismet al Din Bithia 2002-06-01
Robert Fitzmorgan 2002-06-01
Etienne De Saint Amaranth 2003-01-25
Kelandra Carmichael 2003-05-31 Principal 06/03/2006
Wilhelm de Kaalevo 2003-11-08
Diarmait ua Dhuinn 2004-06-05
Faolan MacFarland 2004-12-11
Elisabeth Christianne de Calais 2005-06-04
Keigan of Ravensfaire 2005-12-10
Deborah bat Yosef 2006-06-03
Ainar Magnusson 2007-06-02
Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya 2007-06-02
Wilhelm der Wulf von dem Schwarzwald 2007-06-02
Zahava bat Hanna 2007-06-02
Angelique de la Fontaine 2007-12-08
Facon du Pray 2007-12-08
Kevin Michael Keary 2007-12-08
Angus Gunn 2008-12-13
Ciana O'Hara 2008-12-13
Arthur Blackmoon 2009-06-06
Ottokar Luther von Holstein 2009-06-06
Ulrich von Budingen 2010-02-06
Ulf Arnfinnsson 2010-05-08
Montega Black Dragon 2010-09-25
Thorvald Egilsson 2010-09-25
Amadeo Estevao 2012-05-05
Samuel Dewy 2012-05-05
Morgan Black Dragon 2013-06-2015
Adalia VonderBerg 2014-01-22
Jutte von dem Berg 2014-05-17
Geoffrey de Gournay 2015-01-31
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson 2016-05-21
Catin de Mortain 2019-01-26
Perrin de Beaujeu 2019-01-26
Jehanna de Montauban 2019-05-18
Wynfrith of Mooneschadowe 2021-06-26
Zubeydah 2021-06-26

Award Text

There are those whose heart, skill and knowledge are freely given in service to Northkeep. Their service and devotion demand recognition. They are the firm foundation upon which this Barony stands. Kendra Kenmare was such a person. ______ IS such a person. In recognition of this we name {him/her} a Companion to the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare, with all the privileges due a member of that order. This is so done and given on the ______ day of ______, A.S. ______, being A.D. ______. (signed by the Baron & Baroness and the Crown)