Kendra Kenmare

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Registered Name: Kendra Kenmare
Resides: In Memory
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Kendra Kenmare
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Per bend sinister sable and gules, a lion's jambe bendwise erased and a chief Or.

Lady Kendra Kenmare

Nickname: "Granny Wolf"


  • Local Offices Held
    • Seneschal of the Shire of Northkeep for several years

Persona History:


Timeline of Activity:

(Notations taken from the Northkeep Timeline.

  • April, 1989 - Kendra Kenmare hosts a Revel for the Shire of Northkeep.
  • October 1995 - Kendra Kenmare passes away.
  • November, 1996 - Northkeep Baronial Elevation and Investiture Thorgrim Bjornson and Sigen Frideriksdottir serve as the founding Baron and Baroness. They create a non-armigerous service award, the Cornerstone of Northkeep, and an armigerous service award, The Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare of Northkeep, which refers to Kendra Kenmare and her device/arms. Award Insignia by Arthur Blackmoon

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Who Was Kendra Kenmare?

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