Gwenllian verch Madyn

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Photo by Justin Outlawe
Registered Name: Gwenllian verch Madyn
Resides: Haldtre
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2014
Order of Precedence
Gwenllian verch Madyn

Gules, on a pile flory at the point Or a swan naiant contourny sable.

Mistress Gwenllian verch Madyn, OL

Previously Known As:

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Hospitaler of the Incipient Canton of Haldtre 2014-2015
    • Minister of A&S of the Canton of Haldtre 2017-2018
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Northern Region Minister of A&S of the Kingdom of Ansteorra 2018-present

Persona History:

14th Century Welsh


I love to learn new things and to teach but the things that I tend to do the most are various types of embroidery including brick stitch and goldwork. I fingerloop braid, card weave, and inkle weave and I love making jewelry and paternosters. My biggest SCA passion is Medieval Embroidery.

Timeline of Activity:

Classes Taught:


  • Embroidery 101: Kingdom Fiber Arts Symposium 2016, SWOSU Demo, Fall Coronation 2016
  • Norse Clothing and Accessories: Haldtre A&S class
  • Ansteorra Awards and Coronets: Haldtre A&S class


  • Embroidery 101: Haldtre A&S class
  • Brickstitch Embroidery: King's College, SWOSU Demo, Wiesenfeuer Yule
  • Weaving: Black Phoenix Household gathering
  • Fingerloop Braiding (SWOSU Arts Academy with Lady Masina Da Ferrera


  • Brickstitch Embroidery: wInterKingdom 2018
  • Embroidery Design Transfer: Prick and Pounce : King's College
  • Discussion and Viewing of an Authentic 15th Century Embroidery: Kingdom Fiber Arts Symposium


  • Prick and Pounce taught at Northkeep WinterKingdom
  • Goldwork: Laidwork taught at King’s College
  • Goldwork: Purls & Spangles taught at King’s College
  • Brickstitch Embroidery: Facebook Live / recorded demonstration


  • Goldwork: Laidwork - Winterkingdom
  • Goldwork: Purls and Spangles - Winterkingdom
  • Padding for High Relief Embroidery - Winterkingdom

Gallery of Work

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Planned and held multiple demos for the Canton of Haldtre
  • Worked Tavern for Wiesenfeuer Baronial 2015
  • Nastycrat - Wiesenfeuer Baronial 2016
  • European Dance Competition Coordinator- A Summer's Dance 2016
  • Nastycrat - A Summer's Dance 2016
  • Art Exhibit Coordinator - SWOSU Demo 2017 for the Winter and then the Fall Demos
  • Member of the team who embroidered devices of the past Barons and Baronesses of the Barony of Eldern Hills for the Baronial Cloak. I contributed by embroidering 4 devices.
  • Ran an Iron Artisan competition at Eldern Hills Baronial 2018
  • Ran an A&S competition at Elder Hills Samhain 2018
  • Ran an A&S competition at Eldern Artisan 2019
  • Iris Of Merit Northern Representative 2019
  • Iris of Merit Financial Committee 2019

Lifetime Combat Embroidery Champion of the Eldern Hills

Non-Armigerous Awards & Recognitions:

  • A&S Champion of the Shire of Adlersruhe 2014-present (Embroidery)
  • Team Largesse winner at the Fall Coronation 2014 Award of Arms 2015
  • A&S winner at Wiesenfeuer Baronial 2015 (Norse and Slavic Embroideries)
  • Sable Thistle in Embroidery 2016
  • Largesse Derby winner at Namron Protectorate 2016
  • A&S Champion of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer 2016-2017 (Embroidery)
  • Gulf Wars Artisan 2017
  • A&S Champion for the Barony of Eldern Hills 2017-2019 (Silk Embroidered Purse)
  • A&S entry with the best use of pearls- Eldern Hills Samhain 2017 (Pearl Paternoster)
  • Tournament of Champions A&S Contestant 2017
  • Awarded at Kingdom A&S competition for scoring over a 40 for entry. (Brickstitch Embroidered Purse)
  • Lifetime Combat Embroidery Champion of the Eldern Hills, so named on July 6th, 2018
  • Winner, Ansteorra's 40th Year Anniversary Tournament of Arts and Sciences Champions Competition
  • Steppes Artisan, AND Steppes Populace's Choice, 2020


Mundane Information:

"If you never try, you'll never know what you are capable of" - John Barrow

I started in the SCA in 2014 hoping to try new things and meet new people. Little did I know, I have found such amazing people and unlocked a new passion for medieval embroidery that I never knew I would have had had I not joined the SCA.

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: