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Footwear of the Middle Ages: An ongoing examination of the history and development of footwear and shoemaking techniques up to the end of the 16th Century, by I. Marc Carlson (known in the Society as Diarmait ua Dhuinn).

23 August 2004 Completely revised and updated the old "making Modern Shoes" page to Making Some post-Medieval Construction Shoes. The title's a little cumbersome, but the info should keep people happy for a while.
10 Feb 2003 Added a new Shoemaking project here
8 Jan 2002 Added the bulk of Version 9, less the shoe indexes (I've retained these from version 8 for now). Modified Roman Shoes.  Posted the lot
1 Jan 2002 Added new Introduction for version 9, and a new rant on copyright.
28 Dec 2001 Restructured file directory organization
28 Oct 2001 Begun new website appearance change
28 Jul 2001 Updated the Links page
Jul 2001 Updated the 16th century shoes section.
21 April 2001 Began restructuring of Glossary of Historical Footwear Terminology
9 April 2001 Added a new link to the Links page
14 March 2001 Made section on Inter-language cross-reference publicly available.  Still far from complete.
10 March 2001 Added Watford Shoes, and Ypres Shoe.  Added to Shoemaker pictures.
7 March 2001 Made some small changes to "Lasts" and Making Lasts pages.
1 March 2001 Made some changes to the Basic Definitions pages.
26 February 2001 Began making changes to Shoemaker tools pages, but did not upload them yet.
10 Feb 2001 Rewrote some of the Thread page, and added a Short History of Bristle use page.
2 Feb 2001 Added Turned Shoe discussion, and Shoe Superstitions pages.
13 December 2000 Corrected problem with Introduction
1 September 2000 Added material to "Links" 
5 July 2000 Added material to "Bibliography",
1 July 2000 Begin to revise entire structure, separating re-enactor material from archaeological material.
9 May 2000 Set base material for Tarim, Buinerveen, Salt Man, and Warrior pages.
2 May 2000 Added "Shoemaker Pictures"
28 February 2000 Made minor changes to most pages, and updated the backups.
27 February 2000 Added material to "Front Tied Shoes" and "Acknowledgments" 
26 February 2000 Added material to "Front Tied Shoes."
23 February 2000 Added material to "Basic Long Toed Shoe"
22 February 2000 Added material to "Side Laced Boots and Shoes", and "Simple Slipper"
20 February 2000 Corrected Lucas Type "Irish shoes"
5 February 2000 Edited "Shoe Lists"
23 December 1999 Edited "Medieval Long Toed Shoes", and "Clump Soles" to include information from my trip to England.
23 November 1999 Edited "Roman Shoes," "Clicking," and "Easy Ways Out"
22 November 1999 Edited "Bibliography", the "Development of Foowear", and "Shoemaking and Saints".
29 October 1999 Started New Web-page.
7 September 1999 Completely Revised the entire General Instructions section, and the portion on Making Lasts.
2 August 1999 Modified Roman Shoes.  Posted the lot
20 July 1999 Modified "Thread", "Bibliography", "Stitches", "Sole"
11 July 1999 Added Charter for Essex Cordwainers
5 July 1999 Modified Glossary of Shoe Types
20 June 1999 Modified "Types of Leather"
15 June 1999 Modified "Lasts"
10 June 1999 Finished editing on "Raised Heels", "Counters and Edge Binding", "Medieval Long Toed Shoes"
7 June 1999 Hopefully fixed the modified; corrected Saguto's comment's in "Code"; modified "Links" Posted the lot to PBM.COM
5 June 1999 Modified "Thread", "Code"
1 June 1999 Modified "Glossary", "Types of Leather", "Other Materials Used", "Thread", "Code"
May 1999 Finished "Shoe 25"
May 1999 Restructured "Stitches"
14 May 1999 Modified "Stitches", "Lasts", "Saints", "Glossary", "Links". Updated pages in place
24 April 1999 Modified "Stitches", "Lasts", Updated pages in place
24 March 1999 Modified "Stitches", removed "Seams"
23 March 1999 Modified "Lasts", "Developement", "Hugh's"
22 March 1999 Finished "Saints"
Finished first draft of "Glossary"
12 March 1999 Finished "Shoe 36"
1 March 1999 Began work on "Development"
24 February 1999 Modified "Lasts"
Added "Charters" from 1272 and 1303
22 February 1999 Modified "St. Hugh's Bones", Modified "Pattens, Clogs and Wooden Soled Shoes", Added "Making Modern Shoes"
15 February 1999 Started drawing and scanning work for "Shoe32"
3 February 1999 Started drawing and scanning work for "Shoe15"
November 1998 - February 1999 Modified Saints and Religion sections. Began work on new glossary project with DA Saguto. Began History of Lasts
12 November 1998 Modified "Introduction"
Modified "Copyright" statement
11 November 1998

Added "What's New"
Added "Links"
Expanded "Charter" page for later inclusion of other Guild Charters.
Modified Shoe Home page
Broke up first "General Topics" file into separate files.

Began to modify "copyright" notices on all pages and to standardize page titles.