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Return to Footwear of the Middle Ages
by I. Marc Carlson / Diarmait ua Dhuinn.


The following people contributed to my gathering information for this document. This has come as a great surprise to some of them, I know. Much of this information has come in the form of their understanding of shoemaking. Any errors occurring in my translating their information to you, the reader, were probably mine. Mundane, Real World, and Normal Everyday names are given preference to Persona/Character names. The E-Mail addresses may not be current. If I have left anyone out, I am sorry.
I would like to start by thanking the following for giving me their time and patience in sharing their knowledge:

  • Alison Nailer and through her the Museum of London
  • Brian Hensman of the Northampton Central Museum.
  • Carol Van Driel of the University of Amsterdam
  • D.W. Frommer II
  • Dave Evans of the Humber Archaeology Partnership
  • June Swann
  • Olaf Goubitz, ROB
  • Penelope Walton-Rogers
  • The rest of the Honorable Company of Cordwainers, and the participants of the Crispin Colliquy.

Specifically, for having gone above and beyond the call of duty:

  • D.A. Saguto, and through him, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
  • Ian Carlisle and through him the York Archaeological Trust.
  • Serge and Marquita Volken
  • Véronique Montembault

I would also like to thank:

Aryk Nusbacher (\

  • Bob Howe/Magnus Malleus (
  • Catherine Keegan/Ceridwin macAoudhegain (
  • Carolyn Priest-Dorman/Thora Sharptooth (Priest@Vassar.Edu (old);
  • Cindy Kinder/Rhiannon Redwulf ( (old);
  • Colin Bray/Colin de Bray (
  • Daryl Olson (
  • David Kuijt/Dafydd ap Gwystl (
  • DavidK1302 (
  • David Martinez/Nicholas Trent (
  • David Moore/Sir Dafydd ap Gwalchmai (
  • David White (
  • Dorothy J. Heydt/Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (
  • Ellen Ross/Fionna MacSeain (
  • Ernie Jones/Colin Ua Niell
  • Greg Lindahl/Gregory of Blount (
  • Gregory Stapleton of
  • Jay Hoffman/Alfred of Carlysle (
  • Jennifer Bray/Rannveik of the Vanaheim Vikings (
  • Jennifer Carlson/ Dunstana Talana the Violet
  • Jennifer Kubenka/Emer ni Maille ( (old);
  • Jim N. Deakin (
  • Mark S. Harris Stefan li Rous (
  • Matthew Larsen/Geoffrey Mathias (
  • Maureen Martinez/Jenny Winslow (
  • Michael J. Merickel (
  • Norman Finkelshteyn/Nahum Kuzari(Lobel@is.nyu,edu (via Sheldon Lobel))
  • Peter Adams/Bauduin (
  • Pip Sullivan (
  • Rick Meneely (rick@olivea.OLIVETTI.COM)
  • Steve E. Mercer/Justin Silvanus (
  • Todd Marsh/Llewllyn