Event Review - Namron Protectorate 2006 - by Zubeydah

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This page contains an event review by Zubeydah. This represents solely her opinion and views/thoughts at the time of writing, and do NOT reflect upon her Barony, her Region, her mentors and friends, or anyone else.

2006: Namron Protectorate XXX

I know that my perspective is skewed when it comes to Protectorate: For most attendees, the event was centered on the 30th Anniversary, the stepping down of Ulf and Maleah, and the stepping up of Duncan and Muriel. For me, it centered on Maggie and Chocolate. So, in the words of Inigo Montoya: “Let me explain. No, it take too long. Let me sum up.”

Maggie of Mooneschadowe, the Honorable Lady Magdelena de Codomosto, was being elevated to the Peerage during Sunday Morning Court. Maggie is a rare individual, who betters the world just by being in it. Maggie likes chocolate. There are many things appropriate to the support structure needed to pull off a successful vigil and elevation: organization, decorating, making clothes, etc. I can’t do any of those things *really* well. But what I can do really well is make chocolate.

So Namron planning was All About the Maggie Chocolate for me.

Plotting, planning, and preparations began the instant we all heard the words of the King at Mooneschadowe’s Triumphe of the Eclipse. Each week from Eclipse to Protectorate, I’d add a few things onto my weekly grocery shopping list, or make a stop at Sam’s Club for another bulk package of chocolate.

The week of Protectorate was filled with cooking. My house reeked of chocolate from Monday through Saturday, and my beloved husband, Abe, was enormously patient with the piles of chocolate making utensils, the maddening scent of yummy food he wasn’t allowed to eat, and me being generally distracted. Disaster almost struck: It rained one day, and chocolate won’t set up right if the humidity is too high. But things worked out, and when I packed up my things on Saturday morning, I had assembled a veritable mountain of deliciously decadent edibles.

Friday night, I got a call from Renault, a wonderful gentleman in House Halfiras. He was heading out towards site, and I asked if he wouldn’t mind swinging by and picking up my little pop up pavilion. He agreed, and came by the apartment a few moments later. We chatted about his plans for the weekend, the succulent evils of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s perfumes, and food. Wanting to arrive on site before dark, he could not tarry long, and quickly headed off.

Along the way, I’d also managed to pack those things I’d need for the comfort of the day, and for a luncheon meal. I’d convinced a coworker to attend and picked up a donation for the waterbearer’s station. (I was extremely disappointed to hear that the waterbearers received a budget of $15.00 for the event. They had to rely on donations from attendees to be able to provide service.) I made hotel reservations, cleaned and packed what I’d need for the weekend, and generally gotten pretty well organized. (That is not to say that I wasn’t up until 1:00 am making more chocolates…)

Saturday morning, I awoke around six-thirty, and promptly ignored the alarm several times. My husband had only recently come to bed, having been up all night working. (He is on call 24/7, and the Cairo office had been having … difficulties… all night.) It seemed entirely unfair that I had to get up just as he was coming to bed. But alas, there was much to do. I was hoping to get on site early enough that I would have the pavilion decorated before the chivalric combat began, so I could sit and watch the fights in foofy comfort. So I loaded up two cooler chests full of yummies, packed the remaining bits and pieces of last minute decision stuff, and got the car packed up and on the road. That was around 8:15 or so…

Even though I had printed directions, printed a (rather vague) map, and talked to Renault about routes, I *still* managed to go the wrong way. ::sigh:: Yes, I am completely unburdened with the weight of a sense of direction. I wound up all the way in Oklahoma City, having missed the turn for 177 along the way. Right as I was turning north onto I-35, Renault called to check to see if I was okay. He gave me some more directions to help me along the way, and vowed to be standing by to help me unload my car, as he already had the pavilion up and ready. A thousand blessings upon his head!

When I pulled into the site, I did not see Gate set up in its usual spot, so I headed on up to the list field. I could see that morning court was going on, but couldn’t hear the proceedings. Per his instructions, I gave Renault a call on his cell to let him know I’d arrived. He appeared a moment later, and by that time, I had the car mostly unloaded. I use a little cart to move things about, and my cooler chest has wheels, so it makes for relatively easy transport. Renault very kindly helped me get things set up, and the pavilion decorated. Since morning court was just ending, and the fighters were presenting themselves to the Baron & Baroness, we had time to ready the pavilion at a quick but not frenzied pace.

I was concerned about the chocolate melting, so I kept the two cooler chests covered with a cloth. I wasn’t sure that would do it, so I approached Ciana McKnockard, and asked if any of her children were available for hire – payment in chocolate – for an errand to the hall. One of her boys agreed to the task, and I sent him off with my 2 gallon cooler to bring back some ice. It didn’t take long for him to return with a friend in tow. The two attempted to convince me it had taken both of them to carry the cooler (not likely), but gave Hamish two chocolates and told him he could do with them what he willed. He immediately shared one with his friend.

Not long after we had everything foof’ed and pretty, my coworker, Rusty, showed up. I invited him to bring his chair and sit in the shade, to enjoy the view, which he did. Renault and Rusty were social butterflies, wandering back and forth chatting with folks. I started wandering about taking pictures of anything that didn’t move fast enough to escape my lens. The combats on both fields were fierce, but the opponents (both heavy and rapier) often saluted one another with a big hug.

At one point, there was a great cacophony, as the children’s waterbearing class ended and they all descended on the waterbearing station. Eager to earn their badges, they swarmed the nearby environs, eagerly offering water, fruit, and other delectables which had been donated. Oftentimes, one child would no sooner clear the shadow of my pavilion before another was there. I drank as quickly as I could, and tried to take a nibble from as many platters as were offered, so the children did not feel rejected.

Dora and Niki came by, having seen me taking pictures, and insisted that I take some of them. Then, they felt they needed to have a turn taking pictures. So each one of them took a picture of me with the other girl. It was next suggested that I should give them the camera so they could take more pictures “of everything” which I gently declined, much to their dismay. : )

One of the bright moments of the day was finding Nicolea. If you do not know this amazing artist, there is a bit of color and beauty missing from your life! Not only is she a wonderful woman of wit and intelligence and beauty, but she creates such works of wonder that can steal your very breath away. (In particular, her Arabic style works are particularly gorgeous, though I do confess a certain weakness for that culture…)

At one point, I began introducing her to some of my friends from Northkeep, and inadvertently mis-stated her title as “Honorable Lady” – she quickly corrected me, and I retorted that if that was the case, it was an oversight on SOMEONE’s part! (Ok, that * was * a bit cheeky of me, but gosh darn it, if you’ve seen her work… you’d understand! Besides… I really did think she had her Iris!)

I invited Nicolea and some of her friends, and a bunch of my friends, to please join me under the shade pavilion. They were sitting out in the direct sunlight, which had to be a bit toasty. Several folks accepted, which made me happy. We wandered back over to the pavilion.

Nicolea was kind enough to share with me the many scribal works that she and her partner in crime, Danielle de Marseilles, made for the event. She confessed they had taken the team over 300 hours to complete – and you could see every single moment’s worth of effort. They were stunning, and spanned several different styles and periods. We discussed various projects, including showcasing her work on the Kingdom scribal website, and perhaps even a personal website for “Firefly Ink.”

It seemed to be getting on towards a time when lunch might be a good thing. Fortunately, I had brought a beautifully simple soup, which I had put on to heat several hours earlier. It was warm and hearty and very filling. I also made a cous-bouli (a combo of curried couscous and tabouli ingredients) and spooned it into pita pockets. It made me happy that I was able to find some folks who either had not brought lunch, or were still hungry after eating their lunch. Several folks enjoyed the soup and the cous-bouli pitas. I think I might have been a Jewish mother in a past life: seeing people eat food I have prepared makes me happy.

After lunch, the combats continued. Several hours into the tournament, as the equestrian competitions were scheduled to begin, a hold was called to the combats. It was announced that some vehicles were blocking the area for the horses, and the equestrian competitions could not continue until the vehicles were moved. I immediately checked to see if my car was one of them, but was told I was ‘in the clear’. Unfortunately, it took several announcements, including one by His Highness, to get everything moved out of the way.

Finally, the bouts continued. There were many wonderful moments of chivalry, grace and skill, and some of humor. (“For honor, chivalry, and the right to wear purple and white, lay on!” – the bout between Gunthar and Ox.) One fellow I did not recognize, but who was obviously much beloved by others, named Sven, was particularly funny. After he received one particularly powerful blow from Syr Owen, Sven staggered about and collapsed upon Sir Balvin, who was one of the Marshals.

It occurred to me at one point that I had an awful lot of chocolate, and that His Royal Highness Romanus might like some. So I grabbed a pretty plate, and put two of each type on the plate. There were people going in and out of the royal pavilion, so I sort of waited on the outskirts. Mistress Michelle saw me, and came over to ask if I wanted to do a presentation. I replied that I’d far rather – if she would – she simply put the chocolates where HRH could enjoy them. I have never really been comfortable being around Royalty, as I’m always afraid I’m going to say the wrong thing or commit a faux pas. She insisted that she would not, and that I should present them myself. ACK! We bantered back and forth, with me trying to demurr, and Michelle insisting that I do so, while physically pulling me forward. Erk. The woman has a will of iron! Needless to say, I wound up standing in front of Prince Romanus, offering him the chocolate and explaining which was which. He selected one, and then handed the plate to Mistress Michelle, making known his wishes that she offer them to the Ladies of the List, and then to the waterbearers. I thought that very gentlemanly of him, and very gracious. So Michelle and I circled the field, following the Prince’s command.

As we wandered, her husband, Sir Aesoph took the field. She asked me if I could take some pictures, which I gladly did. I also snapped a couple of pictures of her in her lovely, flowing Roman ensemble. There were lots of folks with lovely armor or garb, so I tried to get a lot of ‘portrait’ style photos.

The day continued in a slow and lazy fashion for me, lounging about taking pictures, sitting and chatting with Nicolea, Elizabeth, Renault, and other friends. I got to meet a number of folks from Namron, as well as some newcomers to Northkeep. Several people stopped by, drawn by the scent of the soup, and went away happy and full.

Finally, it was time for the last bouts of the day. Each list ended with drama and pomp. The rapier list came down to Duke Migel and Duchess Conal – husband and wife. The two donned their masks, and were instructed to make their salutes. Duke Migel saluted the crown, and the Baron & Baroness of Namron, as did Duchess Conal, but when it was time to salute his worthy opponent… he swept off his mask and said (words to the effect of), “You have been the one who’s favor I have had the honor of bearing for fifteen years. I have sat upon the throne of Ansteorra with you as my queen. I will not raise my weapon against you. Instead, I offer their Excellencies of Namron the choice: That we serve as co-champions, or I will yield the bout to you. What say you?” His lady was clearly taken aback, but with grace, she turned to Ulf and Maleah for their decision. Baroness Maleah spoke clearly in response: That she chose Conal for her champion.

The fight for the chivalric champion was no less impassioned. Both Syr Owen and Master Oxlade knelt before the Baronetcy and gave their pledge to fight with honor, and each spoke of how well Ulf & Mahleah would be served, should their opponent win. They greeted one another with love and respect on the field, each praising the other. All past Protectorate winners were called to the field to help marshal the bout, and it was announced that the fight would be the best two out of three. With cheers rising around the field, it was called: LAY ON!

Owen immediately pressed Oxlade hard, driving him back to the far third of the field. The first point was his, with a hard stroke. Oxlade crashed to the ground, returning to his feet and preparing to do battle once more. The nimble Laurel returned the blow, catching Owen directly below his gorget in a clean, hard strike. Owen laughed with delight as he called the hit. This made it one and one. Another exchange brought the combatants across the length of the field again as they battled exuberantly. Owen caught Oxlade’s arm, and in response, Oxlade stepped back and said that he conceded the point and the battle.

Both combatants were greeted warmly by the Baron & Baroness of Namron. Owen knelt before Maleah, and she sternly told him that she’d warned him that if he made her cry, she was going to hit him. It was quickly pointed out by one of her ladies in waiting that she was, in fact, crying – so Maleah whacked Owen. It obviously meant a great deal to them both that Owen had won this duty and honor once again (for, like his Knight, Burke, he had now won the Protectorate twice). After accepting the accolades of Ulf & Maleah, Owen asked their permission to excuse himself and give due honor to the one who had inspired him. With their consent, he strode over towards the waterbearer station, where I and another gentleman had been giving Genevria a ‘play by play’ on the fight. We quickly got out of the way as Owen took up his lady wife’s hand, and praised her beauty and named her his inspiration. It was a sweet moment.

Almost immediately after the bouts ended, folks began to scatter back to their camp, or to the hall, or somesuch. I went back to my tent to tidy up a bit, and Haldor of Skarrgaard walked by. I saw that he was heavily splinted, and inquired as to his health. He shared with me that he had been in a motorcycle accident. He gave me a rather nice compliment on my eyes, and lamented the fact that yes, I was very married. We chatted for a bit, and he mentioned he had to be going, as he was about to ‘get his ass whipped’ in a skaldic competition with Baron Ulf. He was negotiating a bride price on behalf of a friend. It sounded very interesting, so I traipsed along with him. I asked the permission of both parties, and got out my digital recorder.

I had never witnessed a negotiation of this sort. It was a very solemn affair for the most part – except for the part where the wealth of the potential husband was being discussed. Some of the terms used were… well… double sided in their meaning, and caused many knowing grins around the circle of onlookers. The debate went back and forth, and when it was over, the husband-to-be produced all of the items that had been discussed… which turned out to be very interesting stuffed animals. You had to be there, but seeing Baron Ulf wearing a horse (well, it was supposed to be a .. er.. *cough* donkey… ) puppet that neighed when you manipulated your hand inside it… “What’s One Plus Two?” “Neigh! Neigh! Neigh!” “smart ass!”

With the debate over, it was nearly 6:30. I asked around to find out when setup for the vigil was supposed to begin. ACK! It had started at 5:30! I found out where the Wolf Lodge was, and grabbed up the two cooler chests and started rolling that way. His Excellency, Ian, crossed my path about halfway there, and offered his assistance. As I was pretty well loaded down, I gratefully accepted. He helped me get everything to the lodge, and then headed off on his way.

At the hall, I found things were bustling and busy. Maggie was there looking like a joyful bundle of nerves, and Milli was ordering her troops with calm discipline. Tables stretched one side of the hall, covered in white cloths. Many of them were already laden with delicious looking creations. I asked if another table was needed, as I knew my offerings would fill one, and was told that yes, that would be helpful. I headed back to the waterbearer station, and quickly fetched out my table.

A moment of thought made me drag everything more fully under the edge of the pavilion – the weather report had mentioned some possibility of rain. I looked at the tent, remembered the misery of clean up after Triumphe, and wondered if I should tear it down before working on the vigil. Not knowing when the actual vigil would start, and wanting to make sure everything was ready, I made the decision to leave it up.

Scurrying back to the hall, I got the table set up and covered with a pair of table cloths. I assembled the three tiered display tray, and lamented that I was missing a part of the more fancy tray, making it impossible to set up. I started portioning out all the items I had brought, and started getting some Ooohs and Aaahs. Once everything was laid out, Kugari snapped some pictures and I started playing Chocolate Enabler, asking folks to try different types. It was quickly declared that the Kahlua Fudge I thought was ruined (it had gotten some ice water on top) was the top pick of the table. (It was described as being “sexual” it was so good). Maggie came by, and proclaimed everything ‘very nice’ looking, and tried one of the Frangelico liqueur truffles. Her eyes closed and her face was overcome with an angelic expression of delight – it made the whole week’s worth of work so worth it, just to see her enjoying that truffle. : ) Mistress Rondinella also said some very nice things, and got the Chocoalte Tour.

Forgive me if I sort of go on and on about it, but I really do enjoy seeing people eat the food I make, and enjoy it. I had a number of people ask for ‘the chocolate tour’ so they could understand the array of items that were available. I even tempted Oxlade, who is on a strict diet, to try one of the double chocolate mini-cheesecakes. His expression was captured on film, and it was described as ‘demonically possessed’ – so apparently my desserts have the ability to bring out either the angel or the devil in people. Hehehe!

The evening passed in merriment and delight. I eventually got a turn to go in and greet Maggie once the vigil proper had started. I told her I really had no advice whatsoever, but that I wanted to let her know that she was loved, and an inspiration to many. She said I could wiggle for her, so I stood and did a few movements of belly dance, which made her laugh. We talked about her future possible plans for school, and that she might be moving away from Ansteorra, which made me very sad. I gave vague advice on the weather (and snakes) to be found in North Carolina – she’s interested in attending Chapel Hill – but really honestly didn’t have anything of great note to say.

I was starting to come down with a humdinger of a headache, so I went in quest of some Tylenol. Aline Swynbrook was happily prepared, and helped me out. Shortly thereafter, I wandered out to the restroom and back by my tent to check on it. Everything was in order, for the most part, so I made my way back to the hall, with a side trip to my car to grab a flashlight as it was getting dark.

When I returned to the hall, it was to the glorious sound of voices uplifted in song. Mooneschadowe was assembled and singing in the Wolf Lodge. I knew some of the songs, and perched on the couch to listen. Ollj very obligingly shared his Redwulf Songbook with me, so I could sing along. There were some requests that were honored, and I had a really lovely time. I think of everything in my life that has changed over the many years, the loss I mourn the most is that of my singing voice. It is times like this, that the loss is almost a physical ache. (I have sustained damage to my vocal cords, so I can no longer stay on key very well, or project properly.)

I refilled the chocolate table, and checked on the guards, to see if they needed anything. There wasn’t a whole lot to do, once the singing was over, except socialize and chat. I did have a very lovely conversation with Contessa Vanessa and Mistress Guni, in which they said some very nice things that made me tear up and bonk my head on a door when I turned away to hide the tears. Those two ladies are on my SCA Heroes List (What, you don’t believe me that I made a list? Of course I did!), and getting to talk to them was a real treat.

Charles and Libby arrived around midnight, and so I helped them unload their vehicle. There was some confusion with their sleeping arrangements, and it appeared that they would be sleeping on a cement floor in one of the huts. They did not have pillows, so I offered them the body pillow I’d brought from home. It was big enough for two. Libby and I chatted about taking pictures, and she asked me to take photos with her camera. I was happy to oblige!

The hour was growing late, and I had not yet checked into my hotel. I didn’t want them to give away the room, and, well, it had been a long day and I was tired! So off I wandered, driving off site to Guthrie. Alas, though I had thought they would, HL Elizabeth and her daughter Olivia did not join me. So I had the place to myself, which was a smidge creepy.

I will not linger overmuch on details of the warm, soft bed, the climate controlled room, the hot shower with amazing water pressure, or the Belgian Waffles for breakfast. : ) Needless to say, I am a creature that enjoys her comforts, and hotels suit me just fine. The weather, however, was rather dreadful looking. I had requested a 7 am wake up call, but was feeling lazy after only 5 ½ hours of sleep and awaking to dull, gray skies. Besides, court wasn’t supposed to be until 9:30 at the very earliest, and given the weather, surely it was delayed? I took my time dressing and getting ready, and then, after breakfast and check out, headed into town to find a grocery store.

I knew full well after Triumphe, that people who have slept in the cold and wet like to have something warm and filling. So I raided the local Homeland grocery store, and came away with two dozen donuts, some instant coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, creamer, and a gallon of fruit juice. IT wasn’t enough for everyone, but it would be a start, at least.

Back on site, I headed straight for the hall, arriving at 9:25. There, to my alarm, I found many people in court garb, bustling about. ACK! It was starting at 9:30!! Well, as it turned out, it was a smidge later than that, but not by much. I set out the breakfasty items, and made a quick announcement, to immediate response. Most were very polite and kind, though one particular fellow stated, “I heard there was coffee. That’s instant. It’s not real coffee. Where’s the real coffee?” I blinked in surprise, and simply replied “That’s what there is. I’m sorry you don’t like it.” He had some, anyway, so I guess un-coffee was better than no coffee.

Court began with some awards, both before and after the investiture, and with the stepping down of Ulf and Maleah. There was a song that was sung, but so many voices were husky with tears, I could not understand the words. Both were honored with Court Baronetcies. I snapped as many pictures as I could, but alas, my camera was out of space on the memory card, so I used Libby’s, per her request. I got a lovely shot of Syr Owen and his family, and tried to get as many ‘portraits’ as I could.

One of the awards given was to Nicolea. The queen spoke about Nicolea’s work, and that she had gone to Countess Sara, one of the premier illuminators in the Kingdom, who had been enthusiastic about Nicolea’s skill. Nicolea was then made an Honorable Lady - granted the Iris of Merit!! Woooot!

Throughout the goings on, I did not see Magdelena in the hall, and repeatedly asked several Mooneschadin. No one had seen her that morning. This started to be a bit alarming. I asked some more. No. No one knew where she was, or what cabin she was in. One lady said she’d gone calling around a few of the huts, but was told Maggie wasn’t in any of them. By this point, court was starting, and I was getting downright alarmed. I whispered to Contessa Vanessa, whom I had been sort of hanging around with, that I was going to go and try and find Maggie, and what little I knew at that point. She looked alarmed as well. I got out the door of the hall, and started down the path, when another Mooneschadin let me know that Maggie’s whereabouts were known, and that Asric had dashed over to tell her that she was up next.

A few moments later, Maggie and Company was spotted through the windows. She looked lovely, if harried, and a smidge shaky. The Province quickly rallied around her, with one person helping her with jewelry, another helping to smooth her gown. Banners were unfurled, and the procession was ready.

The Laurels were called up, and I knew that was our cue! I crept up to the doors, near the front of court, and kept taking photos. I slipped my digital audio recorder out of my pouch, and gave it to HE Ameline of Elfsea, asking if she could set it up anywhere nearby. She did so, much to my appreciation.

HE Lucais was acting as herald, and he called out, “Let the miscreant known as Magdelena come forth!” Mooneschadowe’s voices were raised in lovely song, as they processed into the court. The group knelt along the pathway into the court, and Magdelena continued on, through the Laurels, to kneel before their Majesties.

The ceremony was lovely, and there were beautiful words spoken. Contessa Vanessa spoke as a Lady of the Rose, and Master Tarl spoke as a Lion. Mistress Stacia, Mistress Guni, and Mistress Michelle spoke as Pelicans. At times, it seemed Maggie was the picture of composure, and at others, it seemed she was weeping soundlessly, but I could not see her face clearly and it may have been only a trick of the light. At last, she was greeted by her fellow laurels, and court continued.

The investiture of Duncan and Muriel was next, and Master Aethelstan served as their herald. He injected a lot of humor into the proceedings. There was more singing as part of the ceremony, which was very straight forward, and didn’t have as much pomp as the only other investiture I’ve witnessed – Northkeep’s – had. After they were seated, they granted some recognition to various folks.

Another neat moment came when Aethelred was made Captain of the Storm Guard (he wanted so badly to call them the Storm Troopers, but that idea was nixed). The king himself, HRM Aaron, charged Aethelred with working to create a strong battle unit for the coming Gulf War.

Court ended, and folks began to scatter. I figured it was time to assess the damage to my little pavilion, so I headed up to where the list field had been. When I arrived, I found the pop-up had fallen down. More to the point, it was badly broken. There were repair attempts which had been made – I learned that Gunnarstead had attempted the fix – but the frame itself was snapped into multiple pieces. Fortunately, one of my purchases at the grocery store were jumbo sized trash bags.

Charles came by about that point, as did another gentle from Mooneschadowe, and they were very kind in helping me to stuff all the soaking wet decorations into trash bags, and clean up the mess. Renault’s chair was still there, so I packed that up, too. I was really disappointed about the broken pavilion, but the brave little thing has withstood far more than I could have reasonably expected for the price I paid for it.

Oxlade agreed to haul it away to a dumpster, and with everything else bagged, we made our slogging way to my car where everything got loaded up. It was time for one last trip to the vigil hall, to pick up my cooler chests and clean up any remaining chocolate mess.

In the hall, I found that someone had already very kindly bagged up the remaining brownies and cheesecake – no chocolate truffles remained, nor any fudge. I packed the dishes, table cloth, and table up, then helped tidy elsewhere in the hall. It was a bit of a juggle getting things into my car, and Damon Xanthus was very kind and helped me lift the heavy items into the vehicle. Everyone else seemed to be eagerly getting out of Dodge as quickly as possible, so I joined the exodus.

Getting home was much quicker than getting there. I left everything in the car, struggled my way up the stairs, and promptly fell asleep for five solid hours! It had been a fun but exhausting event, with good friendships renewed, new plots and plans laid, and some wonderful experiences.

Congratulations to the staff for putting on a great event!

2006: Word Fame from Protectorate XXX - Adena Terricksdattir

(Reposted from my initial email to the Namron Email list)
Good morning, Namron: I hope this is the right place for this brief note, but I wanted to share word fame for Adena.

Adena is a spirit that is gracious, welcoming, and truly embodies the spirit of the 'Dream' of the Society. This past weekend at Protectorate, she came upon a coworker of mine who was attending his first event. My friend arrived on site on Friday, with little in hand, being determined to 'not be a burden.' I think he had a tent, a chair, and a change of clothes, but not much else.

Adena took him under her wing, found him a dry place to sleep, invited him to share in the revelry of the event, introduced him around, and so filled him with enthusiasm that when I arrived on site at 10am on Saturday morning, he was beaming if exhausted. Further, she invited him to join she and her friends for feast, and gave him feast gear, while I helped out at the vigil.

She truly welcomed this newcomer, and made him feel very welcome and at home. He's already planning his attendance at another event.

So thank you, to Adena, for her joy, her welcome, and her kindness to a stranger.


I think of Adena, I think of the Spring,
The joy of new flowers, and butterfly's wings
Fields full of buttercups, hue'd like her hair
If 'Dini's around, you will want to be there!
I think of Adena, I think summer-bright
Her spirit is warm, like a cascade of light
Bird-song in her voice, and clear lakes in her eyes
A woman's compassion, in bountiful guise.
I think of Adena, I think of the Fall,
And crisp morning air, that rings with her call
For men to assemble, to strive and to fight
Her laughter rings joyful, from dawn until night.
I think of Adena, I think winter's grace
Snow and her kindness flows o'r every space
But she bears no coldness; a warm gracious heart
Ever in service, and doing her part.
I think of Adena, all seasons, all year
I think of Adena: One thing becomes clear -
Whether it's summer, or winter, or fall
Adena's the "Dini'est" one of us all!

(So thank goodness we are lucky enough to have an Adena!)