Event Review - 1981 Russian Easter Revel by Briony

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Russian Easter Revel, Bjornsborg, April 11, A.S. XV (1981)

On Saturday evening, April 11, Bjornsborg hosted a Baronial Court and Russian Easter Revel. Upon arrival at the hall, one might have noticed the absence of several persons common in Bjornsborg and the conspicuous presence of a good many hitherto unknown Middle Eastern persons. While set-up progressed and autocrats bustled about, there was ample time for visiting and greeting guests as they entered.

Court began with a short march of precedence, after which certain Baronial members processed with varied gaits down the hall, bearing the victual delights of the feast for presentation before Their Majesties Sigmund and Sieglinde, Their Excellencies Jan and Alexandra and the guests. Appetites were whetted as cucumbers in sour cream, marinated vegetables, eggplant caviar, chicken salad, beef stroganoff, kulbiaka, roast turkey with stuffing and sauces, and desserts of pashka and kulich were paraded by. But no one had hunger pangs for long, since the servers carried trenchers of food to each table shortly thereafter.

During dinner, entertainment was provided for the Court: Francis and Eldar performed a song; the Bear Essentials performed a cane dance and, later, a veil dance; Signy Stormhelm soloed on a veil dance of her own; and a new twist was added to Bjornsborg's Middle Eastern entertainments when the male complement (and 1 lady) of the troupe performed a weapons dance, followed by a short finale which included the entire troupe. All of the dancing was very well received by the audience, and explained the presence of so many Arabic types at a Russian Easter Revel. Between the dances, other varieties of entertainment were also offered. Lady Sula von Pferdenthal performed two sonnets and a ballad of her creation, and His Majesty Sigmund sang before the court, accompanied by Mistress Sabia O'Comeraugh on the harp.

However, Court did not consist only of entertainment. Other matters conducted commenced with the presentation of a(n inanimate) bear to Baron Jan from Baroness Alexandra. Later, Lady Signy Stormhelm received an Award of Arms; Lord Louis d'Marja was given a Sable Thistle and Award of Arms; and Lady Alysin of Greenbrier received an Award of Arms. Then, Rashid presented a Viking helm to his Lady, Signy. Also, Lord Louis gifted Their Majesties with ebony pendants of the Ansteorran Star. At the last, Baron Jan offered a prize of his making to anyone who could present an authentic period Polish group dance at his next Court.

The Court was closed, and the time of revelry began. Some of the guests participated in a Troika and a Hole in the Wall, while others meandered about enjoying converse. As midnight approached, the revel broke up and everyone headed for home, taking with them the memories of a good time.

Briony Blåaslagen
Bjornsborg Historian