Ellyn O’Ronowe deGraye

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Registered Name: Ellyn O Ronowe de Graye
Resides: Namron
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2016
Order of Precedence


Lady Ellyn O’Ronowe deGraye

Previously Known As:
Pronouns: She/Her/Lady

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Minister of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Namron
    • Financial Committee Member, Barony of Namron
    • Deputy Hospitaler, Barony of Namron

Persona History:

12th Century Gaelic Irish lady.


  • Volunteering and Helping where I can
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Weaving
  • Sewing
  • Beadwork

Timeline of Activity:


I join the SCA as a sustaining member in August of 2017. I started going to meeting right after Med-fair in 2017. My first event was Baltine 2017! It rained almost the whole time! But I loved it!!


I received both my Award of Arms and a Torsade of Namron on September 5, 2018.

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

  • Torsade of Namron
Receiving her Award of Arms


Mundane Information:

I’m a Certified Surgical Technologist.
I’m a Navy brat that’s used to moving around. I have two sons: Riley of Namron and the other doesn’t play.
I volunteer at two time a month at our churches food pantry and I also do all the food ordering for our food pantry at church!

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: