Coronation of Finn and Cyf

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The Coronation of Finn & Cyf

This is a personal account of the Coronation of Finn and Elzasif written by Jehana Wyverna, who was the Historian of Stargate in the early 1980s. This is copyright and used with her permission. It is presented here exactly as she wrote it. Please do not edit what she wrote. If you wish to edit this page please do so by adding your comments below her's rather than changing her words.

Coronation of Finn and Cyf written by Jehana Wyverna


About 300 people celebrated the crowning of Sir Finn Kelly O-Donnell and Sir Cyf Ironhand as King and Queen of Ansteorra at the summer coronation hosted by the Barony of the Stargate at the Blue Water Country Club July 18th and 19th. Autocrat for the event was Mistress Arlene the Soother. Those present even included several travelers from the distant shores of Meridies.

Saturday was a rather restful day, at least for the populace, with much merrymaking. The feast, delayed somewhat (as Usual), consisted of three courses. As the courses were being served that was a brief diversion in the form of a special fighting demo. Lord Domenic du Blavier was unable to attend the Queen's Championship Tourney and challenged the Queen's Champion, Don David Glassowglass. They were interrupted by His Excellency Hrabia Jan w Orzeldom who charged both gentlemen with drawing live steel in the royal presence. The fight was allowed to continue after an appeal to H.R.M. Sigmund. Don David was the victor and continued as the Queen's Champion. Further entertainment was presented in the form of some middle eastern dancing by Lady Adeetha Nessa Gutha O'Braugh.

The Court of Their Majesties Sigmund Rex and Sieglinde Regina opened with the presentation of Awards of Arms to Briony Blaslaagen and Ariel Manchette. Don Tivar Moondragon was awarded a Star of Merit. Lord Sean de Carew, Lady Siobhan mac an Baird, Baron Sir Tarl Mapt, and Baroness Mistress Arlene the Soother were all presented with Royal Gauntlets. The final award in this part of the court was the presentation of the scroll of knighthood of Sir Cyf Ironhand.

The belted circle, including (Sirs) Finn Kelly, Cyf Ironhand, Robert Helmenstahl, William of Weir, Ricardo de Pisa, John the Plain of Shearne, Frea Geardson, Dragommyr the Cossack, Lloyd von Eaker, Ton the Traveler, Karl der Ganger, Lasgard the Red Fox, Simonn of Amber, and Tarl Mapt, came before the throne. Sean de Carew was belted. The serious business of Coronation Court was interrupted at this time with some more entertainment. This included harp music played by Baroness Mistress Sabin O'Comeraugh and a poem read by Lord Dan Daniel Shea du Phillips Schoener (Cricket). Sir Dragommyr the Cossack and Baroness Mistress Alexandra Tatiana Feodrovna of Novgorod and their entourages came before the throne. Sir Dragommyr requested the hand of the Baroness. Baron Jan w Orzeldom's permission was requested and received and the formal bethrothal was announced, with much rejoicing in the hall.

More presentations were made to Their Royal Majesties which included a gold rose pin from the Legion of Swashbucklers to H.R.M. Sieglinde and a medallion and piece of amber presented by House Axegarth. Countess Jocelyn Allyene Reynard was awarded the Order of the Rose. The Legion of Swashbucklers came before the throne and the Queen took leave of her defenders. The representative of the Ladies of Ansteorra took the Queen's crown into safekeeping. H.R.M. Sigmund sang the "Burden of the Crown" and removed the Crown from his head. Lord Peppin the Fool read some appropriate remarks from a fool's perspective. Sigmund's final remark as he left the hall was "Sigmund Rex is no more."

Sir Finn Kelly accepted the Crown from the Knights of Ansteorra. The Ladies of Ansteorra handed him the Queen's regalia and he summoned Sir Cyf. She was then crowned Queen of Ansteorra. Thus opened the court of Sir Finn Kelly Rex and Sir Cyf Regina.

The belted circle and Sigmund known as the Wingfooted were then summoned before the King and Sigmund was belted as a Knight of Ansteorra. Nobility present were summoned, as well as Sigmund and Sieglinde, and Sir Sigmund and Sieglinde were presented the coronets of Jarl and Jarlinde. (The scrolls for such were actually presented later in court.) Sieglinde Syr was also presented the Order of the Rose.

A Royal Decree was issued licensing Lord Peppin de Morine as Royal court jester.

The landed barons and baronesses came before the throne and swore fealty to the Crown. This included Jan and Alexandra, Tarl and Arlene, Vargskol and Seanna, and Simonn and Tessa. Earl Master Lloyd von Eaker swore personal fealty to H.R.M. Finn Kelly as a Master of Ansteorra. The Great Officers of State came before the throne and swore Oaths of Office. Sir Frea Geardson resigned and Jarl Sir Sigmund the Wingfooted took over the Office of Seneschal; Sir Finn Kelly resigned and Viscountess Megan took over the Office of Hospitaller. Other officers included: Lord John Budriss the Healer - Chirurgeon, Hrabia Jan w Orzeldom - Earl Marshall, Lord Vlad Ravan Starkraven - Exchequer, and Mistress Richenda de la Selva - Mistress of Sciences. People wishing to swear personal fealty were allowed to do so at this time.

The Legion of Swashbucklers presented themselves to Queen Sir Cyf and Don David was presented as Her Champion. More people came up and swore fealty. Lord John the Healer was presented with the Order of the Queen's Glove.

Presentations to the Court of King Sir Finn Kelly and Queen Sir Cyf included: a pair of shields from the members of the Shamrock Federation; a golden necklace from the Kingdom of Atlantia; two new robes of State from House Acre; a pair of silver plates, bowls, goblets, spoons, and candle holders as well as two tablecloths (one white and one green), two napkins and a pair of salt cellars from Houses Edelweiss and Mountaingate; a small wooden folding table from House Axgarth; two woodcut drawings from Lord Vlad Ravna Starkraven; a framed calligraphed scroll from Lord Ambrose Turleon; favors bearing each other's arms from Gwenyth of Dragonskeep; two small black stones for their coronets from Gilyan ap MacDonald; and a fur cape from Lady Gwyneth Ramseymere. Lady Melisande Dragonstar petitioned for a Royal Charter for a Performing Guild in the Shire of Wiesenfeuer. Lady Branwyn O'Brallighan presented an invitation to the Coth of Gold Tournament. Mistress Janet presented a great subtlety in the form of fifty pounds of cake in the form of a fountain. A small cake in the form of Sir Finn's torso was presented by Master Telbyrne.

Court closed with a play presented by Sir Sigmund and Company entitled "The Chicken Pie and the Chocolate Cake". This is an annonymous fourteenth century French play.

Activities were slow starting on Sunday. The list began about noon. Fighting was organized into three contingents: Stargate, Bjornsburg and the Ravens. The initial fight was a draw. So, it was decided to have a three-way melee. Stargate was the winner.

Court began shortly after the fighting was finished. "Will all the fighters in the Stargate contingent step forward?" The Queen presented her banner to them making the red tabard contingent Her guard. Exuberance followed. Winners were announced for the contests: Branwyn O'Brallighan - Calligraphy; Richenda de la Selva - Costuming; and G (no other identification available) - Illuminations. The winning entry for Illumination was not identified and is being held until its creator claims it. The final item of business was when Baron Sir Tarl Mapt passed on his fighting chain to Sir Sean de Carew with the words that this is one of the oldest chains in the Kingdom. Court closed and thus ended Coronation weekend.

by Jehana Wyverna, Historian