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Clan MacRaith Mercenary Company & Artisan Warband



The Founding:

Founding members

The Founding of the Clan

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The Clan MacRaith Mercenary Company & Artisan Warband is a lot of things to its members. Founded in 1991 (A.S. XXVI), we were born as (and continue to be) an early period Scots/Irish fighter's household within the SCA. Our main thrust has always been to be a competent light cavalry unit within the society. However, we have grown to encompass many other worlds. We are a Multi-Kingdom house now. We are also a motorcycle club, a paintball team, an MMO Guild, and a household within other historical reenactment groups, just to name a few. Most importantly though, we are a family. We are a collection of like-minded people who share our lives with each other.

In 2017, it was decided to expand the definition of what it means to be MacRaith within the SCA. Our rolls contained many fighters who were also artisans, so we decided to open membership to artists of all type as well as fighters.

Our Moto is "Familia Optio" which means, "Family by choice".

Our sigil is Argent, a Hungarian dueling shield (the warboard) blade to chief with two swords inverted in saltire counterchanged vert.

Our Clan badge is our sigil with a banner proclaiming our motto center field, and the clan's name on the traditional Scots badge belt, with the letters M and A on the belt's tip in Elder Futhark (runic script).


The Leadership:

Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell

Council Members:
Hafiz al-Muffidal al-Sebbak
Kaleh Kel Tagelmoust
Michael Gorik MacRaith
Amaris Mariano
Ronan Blood

General Membership:

Ean MacRaith
Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell
Hafiz al-Muffidal al-Sebbak
James Angus MacRae
Kaleh Kel Tagelmoust
Michael Gorik MacRaith
Joceyln MacRaith
Grimvere Longtooth
Jordon of Rosenfeld
Ronja MacRaith
Amaryllis Marinaro
Wiwaz Krakr
Aine ingen Oitir
Ronan Blood
Jehanne Wolfhart MacRaith
Khazim al-Nasrani
Aingeal Blood
Asil Al-Sami
Dyan du lac des Calandres
Cecily Blood
Havarthr Gordene

Friends of the Clan

Worgan Madoc of the 9 fingers
Cailin O Faelain
Tawnie of Graywood
Runa of the Thundering Herd
Rose Hawthorne
Fearghus Hawthorne
Angelica Catalina-Veronica de Granada
Miklos de Nipgrip
Elrique de Netterville
Sarah Rois Netterville
Ysenda de Grey
Toyotomi Katsumoto

House Traditions:

As long as at least two members of the MacRaith still stand in melee combat, we do not yield.

It is tradition that the Sacred Ham, (the Relic of Clan MacRaith) have a protector & be borne to Gulf Wars each year.

It is tradition that heroic feats, amazing accomplishments, and acts of astounding stupidity of the Clan will be immortalized on the Wall of Fame and Shame. (Illuminated banner walls inside our encampment)

Full members of the clan are Welcome to take the Surname of ‘MacRaith’ if they so choose.

Potential new members are commonly given an opportunity to either challenge by combat or quest for membership.

House Rules:

All of our traditions, rules and membership are laid out in the Book of MacRaith. A book given to each new full member, with an E-version available on our FB page.


The Gathering. Once a year, The Gathering is held. It is then that our Champion, Bard, and Artisan are selected through competition. This is usually done in conjunction with War of the Rams.


House Blue Moon
House of the Dying Embers