Bryn Gwlad Brewers Guild

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Bryn Gwlad Brewers Guild

A local guild, that celebrates all things brewing and fermenting, which is held and attended by the local people of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

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Meetings and Activities

The Brewer’s Guild typically meets once a month for hands-on classes on how to brew different types of beverages. Classes include both Achoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


History and founding of the guild

  • Who founded the group, when, and why. How practices where shaped and established. How did meetings and directions change over time?

Is that name legit?

  • History of name and heraldry
  • Links


Notable accomplishments

  • Classes
  • Performances
  • Gifting and largess
  • Competitions
  • Event attendance
  • Solars and salons