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About the Guild

The Ansteorra Gunners Guild was founded to promote the education and training of the Ansteorran populace in the safe use of period black powder firearms and their associated consumables (such as gunpowder, match cord, or shot). Membership in the guild is open to all members of the Ansteorran populace who wish to consider themselves members, and can only be revoked for violations of the guild code of conduct.

The guild hosts meetings where members or interested populace can gather to discuss period firearms history, shooting, and other related topics. The guild also hosts periodic range days where members of the populace can have an opportunity to train in the use of live period firearms.

Although the general scope of the guild is pre-1600 firearms, there is some leeway to discuss immediately post-period developments in firearms technology, such as the evolution of the flint-based lock mechanisms that developed immediately following the snaphaunce.

Guild History

The Ansteorra Gunners Guild was founded in A.S. 54 (2019) by Johanna Buchanan. The first official meeting was held at Ansteorra's 40th Year Event, where the initial signatories of the guild charter met. The Guild's charter was signed by Sultan Vladislav Strelec and Queen Margaret ny Connor at the same event.

Code of Conduct

  • Guild members will observe all standard rules of firearms handling at all times. Members will not handle firearms until such time as they can receive proper instruction
  • Guild members will take the utmost care when handling period firearms, gunpowder, match cord, or other potentially dangerous implements to ensure the safety of themselves, other SCA/Guild members, and the general public at large.
  • Guild members will make every effort to abide by local laws, codes, and ordinances regarding the handling and use of firearms, gunpowder, and other potentially dangerous items.

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