Absolon of Hereford

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Registered Name: Absolon of Hereford
Resides: Elfsea
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2000
Order of Precedence
Absolon of Hereford
Absolon of Hereford - Device.jpg
Per pale gules and sable, a sheaf of halberds argent.

Sir Absolon of Hereford, KSCA

Previously Known As:
Nickname(s): Herries

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Knight Marshal, Canton of Glaslyn (two terms)
    • Prior Knight Marshal, Barony of Elfsea (one term)

Persona History:

Herries was the eldest son of a well-to-do leather merchant in Hereford. He grew up in the era where the English and the Welsh were at odds and Hereford was fortified to help maintain English control over the territory.

He had a daughter, Isabella, had learned to read from a local vicar, and worked hard at the family business.

One day, during an uprising by some of the Welsh (whom simply wanted England to leave the Welsh to live their lives), Herries was caught in the midst of a battle. Although untrained in warfare, Herries took up the sword of a fallen soldier and fought desperately for his life. Miraculously he was able to fight his way through the battle and made it to safety. As he sat, bleeding from many wounds, he decided then and there that never again would he be caught unprepared for battle. He sought out a great and noble knight whom he had once met, Sir Louis le Blaireau. A French knight renowned for his skills on the battlefield. He told Sir Louis of his desire to become a knight and to defend his home. Sir Louis, seeing a gleam of promise in Herries’ eyes said unto him “From this day hence, you are reborn ‘Absolon of Hereford.’ For one year and one day you shall be my man-at-arms. Should you survive that long, then you may be my squire.”

Not only did he survive, but thrived. He met and married the beautiful Silvana Corwin (whose tale is her own to tell) who brought with her a daughter, Aila, and together they did have a son named Maximilian. All the while, Absolon studied and fought diligently. Learning many weapon styles, military tactics, courtly graces, and arts.

He stayed with Sir Louis’ household for 5 years from when he first became a man-at-arms until the day he was knighted by the king and set forth upon his own path.


  • Chivalric Combat
  • Bardic
  • Calligraphy
  • Dance

Timeline of Activity:

2000-2006(ish): Fought hard, worked hard, and played hard.
2006-2013: Took a break to be a dad
2014-2015: Came back to the SCA and became man-at-arms to Sir Louis le Blaireau
2015-2018: Squire to Sir Louis le Blaireau
2018: Elevated to Knight of the Society

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Centurion Hadamar of Ansteorra, 02/27/2019

My shout out goes to Absalon of Hereford and his wife Silvana. Ever since I got to Elfsea, these individuals have been a steadfast service to the local groups as well as the kingdom. They open their house to new players and veterans alike for scribal nights (most of their time is spent teaching and helping) and a couple times a year they host socials to help bring members together. All of this whilst holding many offices over the years. Despite any hardships and even pregnancy they have been bastions of stability for the local groups and always serve and provide with a smile on their faces. Thank you for all you do Silvana and Absalon.


  • The white belt that Sir Absolon wears was passed down to him at his elevation (11/17/2018) by Sir Arthur of the Fen (knighted 9/27/1986), who received it from Sir John the Plain of Shearn.
  • At Glaslyn Artisan 2021, Absolon was asked by His Royal Majesty, Jason Drysdale, to show him how to paint a charter. The King used crayons instead of paints on his practice scroll. That evening in court, Jason called him into court, and had Absolon explain how he had taught His Majesty about how to select colors for scrolls. King Jason then presented Absolon with a Sable Crane - which had been completed using crayons. (A second scroll, painted in gouache by Silvana Corwin was also presented.)

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Glaslyn Defender of the Flame Chivalric * Champion AS 50
  • Eldern Hills Chivalric Champion AS 50

Non-Armigerous Awards or Recognitions:

  • Western Tower of Elfsea for Chivalric Combat
  • Eastern Tower of Elfsea for Calligraphy
  • Portcullis of Elfsea
  • Acorn of the Steppes
  • Grice’s Track of the Steppes
  • Eastern Tower of Elfsea for Voice Heraldry *

* Sir Absolon is believed to be the first person in Elfsea to receive two Eastern Towers.


Mundane Information:

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: