John the Plain of Shearn

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Registered Name: John the Plain of Shearn
Resides: In Memory
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA: Unknown
Order of Precedence
John the Plain of Shearn

Argent, on a pellet a sagebrush eradicated argent, on a chief dancetty sable a nine-banded armadillo statant sinister proper.

Sir John the Plain of Shern, KSCA

Previously Known As:
Nickname(s): Sir Sir John John, Po

Additional Registered Heraldry:

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Persona History:

Provided by Marsali Fox: "When he went to his first event, the registrar (Gate) asked his name. He replied "John." They asked "John who?" He replied "Just plain John". Thus he became John the Plain. He lived on Shearn Street in Houston. Therefore Sir John the Plain of Shearn."

Provided by Dunstana Talana the Violet: "His name was originally John the Plain. Back in 1982, I first met him at a Stargate event, where he explained how he got his name: At his first event, someone asked his name. He told them it was John, and when they asked his last name, he said, "Just plain John." So, of course, he came to be known as John the Plain. He received AoAs from two different kings, and came to be Lord Lord John. Then he was knighted by two kings (both holding the sword, I think - someone correct me if I'm wrong), and thus the "Sir Sir" thing."


  • Chivalric Combat
  • Leatherwork
  • Armoring

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Populace Provided Information:

The stories about John the Plain of Shern are out of Ansteorran legend. Some have been corroborated and others refuted. For example, Don Tivar Moondragon tells the story, "One evening, sitting around the campfire, John brought out his mandolin and started playing. It wasn't anything recognizable, or even medieval-sounding. When he finished, he looked straight at the guy who'd been bugging him the most and said "That was the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Backwards." After that, nobody bothered him about the mandolin." However, John's widow, Marsali Fox states that John never played the mandolin and could not read music.

While Sir John was the source of many tales, most notably one involved socks and a katana, Marsali Fox stated that he was never comfortable with it, and asked that it not be included on his page. (It can, however, be found HERE in the Northkeep email archives.)

Dominique Charles de Blavier

At some event, I don't remember which one, Sir John was seated in a chair under the shade of a tree for relief from the summer heat. I approached Sir John and sat at his feet, looked up at him and asked "Tell me, oh wise one, what is the secret of life?" Sir John thought for a moment and answered "Chocolate chip cookies." And I recognized that he was right.

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Mundane Information:

After his passing, John's body was donated to the medical school located in Galveston, Texas. He was then cremated and his ashes spread over the Gulf by plane. (Provided by Marsali Fox) Marsali also provided that, "John's son, Travis Morgan Kirkpatrick, who played under his own name, died in September 1995."

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(Page created with the permission of his Estate and Heir, Marsali Fox.)