2022 Mooneschadowe Presents Trade Day

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General Information

Location: Camp Stapley, in Stillwater, OK
Event Stewards: Diana de Blyth, Emma de Fetherstan and Taidhgin O'Quin

Planned Activities

  • Bartering
  • Brewing (This was cancelledZ)
  • Bardic - a bardic circle lead by [Rhiannon Redwulf]]
  • Brawling - featuring a Tavern Brawl

Event Reviews

Meesh's Loot

Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha

This is my haul from Mooneschadowe Presents: Trade Day (minus several consumables that Martel has already descended upon, an IOU trade, and one that was finalized post event to be completed later this week)

This was one of the funnest events I've attended! As many people have said, getting to talk to people without a lot of pressure and seeing the smiles that everyone had all day was amazing.

My haul isn't very big compared to the amount of stuff that I brought and *didn't* leave with, but I wouldn't have it any other way! There were many people in attendance that were pretty new and being able to assist in clothing and armoring them was easily my favorite part.

I really want to thank everyone that helped me unload, set up, keep the pop-up from flying away, pack up, and reload. You were all invaluable and so so so appreciated! I don't go solo to many events because I never know how far my spoons will stretch but you all made it effortless for me.

I do apologize that I am terrible with names and faces so I can't make a wonderful tagged post like some have but just know that I deeply enjoyed and appreciated all of the interaction I had at this event 💕 I also want to apologize for not saying goodbye to anyone, my asthma and salt levels were doing terrible and I wanted to avoid a health crisis.


My heart is so very full from a truly glorious day at Mooneschadowe Presents: Trade Days. I came home, plopped down on the floor, and gushed stories of the day to my bemused husband.

I told him how I got outwitted by Nicaise Synger, who traded me two rolls of handwoven trim for a pan of brownies -- who ate one serving's worth and then portioned them out and used them for trade goods!

I told him of the wide eyed and excited newcomers who got to try on and feel beautiful in new-to-them garb donated by Margaret ny Connor, Katsutoshi-san, and myself. I saw three people who made trades with me wearing their garb, and I'm sad I didn't get photos of them all.

I told him that his own armor will help put a new fighter on the practice field in Mooneschadowe. It was a bittersweet donation, as he had very fond memories of hours in the shop with Thorgrim Northkeep making that armor, designed specifically to try and protect his upper thighs from the hammering blows of Sir Balvin Thorfinnssonn.

I showed him half the loot that I traded goods for -- a sari from Yzabeau Brossier, jewelry from Skjoldulfr Hildibjarnarson, buttons from Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe, trim from Nicaise Synger and Asha of Mooneschadowe - who also made a crocheted VINDHEIM BEE and it is ADORABLE - largess items from Kyna Terricsdottir, Liondragon trim from HRH Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise and bread (which I'm about to have for breakfast) with Gael of Mooneschadowe. I couldn't show him the huge number of stamps I traded with Cassius Leapus, because I sent them home with Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha, who is hopefully going to let me descend upon her home to learn how to use them properly.

I told him about the tavern brawl format, and he chuckled. (I never did hear who the last person standing was!) (Edited to add: HRH [[Jean Paul de Sens provided that the brawl was won by Romanius Vindheimus.)

I told him of the many people who checked on me throughout the day to make sure I was hydrating, had something to eat, and if I needed help. And the crowd of folks who came and helped me break down and load up in 5 minutes.

I told him about the law (award) changes made by Jean-Paul and Gilyan regarding the youth award (Pls, may I get a copy of that for the historian's office?) and he blinked a few times, imagining chaos.

I told him about getting a lemon lime Freez-e-pop (I have been craving one all year, and that is no joke) and how happy that made me. (Ok, it's the little things, people)

I told him about Rhiannon Redwulf giving my beads to newcomers as largess they could use at the bardic event, and about meeting Findley who wanted to kiss and jump and get pets. (He was sad that he didn't get to come, at that point in the storytelling.)

I told him about the amazing courage and strength one of the participants (I'm being deliberately vague because their situation isn't mine to give detail on), who was experiencing an painful injury. Who engaged in physical activity that exacerbated that injury to the point of it making them ill, but never let that show in their demeanor for one instant - because their focus was on making sure everyone around them felt welcomed. They didn't want their pain to be an impediment to embodying their responsibilities. Witnessing their grace and nobility was humbling.

I told him repeatedly, "I had SO MUCH FUN!!!" and grinned so much in the retelling that my face hurt.

... and then I went to bed at 7:30 and slept for 9 1/2 hours straight.

Now, I'm gonna go download photos from my camera and get to work!