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A Canton, Located in Talequah, OK under the Barony of Northkeep.

Or, three chevronels braced vert, on a base embattled azure a laurel wreath Or.



  • May 4, 2012: Cicily posts an invitation to all on the Kingdom Email List to attend a populace meeting at the Talequah Public Library on Saturday, May 12, from 11 to 1.


  • August 6, 2015 - Petition sent to the Baron, Baroness, and Seneshal of Northkeep.
  • November 2015: Augustin Haffner is granted an Award of Arms.
  • Incipient Canton status granted by the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Petition for Incipient Canton

August 6, 2015

Baron and Baroness of Northkeep
Seneschal of Northkeep

As instructed by Honorable Lady Adalia VonderBerg, we have enclosed all documents we believe are necessary to 
complete our application for the establishment of the Incipient Canton of Wyldwood Keep.  Enclosure 1 contains 
the zip codes that we propose to use for the incipient canton.  Enclosure 2 contains our application for a name 
for the incipient canton.  Enclosure 3 contains our application for a device for the incipient canton.  Enclosures 
4-9 contains applications for officers for the offices of Seneschal, Reeve, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Knight 
Marshal, Hospitaler, and Herald.

Please forward these materials to the appropriate regional and/or kingdom officers or provide us with instructions 
on how to proceed in requesting the establishment of the insipient canton.

Thank you for your assistance,

Zip Codes Proposed for the Incipient Canton of Wyldwood Keep.
ADAIR (74330), CHOUTEAU (74337), COLCORD (74338), DISNEY (74340), EUCHA (74342), GROVE (74344, 74345 ), 
JAY (74346), KANSAS (74347), KETCHUM (74349), LANGLEY (74350), LOCUST GROVE (74352), OAKS (74359), 
PRYOR (74361, 74362), ROSE (74364), SALINA (74365), SPAVINAW (74366), STRANG (74367), TWIN OAKS (74368), 
MUSKOGEE (74403), BRAGGS (74423, 74439), COOKSON (74427), FORT GIBSON (74434), GORE (74435), HULBERT (74441), 
MOODYS (74444), OKAY (74446), PARK HILL (74451), PEGGS (74452), PORTER (74457, 74454), PROCTOR (), 
TAHLEQUAH (74464, 74465), WAGONER (74467, 74477), WEBBERS FALLS (74470), WELLING (74471), BUNCH (74931), 
MARBLE CITY (74945), SALLISAW (74955), STILWELL (74960), VIAN (74962), WATTS (74964), and WESTVILLE (74965)



  • January 2017: Group Name and Badge are accepted and officially Registered!! Also Registered at this time: Name and Device for Bulvyn Gunderson: Per pale Or and vert, a bull passant sable and a chief raguly gules.
  • June 2017: Magnus Gunderson's name and device are Registered: Per bend sinister vert and Or, a bee Or marked sable and a drakkar vert. AEnghill inn kyrri's name and device passes as well: Azure, on a chevron argent three lotus flowers affronty purpure.
  • July 2017: The group very sadly learns of the very sudden passing of Rodney Ormston, who was a supporter of the Talequah area SCA for many years.
  • October 2017: Rebekka Crup receives an Award of Arms.
  • November 2017: the group held a Wyldewood Day of Fun!


  • January: A Winter Revel is held.
  • April: Working with Smythkeep, Wyldewode co-hosts a demo in Heavener, Oklahoma, at the Viking Festival.
  • May: A Spring Revel is held. Cicily Bridges receives a Merlon from the hands of Their Excellencies of Northkeep at Castellan, and Elspeth Bhorúma inghean Bhrian wins the Bardic competition at that event.
  • July: A Summer Revel is held.
  • September 15: Bulvyn Gunderson receives a Sable Comet for service to Wyldewode, and Elspeth Bhorúma inghean Bhrian receives her Award of Arms at Mooneschadowe's Triumphe of the Eclipse.
  • October 19-21: Wyldewode hosts the Northern Border Skirmish: Wyldewode's first event, Northern Border Skirmishes, was held at Burnt Cabin on beautiful Tenkiller Lake in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. We had over one hundred attendees. The skirmishes was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike and fought with much honor and bravery on the field. The archery tournament, won by Cornelius Merilainen, was a very close match. The A&S display and classes seemed to broaden people's knowledge and perspective. The tavern was excellent, with many people walking away full and satisfied. The feast was of epic proportions and will be spoken about for years to come. The court was held done on a spectacular stage and many well deserved awards were handed out. Next years Northern Border Skirmishes will be bigger better and hopefully will have a feast that at least compares. (Event summary by Bulvyn Gunderson.)


Meetings and Events

  • Populace: The first Saturday of each month at the First United Methodist Church gymnasium, at 2 pm.
  • Fighter Practice: First and Third Saturday of each month at the First United Methodist Church gymnasium, at 11 am.
  • Arts & Sciences Gathering: Second and Fourth Sunday of each month at the First United Methodist Church gymnasium, at 2 pm.
  • Archery: Second Sunday of each month at the Cherokee Nation Archery Range.


Wyldwode Badge.png


Current Officers

Populace Members

A - D

E - H

I - L

M - P

Q - T

W - Z


  • 2018: Northern Border Skirmishes - Our first Archery champion is named! Cornelius Merilainen took first place!


The following People have sat the Throne of this Branch Chapter:

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Awards specific to this group

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