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heraldic achievement for the College of Twr Cath

The College of Twr Cath, of the Barony of Stargate, is at the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas, and in the Coastal Region of Ansteorra.

Pippa's 30 Years of Stargate indicates the branch came into being some time in the second half of the 1980s, but it was still an incipient college in November of 1990, when the branch name was registered. (It was submitted as Twr Gath, but that form was ruled grammatically incorrect [1].) By July, 1994, when the branch arms were registered, it had achieved full branch status [2].

The college is currently dormant, but could be reactivated at any time given sufficient interest at the university.

Ancient History

Culled from the Kingdom Email Archives:
In 1996, the following individuals were officers:

  • Seneshal: Jothan Firesteed
  • Knight Marshal: Corwin of Saxony
  • Hospitaler: Gillian Fitzsimons

Fighter practices were held on Sundays, at 3pm, at Memorial Park, near the tennis courts.